• Quazar  -  Funk N Roll ( Dancin

    Quazar - Funk N Roll ( Dancin' In The Funkshine ) MP3

    P-Funk Track From 1978.. :p.

    Tags: Quazar, Funk, N, Roll, In, The, Funkshine, 78

  • Quazar - Seven Stars @ Waakzaamheid

    Quazar - Seven Stars @ Waakzaamheid MP3

    Quazar Live @ waakzaamheid 21 juni 2008.

    Tags: Quazar, Waakzaamheid, House

  • Quazar / Sanxion - Hybrid Song

    Quazar / Sanxion - Hybrid Song MP3

    Hybrid Song or Funky Stars ©1996 Quazar / Sanxion Filename: external.xm Filesize: 50kb.

    Tags: mod, mods, scene, music, tracker, tracked, retro, demoscene, fasttracker, xm, Quazar, Axwell, chip, chiptune

  • Quazar  -  Funk With A Big Foot

    Quazar - Funk With A Big Foot MP3

    P-Funk From 1978.. :p.

    Tags: Quazar, Funk With A Big Foot 1978

  • Quazar - Stigma (Greek Uplifting Trance)

    Quazar - Stigma (Greek Uplifting Trance) MP3

    Amazing track from Quazar!

    Tags: Trance Music (Musical Genre), Uplifting Trance (Musical Genre), Greek uplifting, psychedelic, quazar, Electronic, Dance, Techno, Electronica

  • Tadas Quazar - Mochiutes Popkornai (Mix)

    Tadas Quazar - Mochiutes Popkornai (Mix) MP3

    An old mix of great funk/soul/hip hop tunes by a dj Tadas Quazar from Lithuania. TRACKLIST: 1. DJ NU-MARK & POMO - THE SHIT 2. CAL TJADER - CUBANO ...


  • Quazar - Raise

    Quazar - Raise MP3

    Rare outtake from the 1978 "Quazar" album.

    Tags: Quazar, funk, Glenn, Goins, Kevin, Plainfield, NJ, Parliament, Funkadelic

  • Quazar - Funky Stars

    Quazar - Funky Stars MP3

    I'm a big fan on chiptunes. This is one of my favorite tracks. The video is a recording of a demoscene made for this song about 10 years after the music was ...

    Tags: quazar, funky, stars, hybrid, song, sanxion, chiptunes, module, music

  • Quazar. A-Side Pt. 1.

    Quazar. A-Side Pt. 1. MP3

    All hail Glen Goins. 1st two tracks of the classic, yet sadly somewhat unrealised through Glen's untimely death from Hodgkin's disease, "Quazar" album (1978).

    Tags: Glen, Goins, Kevin, Jerome, Brailey, Quazar, P-Funk, Parliament, Funkadelic, Funk, Soul

  • Quazar - Koslar

    Quazar - Koslar MP3

    Uplifting melodic trance.

    Tags: uplifting, videos

  • Infinite Quazar - Grand Prix

    Infinite Quazar - Grand Prix MP3


    Tags: experimental, funk, hypnogogic pop, vaporwave, Japan, late night lofi, vaporboogie

  • Quazar - The Seven Stars

    Quazar - The Seven Stars MP3

    Label: Go Bang! Records Catalog#: BANG 007 Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM Country: Netherlands Released: 1990 Genre: Electronic Style: House, Techno, ...

    Tags: Quazar, The, Seven, Stars, Techno, Acid, 1990, Electronic, Music, Oldskool, Go, Bang, Records

  • QUAZAR -  Syndelia  (Greek Uplifting Trance)

    QUAZAR - Syndelia (Greek Uplifting Trance) MP3

    QUAZAR - Syndelia (Greek Uplifting Trance)

    Tags: QUAZAR, Syndelia, (Greek, Uplifting, Trance)

  • Quazar - Sunflower

    Quazar - Sunflower MP3

    Quazar - Sunflower EP Vocals - Karl Hyde Label:Seven Stars Records.

    Tags: Quazar, Karl Hyde, Underworld, Seven Stars Records

  • Quazar - Trap (rmx)

    Quazar - Trap (rmx) MP3

    Hyparxis 3.

    Tags: Uplifting, Trance, Nitzh, Not

  • Quad City DJs vs Quazar - Super Slam (JRX Mix) (Quazar of Sanxion - Hybrid Song 2:20 / Funky Stars)

    Quad City DJs vs Quazar - Super Slam (JRX Mix) (Quazar of Sanxion - Hybrid Song 2:20 / Funky Stars) MP3

    Find more remixes of the Hybrid Song in my channel! Quad City DJs vs Quazar - Super Slam (JRX Mix) (Quazar of Sanxion - Hybrid Song 2:20 / Funky Stars) ...

    Tags: Hybrid Song, Funky Stars, Quazar of Sanxion, Quad City, Super Slam, JRX, Keygen music, 8bit music, Chiptune

  • Infinite Quazar - Palmtree

    Infinite Quazar - Palmtree MP3

    Grand Prix http://fortune500.bandcamp.com/album/grand-prix https://soundcloud.com/infinitequazar.

    Tags: Infinite Quazar, Palmtree, vaporwave, Grand Prix, beats, pop, infinitequazar, retro, funk, disco, Jazz

  • Quazar - Shades Of Quaze (1978)

    Quazar - Shades Of Quaze (1978) MP3

    Quazar - Shades Of Quaze (1978)

    Tags: Quazar, Shades, Of, Quaze, 1978

  • Captain Quazar Gameplay Footage

    Captain Quazar Gameplay Footage MP3

    This is a tribute to the game Captain Quazar which was released in 1997 for the PC.

    Tags: Captain, Quazar, 3DO, gameplay

  • Quazar Syndelia Megamix

    Quazar Syndelia Megamix MP3

    Deuteri ekdosi tou Syndelia apo ton Quazar!!

    Tags: Quazar, Syndelia, Megamix

  • Quazar - Euphoria

    Quazar - Euphoria MP3

    Radiology Online.

    Tags: uplifting

  • Gary Quazar 45 - suicide, lesbian boy, news

    Gary Quazar 45 - suicide, lesbian boy, news MP3

    Deadly Ecstacy Records GQ-101.
  • Quazar - Last Train To Paradise

    Quazar - Last Train To Paradise MP3

    Quazar - Last Train To Paradise 1992.

    Tags: Paradise Quazar, Last, Train, paradise, house, underground, classic, 1992

  • Quazar - Funky stars (hybrid song)

    Quazar - Funky stars (hybrid song) MP3

    Link to the MP3/Module by request: http://www.mediafire.com/?l5mr815013ppwdp Artist: Quazar Title: Funky stars (hybrid song) Check out my channel for more ...

    Tags: Funky, stars, Funky stars, Hybrid, song, Hybrid song, Space, Jam, Quazar, Axel, Hedfors, Axel Hedfors, Frontline, Chipmusic, Chip, Trackermusic, XM, Fasttracker, ft2, Fasttracker 2, Amiga, SID, Modplug, Protracker, Milkytracker, 8-bit, 8bit, keygen, keygen music, music, bit, demoscene, chip music, chiptune, chip tune, bitmusic, electronic, electro, ReclusiveLemming, High Quality, Quality, HQ, IT, Impulse, tracker, impulse tracker, cracktro

  • Overgrowth - Quazar

    Overgrowth - Quazar's Playground MP3

    In this video I play the map "Quazar's Playground" By: Macrauchenia - Which is avaliable if you download "SUMLAUCNHER" - which is found in the secret ...

    Tags: Overgrowth, Gameplay, Alpha, funny, moments, glitch, mod, weekly, update, download, pc, parkour, trailer

  • Quazar -  Funk & Roll -  1978

    Quazar - Funk & Roll - 1978 MP3

    This was a sizzling groove back in 78. The late Glenn Goins of Funkadelic got this band started. Jerome Brailey of course is on the drums kickin' ....

    Tags: Quazar, Glenn, Funk

  • Quazar - Trap

    Quazar - Trap MP3

    Uplifting Melodic Trance.

    Tags: uplifting, videos

  • Quazar - Funky Stars (Cracktro).mp3 MP3