Quadro Nuevo

  • Quadro Nuevo - Live (2005)

    Quadro Nuevo - Live (2005) MP3

    Tags: quadro, nuevo, jazz, concert, live, tango

  • Quadro Nuevo - Our Spanish Love Song

    Quadro Nuevo - Our Spanish Love Song MP3

    Quadro Nuevo - Luna Rossa (1998) Paintings - Christopher Clark.

    Tags: Our Spanish Love Song, Quadro Nuevo (Musical Group), Quadro Nuevo, Luna Rossa, Christopher Clark, Jazz (Musical Genre)

  • Quadro Nuevo - Prinzessin Josefina

    Quadro Nuevo - Prinzessin Josefina MP3

    Quadro Nuevo & NDR Pops Orchestra - Prinzessin Josefina from the new Album "End Of The Rainbow" (Release on 22.02.2013) music composed by Andreas ...

    Tags: World, Jazz, Quadro Nuevo, End of the rainbow, Trip To Batumi, Mulo Francel, Evelyn Huber, Andreas HInterseher, Enrique Ugarte, NDR Pops Orchestra, NDR, Mike Meyer, Salterio, Mandonlin, Accordion, GLM Music, Bavaria, Music

  • Garcia

    Garcia's Tango - Quadro Nuevo in Buenos Aires MP3

    preorder on iTunes: http://snip.ftpromo.net/tangoitunes from the Album Quadro Nuevo "Tango" - FM196 release on 20.02.2015 ...

    Tags: Buenos Aires, Mulo Francel, Andreas Hinterseher, Didi Lowka, Chris Gall, Evelyn Huber, Mike Meyer, Julie Fellmann, Quadro Nuevo (Musical Group), Tango (Musical Genre)

  • Tango Flashmob - Munich Hofbräuhaus - Quadro Nuevo - La Cumparsita

    Tango Flashmob - Munich Hofbräuhaus - Quadro Nuevo - La Cumparsita MP3

    Auch auf iTunes erhältlich: http://snip.ftpromo.net/tangoitunes.

    Tags: Quadro Nuevo (Musical Group), La Cumparsita, Tango (Musical Genre), Mulo Francel, Andreas Hinterseher, Evelyn Huber, Chris Gall, GLM Music, Tango Flash Mob

  • Quadro Nuevo - Oblivion

    Quadro Nuevo - Oblivion MP3

    Quadro Nuevo - End Of The Rainbow (2013)
  • Quadro Nuevo - Sultana

    Quadro Nuevo - Sultana MP3

    Quadro Nuevo - Live, 2005.

    Tags: music, jazz

  • Quadro Nuevo  -  Bonjour Juliette

    Quadro Nuevo - Bonjour Juliette MP3

    Paintings - Brent Heighton.

    Tags: Bonjour Juliette, Quadro Nuevo, Valse Musette, Accordion, Brent Heighton, nast, valse, Buongiorno Tristezza

  • Quadro Nuevo - Shtil di Nakht is oysgesternt

    Quadro Nuevo - Shtil di Nakht is oysgesternt MP3

    Quadro Nuevo - Shtil di Nakht is oysgesternt from the Album "Bethlehem" - FM184 CD & Vinyl: http://www.glm.de/produkt/quadro-nuev... Facebook: ...
  • La Luna Si Veste d

    La Luna Si Veste d'Argento - Quadro Nuevo MP3

    Such soothing depth, passion and grace... From the album "Canzone Della Strada". For HQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRL0hmR5EPc&fmt=18.

    Tags: jazz, tango, world, music

  • Quadro Nuevo  -  Serenata Celeste

    Quadro Nuevo - Serenata Celeste MP3

    Quadro Nuevo - Canzoni della strada Paintings - Nicola Vietti.

    Tags: Serenata Celeste, Quadro Nuevo, Canzoni della strada, Nicola Vietti

  • Quadro Nuevo - Tu vuo

    Quadro Nuevo - Tu vuo' fa' l'americano MP3

    Quadro Nuevo: Mulo Francel - psaltery, clarinets, saxophones, mandoline; Robert Wolf - guitar; D.D. Lowka - bass, percussion; Andreas Hinterseher ...

    Tags: jazz

  • QUADRO NUEVO.Live_Bei mir bist du scheen.avi

    QUADRO NUEVO.Live_Bei mir bist du scheen.avi MP3


  • Paroles Paroles   Quadro Nuevo

    Paroles Paroles Quadro Nuevo MP3

    Paroles Paroles Quadro Nuevo.

    Tags: Paroles, Paroles Quadro Nuevo (Musical Group)

  • Quadro Nuevo - Mocca Swing

    Quadro Nuevo - Mocca Swing MP3

    Dall'album Mocca Flor (2004)

    Tags: Quadro, Nuevo, Mocca, Swing, Flor

  • Quadro Nuevo - Miserlou

    Quadro Nuevo - Miserlou MP3

    End of the rainbow (2013)

    Tags: Quadro Nuevo, Miserlou, End of the rainbow

  • Quadro Nuevo - Que reste t

    Quadro Nuevo - Que reste t'il de nos amours MP3

    Quadro Nuevo - End Of The Rainbow (2013) Paintings - Liz McKay.

    Tags: Que Reste-t-il De Nos Amours, Jazz (Musical Genre), Quadro Nuevo, Liz McKay, End Of The Rainbow

  • Libertango (A. Piazzolla) - Quadro Nuevo live @ Barocktheater Lambach

    Libertango (A. Piazzolla) - Quadro Nuevo live @ Barocktheater Lambach MP3

    On 11.01.2013 Quadro Nuevo played at Barocktheater, Stift Lambach, Austria. Mulo Francel: Saxophone, Klarinetten D.D. Lowka: Kontrabass, Perkussion ...

    Tags: Libertango, Quadro Nuevo, Lambach, Austria, Stift Lambach, Gruppe O2, Astor Piazzolla

  • Quadro Nuevo  - Tu Vuo

    Quadro Nuevo - Tu Vuo' Fa' l'Americano MP3

    Paintings - Ronald West.

    Tags: Quadro Nuevo, Ronald West, americano, italiano

  • Quadro Nuevo  - Giovanni Tranquillo

    Quadro Nuevo - Giovanni Tranquillo MP3

    Band - Quadro Nuevo Song - Giovanni Tranquillo Album - Mocca Flor Brilliant, album is worth buying.

    Tags: Giovanni, Tranquillo, quadro, nuevo, mocca, flor, calm, relaxing, chill, ethnic, authentic

  • Quadro Nuevo - Jakob Elija

    Quadro Nuevo - Jakob Elija MP3

    Album - Mocca Flor (2004) Paintings - Roman Zaslonov Картини - Роман Заслонов.

    Tags: Quadro Nuevo (Musical Group), Jakob Elija, Roman Zaslonov, Mocca Flor, Quadro Nuevo

  • Quadro Nuevo-Dadaschi.nr1

    Quadro Nuevo-Dadaschi.nr1 MP3

    Tags: Quadro

  • Quadro Nuevo - "Bethlehem"- "Ich steh

    Quadro Nuevo - "Bethlehem"- "Ich steh' an deiner Krippe hier.." MP3

    "Bethlehem" in "Sankt Marien" church,Offenbach, Germany excellent gig with the new xmas program.....enjoyed it a lot! Andreas Hinterseher (acc) Mulo Francel ...
  • Quadro Nuevo - Maria durch ein

    Quadro Nuevo - Maria durch ein' Dornwald MP3

    A Song from Quadro Nuevo's Album "Weihnacht"

    Tags: Weihnacht, Francel, Huber, Lowka, Hinterseher, Grand, Voyage, Music

  • Die Reise nach Batumi - Quadro Nuevo & Münchner Symphoniker

    Die Reise nach Batumi - Quadro Nuevo & Münchner Symphoniker MP3

    Quadro Nuevo & Münchner Symphoniker Philharmonie Gasteig Munich, March 23, 2013 Die Reise nach Batumi (Mulo Francel, Arrangement: Mulo Francel ...

    Tags: Die Reise nach Batumi, Batumi, Quadro Nuevo, End oft he Rainbow, Evelyn Huber, Mulo Francel, Andreas Hinterseher, GLM Music, Oskar Henn

  • Quadro Nuevo - Tu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano.mp3 MP3
  • Tu Vuo Fa L Americano .mp3 MP3
  • 16 Bonjour Juliette (Valse Musette).mp3 MP3
  • 02 Flambee Montalbanaise (Valse Musette).mp3 MP3
  • 07 Valse des Sylphides (Valse Musette).mp3 MP3