• Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever - FULL ALBUM

    Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever - FULL ALBUM MP3

    Quasimoto (detto anche Lord Quas) è l'alter ego o progetto del produttore Hip Hop Madlib, da Oxnard, California. E' conosciuto per la sua voce acuta, e suona ...

    Tags: Quasimoto, Yessir Whatever, Alternative Hip Hop (Musical Genre), Album, Rap, J dilla, J Dilla (Composer), Lyrics, New, Song, Full, Beat, Full Song

  • Quasimoto - Catchin

    Quasimoto - Catchin' The Vibe MP3

    Yessir Whatever, produced by Madlib. http://stonesthrow.com/news/2013/08/quasimoto-catchin-the-vibe-video iTunes: ...

    Tags: Quasimoto, Madlib, Stones Throw, Rappcats, INDMUSIC

  • Quasimoto Mixtape

    Quasimoto Mixtape MP3

    like comment subscribe and share http://facebook.com/realunderground666.

    Tags: quasimoto, madlib, lord quas, stonesthrow, Radio, mixtape, mix, tape, underground, under, ground

  • Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy (Official Video)

    Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy (Official Video) MP3

    STONES THROW VIDEO CONTEST #4: "Low Class Conspiracy" Directed by Kristoffer Crook / A.D: Emilie Tollefsrud Karlsen / DP: Henning Høifødt ...

    Tags: Quasimoto, Madlib, Low Class Conspiracy, The Unseen, Kristopher Crook, INDMUSIC

  • Quasimoto - Come on Feet

    Quasimoto - Come on Feet MP3

    Quasimoto's "Come on Feet" off "The Unseen". produced by Madlib http://www.stonesthrow.com/quasimoto.

    Tags: quasimoto, come, on, feet, stones, throw, madlib, stonesthrow, INDMUSIC

  • Quasimoto - The Unseen (Full Album)

    Quasimoto - The Unseen (Full Album) MP3

    I couldn't find this anywhere on youtube (in it's entirety), so I took matters into my own hands. For anyone comin' at me with that copyright shit, I don't intend to ...

    Tags: The Unseen (Musical Album), Quasimoto, Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Stones Throw, Stones Throw Records (Record Label), Madlib, Classic, Beat, Beats, Rap

  • Quasimoto - Planned Attack (Audio)

    Quasimoto - Planned Attack (Audio) MP3

    Yessir Whatever | Download http://goo.gl/mtfcm PRODUCED BY MADLIB.

    Tags: Quasimoto, Madlib, Planned Attack, Yessir Whatever, The Unseen, Stones Throw

  • Quasimoto Mix (chopped)103114

    Quasimoto Mix (chopped)103114 MP3

    DOWNLOAD MP3: www.mediafire.com/listen/tgacc0x300kij2f/Quasimoto_Mix_(chopped)103114.mp3 Got drunk and made this Quasimoto mix on my iPhone ...

    Tags: Quasimoto, Madlib (Composer), California (US State), Mixtape, Mix, Audio Engineer, Texas, Lord Quas, Hip Hop (Musical Genre), Underground Hip Hop (Musical Genre), Underground Music (Musical Genre), Tap DJ, IPhone 5 (Computer), DJ Mix (Musical Performance Role), Music (TV Genre), Hip-hop Dance (Sport), Disc Jockey (Profession)

  • Quasimoto - Basic Instinct

    Quasimoto - Basic Instinct MP3

    The Unseen (2000) | Produced by Madlib | Artwork by Jeff Jank | Inspired by La Planète Savage, 1973.

    Tags: Madlib, Quasimoto, The Unseen, Stones Throw, Basic Instinct

  • Quasimoto - Greenery

    Quasimoto - Greenery MP3

    Quasimoto - Greenery from The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, produced by Madlib.

    Tags: quasimoto, greenery, madlib, weed, smoke, stonesthrow, blunted, hiphop, ganja, sinsemilla, pot, dope, cannabis, hashish, hemp, bud, reefer, doobie, spliff, chong

  • Quasimoto - Bus Ride

    Quasimoto - Bus Ride MP3

    STONES THROW VIDEO CONTEST 2011: #7 QUASIMOTO "BUS RIDE" directed by Vincent Longhi. Director, Editor: Vincent Longhi / Actors: Charles Nogier ...

    Tags: Madlib, Quasimoto, Melvin Van Peebles, Stones Throw, Bus Ride, Vincent Longhi, INDMUSIC

  • Quasimoto - Discipline 99 pt.1

    Quasimoto - Discipline 99 pt.1 MP3

    A Lord Quas exclusive.

    Tags: Discipline 99, Part 1 Lord Quas Quasimoto

  • Quasimoto - Rappcats

    Quasimoto - Rappcats MP3

    Quasimotos's "Rappcats" off that "Further Adventures" album. Peep www.rappcats.com http://www.stonesthrow.com/quasimoto.

    Tags: rappcats, quasimoto, madlib, oldschool, hiphop, stones, throw, INDMUSIC

  • Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever ALBUM REVIEW

    Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever ALBUM REVIEW MP3

    Listen: http://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2013/04/quasimoto-yessir-whatever This new collection of Lord Quas tracks might not be as epic as this project's debut ...

    Tags: album, review, music, reviews, indie, underground, new, latest, lyrics, full song, listen, track, concert, live, performance, update, the needle drop, anthony fantano, vlog, talk, discussion, music nerd, hiphoprvwz, madlib, madvillain, the unseen, yessir whatever, hip hop, rap, abstract, broad factor, astronaut, ep, single, stream, 2013, jazz cats, shades of blue, beat konducta, dj, lord quas, mf doom, jaylib

  • microphone matematics

    microphone matematics MP3

  • Quasimoto (Madlib) - Green Power

    Quasimoto (Madlib) - Green Power MP3

    Tags: Quasimoto, Madlib, Green, Power

  • Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy

    Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy MP3

    from The Unseen, Produced by Madlib http://www.stonesthrow.com/quasimoto http://www.itunes.com/quasimoto.

    Tags: Quasimoto, Low Class Conspiracy, Madlib, Stones Throw, Hip-Hop, Samples, The Unseen

  • Quasimoto - Am I Confused? (video)

    Quasimoto - Am I Confused? (video) MP3

    Quasimoto's "Am I Confused?" produced by Madlib. Yessir Whatever (2013)

    Tags: quasimoto, mad, lib, am, confused, lord, quas, or

  • quasimoto - bluffin

    quasimoto - bluffin' MP3

    bluffin' from The Unseen all credits go to Madlib Peep my other vids too they have some sick music.

    Tags: quasimoto, lord quas, madlib, stonesthrow, music, underground

  • Quasimoto - Astronaut

    Quasimoto - Astronaut MP3

    Since nobody uploaded this track, I guess I will. "Astronaut" by Quasimoto on his 3rd LP, Yessir Whatever. Track 5 [This song is hard to find]

    Tags: Madlib, Quasimoto, LordQuas, HipHop, Rap, J Dilla, Jay Dee

  • Quasimoto - Astro Travellin

    Quasimoto - Astro Travellin' MP3

    The Unseen LP Stones Throw 2000.
  • Quasimoto "Boom Music"

    Quasimoto "Boom Music" MP3

    Video by: @Nanlib - iNanz Quasimoto "The Unseen" Boom Music http://www.itunes.com/quasimoto ...

    Tags: Boom, Music, Lord, Quas, Quasimoto, Madlib, Stones, Throw

  • Quasimoto - Green Power (Yessir Whatever)

    Quasimoto - Green Power (Yessir Whatever) MP3

  • Quasimoto- "Bullyshit"

    Quasimoto- "Bullyshit" MP3

    Lord Quas is kidnapped into a graffiti wall to face battle with Lord Inamel! Directed By James Reitano http://tfustudios.blogspot.com/

    Tags: Quasimoto, Madlib, Stones, Throw, James, Reitano

  • Quasimoto - Jaylib "React" feat. Quasimoto

    Quasimoto - Jaylib "React" feat. Quasimoto MP3

    Dedicated to Lord Quas, I can hardly wait for Madlib to finish the latest Quasimoto album. Thank you Kidrobot for making this Quasi doll with Stonesthrow. R.I.P. J ...

    Tags: Madlib, Quasimoto, iNanz, Stonesthrow, Paid Dues, Jay Dilla, Jaylib, Hip Hop, rap, night life, night club, underground

  • Quasimoto - Low Class Conspiracy~1.mp3 MP3
  • Quasimoto-Jazz_Cats_Pt.1_(instrumental).mp3 MP3
  • Quasimoto_-_Discipline_99_pt.1.mp3 MP3
  • QuasimotoLowClassConspiracy1Ringtone.mp3 MP3
  • Quasimoto_-_Basic_Instinct.mp3 MP3