• Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus Remix)

    Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus Remix) MP3

    A fun remix I did of Astronaut's track 13. Trying out some new growls as well as mastering/mixing techniques. Let me know whatcha guys think. Hope you enjoy!

    Tags: Astronaut (Profession), Dubstep, Rukkus, REmix

  • Rukkus - 211

    Rukkus - 211 MP3

    Another fun short track that I made 5 months ago. Hope you enjoy! Free Download here:

    Tags: Rukkus, 211, dubstep, growls, fm8

  • Jawbreaker - by NK (Rukkus)

    Jawbreaker - by NK (Rukkus) MP3

    I did not make the song! I just wanted to show off this epic song! :D I heard this in a GD level. It is made by NK, but known as Rukkus on Newgrounds. See the ...

    Tags: minecraft, XeBlockboy, Jawbreaker, Rukkus, NK, Electro, Dubstep, Newgrounds, Audio, Drop, Epic, Most, Cool, Geometry, Dash

  • Forward - by Realistik (Rukkus)

    Forward - by Realistik (Rukkus) MP3

    I'll be on another trip by the time you see this, except it'll be a shorter one! I hope I can get WiFI and upload replays from everyplay, but idk. Anyways enjoy!

    Tags: minecraft, XeBlockboy, forward, realistik, nk, rukkus, dubstep, electric, electro, gd, geometry, dash

  • Poltergeist - Rukkus

    Poltergeist - Rukkus MP3

    Poltergeist remix by Rukkus! [Not made by me] Enjoy and thanks for listening :D Subscribe for more!

    Tags: YouTube Capture

  • Sine Wavs - Rukkus [Dubstep]

    Sine Wavs - Rukkus [Dubstep] MP3

    Found it no where on YouTube (not even on his channel), and I liked it so much and so I decided to upload it. All info about Rukkus and downloads and stuff are ...

    Tags: Rukkus, NIGHTKilla, Realistik, Sine, Wavs, Sine Wavs, Dubstep, Electro

  • Problematic - by NK (Rukkus)

    Problematic - by NK (Rukkus) MP3

    Requested by myself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Song by NightKilla (Known as Rukkus on Newgrounds) Find it here: Thanks ...

    Tags: minecraft, XeBlockboy, nk, nightkilla, problematic, geometry dash, geometry, dash, level, music, dubstep, rukkus, dhafin

  • Figures - by NK (Rukkus)

    Figures - by NK (Rukkus) MP3

    Requested by Colin Anderson! (Surprise!) Song - Figures - by NK (Rukkus) ...

    Tags: minecraft, XeBlockboy, nk, rukkus, figures, geometry, dash, zobros, by, newgrounds, nightkilla

  • Sharp Minor - by Realistik (Rukkus) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Sharp Minor - by Realistik (Rukkus) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) MP3

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Enjoy this song that Colin Anderson requested! (Again, keep them up) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sharp Minor by Realistik (Known as Rukkus on NewGrounds) ...

    Tags: minecraft, XeBlockboy, sharp, minor, request, newgrounds, audio, song, nk, rukkus, realistik, realistic, by, dubstep, electro

  • Ill Sharp Minor - By Rukkus (NK)

    Ill Sharp Minor - By Rukkus (NK) MP3

    Download This song are of rukkus.

    Tags: nine circles, rukkus, nightkilla, realistik, fairydust

  • Tunnidge - Rukkus

    Tunnidge - Rukkus MP3

    EXCLUSIVE to This Is Dubstep 2014 PRE ORDER: iTunes: Amazon: Become a fan ...

    Tags: GetDarker, Dubstep, music, tunnidge, rukkus, exclusive, this is dubstep 2014

  • Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus Remix)

    Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus Remix) MP3

    NOTE: Rukkus = NIGHTkilla! Here's another short and sweet one! This time it's a track originally from the killer duo Astronaut with an even more killer remix from ...

    Tags: Astronaut (Profession), Music (TV Genre), Astronomy (Field Of Study), Astronaut, Electro, 13, Unlucky, Friday The 13th, Remix (Industry), Monstercat, Rukkus, Remix, Dubstep, Bass, Drop, Epic, Awesome, Cool, New, Music, Newgrounds, UK, UKF, Garage, Two-Step, Drumstep, EDM, Professional, Dirty, Filthy, Grime, Glitch Hop, 110 BPM, Grime (Musical Genre), Jungle, NIGHTkilla, Realistik, Alias, Pseudonym, UK Garage (Musical Genre)

  • 211 (by Rukkus) — Piano Cover

    211 (by Rukkus) — Piano Cover MP3

    Very good track by Rukkus! Liked piano parts so much xD Now wait for very awesome event you've never seen on my channel 0_0 Cover's info: ▻ Tempo: 145 ...

    Tags: Geometry, Dash, Level, Demon, Easy, Hard, Piano, Cover, Remix, Synthesia, Keyboard, Arrangement, F-777, Deadlocked, Coins, NIGHTkilla, NK, Rukkus, Realistik, Realistic, 211, Astronaut, 13, We, Are, Barely, Alive, Elephant, Binary, Pianodude1011

  • Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus

    Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus' Extended Remix) MP3

    note to self: never use Audacity late at night again aaaah my eyes Hot damn, listen to that glitchy ending though Sampled the start of the original 13 in this one, ...

    Tags: astronaut, 13, thirteen, rukkus, remix, ax, boi, swag, lemons

  • The Dave Rukkus Band "Live Oak County Girl" Official Music Video

    The Dave Rukkus Band "Live Oak County Girl" Official Music Video MP3

    The Dave Rukkus Band "Live Oak County Girl" created by GoodNight Studios Producer: Ruben Barrera Co Producer: Esdras Cantu Co Producer: Willy ...

    Tags: Music Video (TV Genre), Official, Dave Rukkus, Country (Musical Genre)





  • Mas dificil que el de andromeda Poltergeist by Rukkus

    Mas dificil que el de andromeda Poltergeist by Rukkus MP3

    Tags: Poltergeist

  • Audiosurf (BANDICAM???) astronaut 13 by Rukkus (remix)

    Audiosurf (BANDICAM???) astronaut 13 by Rukkus (remix) MP3


    Tags: Audiosurf (Musical Game)

  • Rukkus - Figures

    Rukkus - Figures MP3

    Figures by Rukkus [NightKilla] Download here from new grounds: I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC I'll be keeping ...

    Tags: Figures

  • NIGHTkilla - Problematic

    NIGHTkilla - Problematic MP3


    Tags: NIGHTkilla

  • Fracture - NightKilla (Audiosurf Rukkus Series)

    Fracture - NightKilla (Audiosurf Rukkus Series) MP3

    I love rukkus' songs! sorry for bandicam, gonna get my action on my little computer :)
  • Justice - Stress (Rukkus remix)

    Justice - Stress (Rukkus remix) MP3

    Hey guys. Holy crap its been awhile since I've uploaded anything to this channel. Most of you probably think I'm dead. However, I'm still around and making ...

    Tags: Justice, Justice Stress Remix, Justice Stress, Justice Remix

  • "I

    "I'll Take It From Here" - The Dave Rukkus Band MP3

    A tribute to the relationship between a father and son. Now available on ITunes, and CDbaby. Description - Written by Mark Lambert and Glenda ...

    Tags: Country (Musical Genre), Dave Rukkus, Mark Lambert, Live Oak County Girl, Father, Son, Country Music, Honoring Dad, Remembering Dad, Dad, Cowboy, Fishing, Hunting, Daddy, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Youtube, Texas music, Lyrics, Tribute song

  • Enduser - Rukkus

    Enduser - Rukkus MP3

    Lynn Standafer from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States is more commonly known as Enduser. Taking influences from KRS-One, Skinny Puppy, and Photek, and ...

    Tags: abstract, ad, noiseam, alternative, ambient, drum, and, bass, american, beats, breakbeat, breakcore, breaks, broken-beat, brooding, cyberpunkdark, dark, jungle, darkstep, dj, dnb, industrial, techstep, trip, hop, underground, world, music