Quadrinity - Member's Best Selections

  • L

    L'Arc~en~Ciel - Quadrinity ~Member's Best Selections~ MP3

    Support the artists and buy their music! DVD Region 2 hyde best 1. I'm so happy 2. HONEY 3. flower 4. Sayounara (さようなら; Goodbye) 5. Anemone 6. Ibara no ...

    Tags: L-arc-en, Ciel, cd, cds, mini, album, case, review, unboxing, packaging, j-pop, jpop, hyde, tetsuya, ken, yukihiro

  • Pieces Of The Puzzle Part 5: Triangle Quadrinity

    Pieces Of The Puzzle Part 5: Triangle Quadrinity MP3

  • quadrinity  goodbye

    quadrinity goodbye MP3

    Tags: quadrinity, goodbye, anno, domini, beats, ADB, instrumental

  • Hagaray feat. Regina Bittar - De Buk is oni de Teibol Remix (HQ)

    Hagaray feat. Regina Bittar - De Buk is oni de Teibol Remix (HQ) MP3

    Meu primeiro remix usando o programa SONAR 7!!!! Quadrinity - O Som das pistas By Ricardão das Candongas 2012.

    Tags: anal, sex, Ronaldo, Copa, Rio, de, Janeiro, Madonna, Lady, Gaga, Brazil, Girl, Dance, Messi, Barcelona, Bola, 2014, Yoki, soccer, Flamengo, Michael, Jackson, FIFA, Goal, ET, OVNI, UFO, ACDC, Real, RIHANNA, Led, Zeppelin, Obama, John, Kennedy

  • cambiare si può

    cambiare si può MP3

    testimonianze sull'Hoffman Quadrinity Process all'incontro di Jesolo 2007.

    Tags: crescita, personale, realizzazione, autostima

  • Interview in Blue  (www.workrelations.eu)

    Interview in Blue (www.workrelations.eu) MP3

    Quadrinity Prozess.

    Tags: Quadrinity, Prozess, Beziehungen, Elternbilder

  • Fate Instrumental Cover

    Fate Instrumental Cover MP3

    DEEP SET LIST: fate~Kasou~shinshoku lose control~a swell in the sun~forbiden lover~trick~Ibara no namida~Get Out From the Shell~The Nepenthes~finale~a ...

    Tags: Fate, Instrumental, Cover, GeorgeTabs

  • FTIsland - Colorful Sensibility (Part II)

    FTIsland - Colorful Sensibility (Part II) MP3

    Support the artists and buy their music! I really like the first track. It sounds so happy! But all the songs are good. 1. Neoreul Saranghae (Love Is...) (너를 사랑해 ...

    Tags: ft, island, part, cd, cds, mini, album, case, review, unboxing, packaging, kpop, jpop

  • What is love - l

    What is love - l'arc en ciel - [Cover] MP3

    Non avevo il testo sotto, quindi scusate se ho sbagliato la metà delle parole :) Buona visione! Byeee ^^

    Tags: en, ciel, arc, cover, What, is, love, karaoke, Yumicover, Yumi, Singing

  • seveN Swell

    seveN Swell '09 MP3

    seveN Swell officialsite http://www.seven-swell.com/

    Tags: seveN Swell, LIVE, PV, music

  • 01_REVELATION(ラルク)_EXCEED.avi

    01_REVELATION(ラルク)_EXCEED.avi MP3

  • Anata  あなた - Twenity Music Box L

    Anata あなた - Twenity Music Box L'arc~en~Ciel MP3

    I am very happy because today I got my Twenity box!!! At the begining I wanted "My heart draws a dream" but after I heard my music box, I definitly love it~~~ ...

    Tags: Anata, en, ciel, twenity, music, box

  • Silver Shining

    Silver Shining MP3

  • Get out from the shell Version 2 (L`Arc~en~Ciel Song)

    Get out from the shell Version 2 (L`Arc~en~Ciel Song) MP3

    http://www.reverbnation.com/lastexileofficial Cover By Last Exile.

    Tags: last, exile, larc, en, ciel, larc-en-ciel, tetsuya, tetsu, ken, hyde, yukihiro, cover, band, indonesia, japanese, japan, laruku, Get, out, from, the, shell

  • ラルク~EXISTENCE(カラオケ・take1).mpg

    ラルク~EXISTENCE(カラオケ・take1).mpg MP3

  • L

    L'Ciel Video 2 MP3

    Tags: Laruku, LArc en Ciel, Ken, Tetsu, Hyde, Yukihiro, Cieler, Cieler Bandung

  • 2011/05/26 READY STEADY GO

    2011/05/26 READY STEADY GO MP3

    L'Arc~en~Ciel/READY STEADY GO ドラム:ミヤツ ベース:陽介.

    Tags: ym1783

  • Gundam 00 1st Opening「DAYBREAK

    Gundam 00 1st Opening「DAYBREAK'S BELL」-L'Arc~en~Ciel. MP3

    Tags: YouTube, Gundam, 00, 1st

  • L

    L'Arc~en~Ciel the silver shinning bass MP3

    L'Arc~en~Ciel the silver shinning bass.

    Tags: the, silver, shinning, bass

  • .Janne Da Arc 【I

    .Janne Da Arc 【I'm so Happy】 MP3

  • JAFS vlog #4: Shinagawa Station

    JAFS vlog #4: Shinagawa Station MP3

    All the Hiroshima students getting ready to take the Shinkansen to Hiroshima! That station was packed.

    Tags: shinagawa, station, shinkansen, bullet train, nozomi, japan, tokyo

  • 2012.5.19 USJ サブステージ移動

    2012.5.19 USJ サブステージ移動 MP3

    ネタバレ注意 / spoiler warning L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th L'Anniversary WORLD TOUR 2012 THE FINAL USJ 2012.5.19 サブステージ移動.

    Tags: en, Ciel, laruku, hyde, ken, tetsuya, yukihiro, 20th, USJ

  • L

    L'ArQUIZ by elmos intro MP3

    エルモによるラルクイズ! イントロ早押しクイズのところ.

    Tags: P1120094

  • 120325 Larc en ciel Part 4

    120325 Larc en ciel Part 4 MP3

    Tags: 120325, Larc, en, ciel, Part, 4

  • HydeMx Announcement

    HydeMx Announcement MP3

    Tags: youtube, HydeMx, hyde, vamps, chris, strife, chris strife, kaz, tetsu, ken, yuki, covers

  • .hack//REVALATION

    .hack//REVALATION MP3

    My first .hack video. Song is Redemption by L'Arc-en-ciel which is an amazing band. And there's a little LOVELESS in there. I hope my ni-san likes it tho.. n.n.

    Tags: haseo, larc, en, ciel, revalation

  • 03 - Flower.mp3 MP3