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  • "Started From The Bottom" (5% Remix by S. Quanaah)

    "Started From The Bottom" (5% Remix by S. Quanaah) MP3

    "Started From The Bottom" LYRICS MP3 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?uvsj80c86atvvqz VERSE 1 Started from the bottom; why we here...? We used to ...

    Tags: atlantis build, atlantis school, started from the bottom, drake, instrumental, hip hop, god hop, living mathematics, nation of gods and earths, five percenter, five percent nation, building, lyrics, emcee, MC, Hip Hop (Exhibition Subject), remix, Rap, Freestyle, cover, saladin quanaah allah

  • untitled metal #2

    untitled metal #2 MP3

    had the intro/outro riff from this for years... wrote the rest of the parts a couple months back. was going for a classic/80s euro-thrash vibe (ala Kreator/Coroner etc) ...

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