Pygmy Dance

  • PYGMY Dance, HLB Hamt  Dubai

    PYGMY Dance, HLB Hamt Dubai MP3

    PYGYMY dance by Monish Binny Sugesh & Arun.
  • Ba

    Ba'Aka pygmy dance. Central African Republic. MP3

    Recorded a couple of days walk from Bayanga, C.A.R. January 2008.

    Tags: pygmy, travel, baka, Central African Republic, Bayanga

  • Pygmy Goat Happy Dance

    Pygmy Goat Happy Dance MP3

    New born pygmy goats do their "Happy Dance."

    Tags: Pygmy, Goat, Happy, Dance

  • The Polyphonic Singing of the Aka Pygmies of Central Africa

    The Polyphonic Singing of the Aka Pygmies of Central Africa MP3

    UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - 2008 URL: Description: The Aka ...

    Tags: Intangible, Cultural, UNESCO, 2003, Central, African, 00018

  • Crazy Pygmy - Hilarious Dancing (1937)

    Crazy Pygmy - Hilarious Dancing (1937) MP3

    Pygmy Goes Mad - Hilarious Dancing! [HD] This mysterious video from the British Pathe vaults had very little written down in the canister notes. The video was ...

    Tags: Pygmy, Princess, Pigmy, Dancing, Ritual, Island, Indigenous, Colonialism, Freak, Show, Midget, Ethnic, Groups, Travel, Documentary, 1930s, 30s, Hilarious, Down, Under, Australia, Oz, Funny, Flower, Girl, Strange, Bizarre, Trees, Fairies, Fairy, Scary, Lady, Language, Fun, Wonderful, Historical, Archive, Footage, Video

  • Mbute Pygmies Tribal Dance

    Mbute Pygmies Tribal Dance MP3

    Rare footage of Mbute pygmies (forest people) of central Africa performing a traditional dance. The Mbute forest people have been the victims of unspeakable ...

    Tags: pilgrim, relief, society, sebastian, tirtirau, mbuti, bambuti, bambute, pygmies, pigmies, pygmie, pigmie, forest, people, central, africa, congo, drc, jungle, dance, dances, traditional, tribal, ethnic, drum, drums, trance, earth

  • Rwanda - Pygmy Dance near Ruhengeri

    Rwanda - Pygmy Dance near Ruhengeri MP3

    During our time in Rwanda with Dragoman we visited a Pygmy village near the town of Ruhengeri and the Volcanoes National Park. They did a song and dance ...

    Tags: Pygmy, Pygmies, Dance, Dancing, Song, Singing, Village, Tribe, Locals, Twa, Batwa, Ruhengeri, Volcanoes, National Park, Parc, Rwanda, Africa, Dragoman, ZNN, ZNN159, Trip, Tour, Overland, Vacation, Holiday, September, 2009

  • Pygmy Goat Happy Dance II

    Pygmy Goat Happy Dance II MP3

    Now 8 days old, two pygmy goat kids have improved their happy dance.

    Tags: Pygmy, Goats

  • Jon Hassell - Pygmy Dance

    Jon Hassell - Pygmy Dance MP3

    Taken Track From Compilation Album "Ai Confini / Interzone " [1983]

    Tags: Jon, Hassell

  • Pygmy Dance - Phantom Surfers

    Pygmy Dance - Phantom Surfers MP3

    Tags: Pygmy, Dance, Phantom, Surfers

  • BaAka pygmy music, dance and camp atmosphere. Central African Republic

    BaAka pygmy music, dance and camp atmosphere. Central African Republic MP3

    Recorded in 2008 in the forest around Bayanga, C.A.R..

    Tags: baaka, dance, music, Africa, forest, people, camp, dancing, central, african, republic

  • Pygmy Goat Happy Dance

    Pygmy Goat Happy Dance MP3

    Brownie Gets It On.

    Tags: Pygmy, Goat, Dance

  • pygmy dance

    pygmy dance MP3

    pygmy dance, bwindi, uganda.

    Tags: pygmy, dance, bwindi

  • Pygmy Tribal Dance

    Pygmy Tribal Dance MP3

    On my visit to Uganda, we visited a villiage of pygmies, who are very short people. They have some very interesting dances...

    Tags: Uganda, pygmy, pygmies, dance, tribe, tribal, africa

  • The Batwa Dance

    The Batwa Dance MP3

    The Batwa is an African pygmy tribe in south west Uganda in the Kigezi district. The tribe is in danger of becoming extinct due to displacement from their forest ...

    Tags: Uganda, Batwa, Kigezi, Dance

  • Pygmy Dance

    Pygmy Dance MP3

    Pocket God Theme Song.

    Tags: Pocket, God, Pygmy, Theme, Song

  • Pygmy Goats Happy Dance -- Shake It Off Version

    Pygmy Goats Happy Dance -- Shake It Off Version MP3

    These baby pygmy goats know how to shake it off! Video is from "Pygmy Happy Dance" by ModjeskaMan.

    Tags: Pygmy Goat (Animal Breed), baby goats, Shake It Off (Composition), Taylor Swift (Celebrity), Domestic Goat (Animal), Pop Music (Musical Genre)

  • Pygmy Women Fun Dance

    Pygmy Women Fun Dance MP3



    From the politically incorrect 1932 documentary Congorilla , Osa Johnson dances jazz with the Pygmies. Osa and Martin Johnson explored Africa and left ...

    Tags: pygmy, pygmies, osa, johnson, jazz, congorilla, 1932

  • Pygmy Goat Happy Dance w/music

    Pygmy Goat Happy Dance w/music MP3

    This is not my work it is the Jackson 5 music put to ModjeskaMan's Goats, This song was just playing in my head while I watched the video :)

    Tags: Dancing, Goats

  • Pygmy Goat Happy Feet

    Pygmy Goat Happy Feet MP3

    woderful dancing animal.
  • Pygmy dance in Rwanda with iPhone 6

    Pygmy dance in Rwanda with iPhone 6 MP3

    I was in a village where Pygmy people resettled from the Volcanoes National Park stay. Some of them presented a few of their dances for me - the video is a ...

    Tags: pygmy, dance, rwanda, musanze, tribal dance, iphone, iphone 6, gorilla, gorilla dance, Pygmy Peoples, Africa, Belly, Apple, sniffing man, Touch, Dance Music (Musical Genre), fun, village, africa village, vlogger, Video Blog (Website Category)

  • Pygmejský tanec / Pygmy dance

    Pygmejský tanec / Pygmy dance MP3

    Tags: 19Pygmy, DanceMVI, 6985, WMV, V9

  • Pygmy dance, Ruhengeri, Rwanda (2)

    Pygmy dance, Ruhengeri, Rwanda (2) MP3

    Kwa tribe. 5 october 2010.

    Tags: kwa, pygmy, pygmee, ruhengeri, rwanda

  • ピグミー族の踊りとハンセン病 / Pygmy people dance & leprosy

    ピグミー族の踊りとハンセン病 / Pygmy people dance & leprosy MP3

    WHOハンセン病制圧特別大使の笹川陽平日本財団会長がハンセン病有病率の高いピグミー族を訪問。 関連する「日本財団ブログ・マガジン」記事...

    Tags: Pygmy, Sasakawa, Foundation, Nonprofit, Leprosy, WHO, Congo

  • Newborn Pygmy goats "dancing"! (day two)

    Newborn Pygmy goats "dancing"! (day two) MP3

    Only 36-hours old, newborn twin Pygmy doelings "Spring Promise Jitterbug" and "Spring Promise Jazz" are already learning to dance! Btw, you may notice I'm ...

    Tags: goats, Pygmy, animals, farm, SpringPromisePygmies

  • Pygmy People Dance

    Pygmy People Dance MP3

    The Pygmy People have been driven from their home in the forest because of logging, war, and gorilla habitats. Forced into homelessness they are suffering ...

    Tags: Pygmy, Pygmy People, People of the Forest, DRC, Eastern Congo, Congo, Dance, Pygmy dance, Democratic Republic of Congo, Carmen Stone, Kalehe

  • Pygmy Johnson - Dance on your broken bones

    Pygmy Johnson - Dance on your broken bones MP3 © Bullit Records ep3 2015 Directed by : Alexandra Lang & Stève Siracuse Director of photography : Stève Siracuse Filmed by ...

    Tags: Pygmy Johnson, malkhior, Alexandra Lang, Johanna mondon, sirimage, Intensive Care Unit, pygmy, johnson, clip, dance on your broken bones, dance, bones, bullit, bullit records, music, groupe, crooner, western, rock, johanna mondon, Rock Music (Film Genre), Broken

  • Pygmy sunfish courtship dance

    Pygmy sunfish courtship dance MP3

    I discuss these gulf coast pygmy sunfish (Elassoma gilberti) on the NANFA forum:

    Tags: pygmy sunfish, pygmy sunfish courtship, gulf coast pygmy sunfish, Elassoma, Elassoma gilberti, tiny aquarium fish, small aquarium fish, tiny, smallest, freshwater fish, fish, blue fish, shiny fish, black fish, courtship dance, fish courtship dance, breeding pygmy sunfish, spawning pygmy sunfish, US native fish, North American native fish, Florida native fish, Georgia native fish, NANFA

  • Ozzy the Weasel

    Ozzy the Weasel's War Dance. MP3

    The weasel war dance is a colloquial term for a behavior of excited ferrets and weasels. In wild animals, it is speculated that this dance is used to confuse or ...

    Tags: least weasel, belette, wezel, mustela nivalis, mauswiesel, comadreja, baby, cute, lief, mignon, funny, awesome, wildlife, animal, pet, Cuteness, pets, playing, biting, predator, carnivore, war dance, Weasel (Organism Classification), Weasel War Dance, Doninha