Roish Dubh

  • Hannah Ferguson & Roisin Duggan: Original Song

    Hannah Ferguson & Roisin Duggan: Original Song MP3

    Roisin wrote this amazing song, all credit goes to Rosh:)

    Tags: Tribute, Original, Original (song), Hannah

  • Roisin!

    Roisin! MP3

    Tags: rosh

  • "Silent Passenger"  Pierre Bensusan  (by Qpidon)

    "Silent Passenger" Pierre Bensusan (by Qpidon) MP3

    Yet another Bensusan. Sorry, I can't help it..... With this tune I had a real strange experience: every time I listen to the original (and I did over a zillion times while ...

    Tags: bensusan, pierre, dadgad, hedges, don, ross, tommy, emmanuel, guitar, fingerstyle, picking, chet, gitaar, open, tuning, alternative, blues, classical, country, folk, indie, jazz, pop, rock, soul, unsigned, world, music

  • Mammy

    Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose ~ 1916 MP3

    Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose as performed by the Orpheus Quartet is archived at the Packard Campus for Audio and Visual Preservation, an arm of the U S ...

    Tags: Orpheus Quartet, 1916, Victor Talking Machine Company Camden, New Jersey, Camden, 78s, early 1900s

  • Bad Habitz - Rosalie-Cowboy Song (Thin Lizzy).wmv

    Bad Habitz - Rosalie-Cowboy Song (Thin Lizzy).wmv MP3

    Produced by Ronni Le Tekrø, Morty Black and Dag Stokke Line-up: Børge Pedersen - lead vocals Ronni Le Tekrø - guitar, vocals Jimmy Iversen - guitar, vocals ...

    Tags: Bad, Habitz, Rosalie, Cowboy, Song, Thin, Lizzy

  • Talking Chilled Through A Temple - Derpcraft: Part 33

    Talking Chilled Through A Temple - Derpcraft: Part 33 MP3

    NOTE: THERE IS NO FACECAM FROM EPISODES 27 THROUGH 36. THE MEDIA FILE FOR IT CORRUPTED. ------------------------------ Link Dump: Tom's Twitter: ...

    Tags: Minecraft, Derp Crew, Steve, Chilled Chaos, ChilledChaos, Ze, ZeRoyal Viking, Galm, GalmHD, Sondoman, Smarty, tehsmarty, Smarticus, Anthony, Steven, John, Jon, Herobrine, pickaxe, diamond, ender, man, dragon, creeper, torch, sword, how, axe, craft, wood, cow, sheep, pig, pixel, block, lava, water, iron, armor, lapis, lazuli, redstone, red stone, tutorial, circuit, cobblestone, stone, smooth stone, sand, sandstone, golem, villager, zombie, spider, skeleton, spider jockey, wither, pigman, ghast, magma cube, blaze, potion, nether, portal, wart

  • Blues for A Minor - Lorinna Harding - No Banjo

    Blues for A Minor - Lorinna Harding - No Banjo MP3

    Tags: Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Hanmer, Lorina, Harding

  • The Cottars_Here

    The Cottars_Here's to Song.mp4 MP3

    The song was written by father (John Allister) and son (Ciaran) MacGillivray . The female vocal was performed by daughter Fiona MacGillivray of "The Cottars", ...

    Tags: The, Cottarsmix, band, Nova, Scotia, CanadaMade, in, Cape, Bretonfolk, wmv1

  • Percy Grainger

    Percy Grainger 'Tribute to Stephen Foster' - Sir Andrew Davis conducts MP3

    Percy Grainger's 'Tribute to Foster,' an extraordinary musical extravaganza, was played at the Last Night of the 2000 Proms by the BBC Symphony Orchestra ...

    Tags: Sir Andrew Davis (Musical Artist), Tribute To Foster, Percy Grainger (Author), Stephen Foster (Author), Camptown Races (Composition)

  • Song of the Rebel Irish

    Song of the Rebel Irish MP3

    Civil War song featured in the movie Gods&Generals. Erin Go Bragh!

    Tags: Morgan, McCarty, Song, of, the, Rebel, Irish, Civil, War, music, irish, Commonwealth5, country, sad, song, taylor, swift, keith, urban, war, love, peace, guitar, HD, HQ, Love, College, Tim, Eriksen, Cold, Mountain, Video, webcam, nashville, LSU, football, Louisiana, Country, Baton, Rouge, Kenney, Chesney, Brad, Paisley, Blake, Shelton, Youtube, Hat, Bedroom, Music, Acoustic, electric, Original

  • Slow Air: Dark Lochnagar

    Slow Air: Dark Lochnagar MP3

    A beautiful slow air, from the playing of Jimmy O'Brien Moran. Here played in B on an Andreas Rogge copy of a Colgan set.

    Tags: Irish Traditional Music, Uilleann Pipes, Slow Air, Dark Lochnagar, B set

  • Traditional Irish Classic - Maggie - (Cover)

    Traditional Irish Classic - Maggie - (Cover) MP3

    Maggie Sung By George McGovern.

    Tags: SafeRoughneck, Dubliners, Lullabye, Popular, lonely, Tutorial, Remix, Classic, Rock, Roll, Country, And, Western, Love, Talent, Got, Oldies, music, vocal, standard, traditional, ballad, classic, Romantic, song, cover, Movie, Film, sad, cry, Guitar, Tribute, 70s, folk music, live, instrumental, karaoke, new, Sad, tribute, audition, Irish, folk, original, genuine, choir, first, demo, recognition, compliment, blue, somber, cheerful, happy, gospel, tearful, unhappy, active, public, concert, musical, american, Christmas

  • Manchester Ballads. Manchester

    Manchester Ballads. Manchester's Improving Daily. MP3

    A 'Manchester Ballad' from the 1800s. Sung by Mark Dowding and accompanied by Chris Harvey.

    Tags: ballad, history

  • Sean O

    Sean O'Dyer of the Glen MP3

    Tags: Tug, Hill, Players, Sean, of, the, Glen, Sandy, Creek, United, Methodist, Church

  • When You And I Were Young Maggie - J.J. Sheridan, piano

    When You And I Were Young Maggie - J.J. Sheridan, piano MP3

    Tags: piano, song, tune

  • Omar Blondahl,  The Ship That Never Returned.wmv

    Omar Blondahl, The Ship That Never Returned.wmv MP3

    The Ship That Never Returned, Omar Blondahl Album: Songs Of Sea And Shore 1960 - Arc Sound Limited, A-537.

    Tags: newfie, traditional, maritime, folk, newfoundland, celtic, country

  • pecker dunne tinkers lullaby

    pecker dunne tinkers lullaby MP3

    pecker dunne.

    Tags: irish gypsy pecker dunne

  • What Child Is This (16th Century English Melody)

    What Child Is This (16th Century English Melody) MP3

    Visit my website at:

    Tags: wedding, flute

  • Mudgee Waltz Australian Folk Music

    Mudgee Waltz Australian Folk Music MP3

  • The Rakes Of Mallow Backing Thomascow

    The Rakes Of Mallow Backing Thomascow MP3

    Arranged by Thomascow, Photos from Google Images,,, traditional Irish song and polka, about the ...

    Tags: 1780s, Beyonce, Religion, Karaoke, Porn, The Quiet Man, Fighting Irish fans, Drake, Arranged by Thomascow, Scotland, Happy, County Cork, 1952, Home-made Sex, MUSIC MINECRAFT MOVIES, Leroy Anderson, Frozen, Photos from Google Images, Notre Dame

  • Bobby Sands

    Bobby Sands' Last Cry--Bob A. Feldman MP3

    Tags: protest folk music, protest folk songs, biographical folk songs, eugolistic folk songs, topical songs, Irish rebel songs, political songs, IRA, Ireland, Bobby Sands, Irish hunger strike, H-Block, Irish Republican Movement, Sinn Fein

  • Welcome to Whistler

    Welcome to Whistler MP3

    Zed n' Lane arrive in Whistler for a medal ceremony, a concert, and an 80s-style good time at Longhorns in Whistler Village - and finish it off with a dog from ...

    Tags: Olympics, Whistler, Vancouver, 80s, 80s music, Zogs, zedmlane, cbc, destinationvancouver