• APH - Wild Horses - PrusHun

    APH - Wild Horses - PrusHun MP3

    Hey, more Hetalia! It may slowly creep more into my channel again. Song: Wild Horses Artist: Charlotte Martin All characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya and all ...

    Tags: Charlotte Martin (Composer), Wild Horses (Composition), Prussia, Hungary, PrusHun, APH

  • [APH] Leavin

    [APH] Leavin' - PrusHun [Beta?] MP3

    Nooooo~!! Summer vacations come to an end ;_; Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia Pairing: Prussia x Hungary [and a bit of anti-Austria x Hungary] Song: Jesse ...

    Tags: PrusHun, Prussia, Hungary, axis, powers, Hetalia, APH, Gilbert, Beilschmidt, Weilschmidt, Elizabeth, Roderich, Edelstein, Austria, Jesse, McCartney

  • APH The One That Got Away (PrusHun)

    APH The One That Got Away (PrusHun) MP3

    Too lazy to make a description right now... Song: The One That Got Away Artist: Katy Perry Artwork: Zerochan, Deviantart, and Photobucket.

    Tags: hetalia, aph, the one that got away, katy perry, prussia, gilbert, hungary, gilbird, prushun, prussiaxhungary, pairing

  • [APH] - Jestem (I

    [APH] - Jestem (I'm) [PrusHun] MP3

    It's a song of Magdalena Tul, she represents Poland on Eurovision this year. Not a lot of Poles enjoy this song, but I like it. I think it's catching, and finally we have ...

    Tags: Prussia, Hungary, Poland, Eurovision, Magdalena, Tul, 2011, Jestem, Gilbert, Beilschmidt, Elizabeth, PrusHun, PruHun, Axis, Powers, Hetalia, APH

  • PrusHun- Everything Back But You

    PrusHun- Everything Back But You MP3


    Tags: animation, Back, Not, Really, But, Everything, manga, anime, slideshow

  • PrusHun // Everything I ask for ♥

    PrusHun // Everything I ask for ♥ MP3

    No way! I made a yaoiless video! xD I was wavering between UsUk or PrusHun, but I decided on PrusHun, because it fits x3 And I don't like this one.. At first I ...

    Tags: prussiaxhungary, prussia, hungary, gilbert, elizaveta, aph

  • APH - Get It Up - PrusHun

    APH - Get It Up - PrusHun MP3

    I have no excuse for this. The ranting part made me think of Prussia and Hungary, so I just went with it. It was fun to make. Song: Get It Up Artist: Mindless Self ...

    Tags: aph, axis powers hetalia, hetalia, prussia, hungary, gilbert, elizabeta, elizaveta, msi, mindless self indulgence, get it up

  • Getting Close ft. Prushun Pawar by Sweetheartz lyric video

    Getting Close ft. Prushun Pawar by Sweetheartz lyric video MP3 "Getting Close" ft. Prushun Pawar Sweetheartz Score.

    Tags: Score album, sweetheartz, getting close, lyric video, prushun pawar, rapper, rapping, music, hiphop, lyrics, getting, close, score, rap, Rap, Hiphop, new, full, stream, youtube lyric videos, hiphop lyrics, rap lyrics, sweetheartz lyrics, sweetheartz the rapper, Song, Album

  • APH Who

    APH Who's That Girl - PrusHun/PrusLiech MP3

    Tags: hetalia, aph, prussia, gilbert, hungary, elizabeta, elizaveta, prushun, prussiaxhungary, liechtenstein, prusliech, prussiaxliechtenstein, pairing, hilary duff

  • Till I Fall Asleep PruLiech ♥ PrusHun

    Till I Fall Asleep PruLiech ♥ PrusHun MP3

    though this mep was cancelled but I adore the song and felt the need to edit with it * A * and both pairings are cute but I prefer PruLiech.

    Tags: till I fall asleep, jaime dee, prussia, liechtenstein, hungary, prushun, pruleich, pairing, aph, Sad Songs (Say So Much) (Composition), anime

  • Sugar Part 5 & 6 [PrusHun & LietBela]

    Sugar Part 5 & 6 [PrusHun & LietBela] MP3

    for DiamondIvy's APH MEP.

    Tags: Maroon 5 (Musical Group), anime, prussia, hungary, lithuania, belarus, multieditorproject, mep, aph, diamondIvy, overlays, cute, brad pitt

  • HongIce and PrusHun: I

    HongIce and PrusHun: I'm With You MP3

    My best friend suggested I make an AMV with Hong Kong x Iceland and Prussia x Hungary, so I put my iTunes on shuffle to choose a song and ended up with ...

    Tags: HongIce, and, PrusHun, With, You

  • alfa prushu WM9 512 Download PAL

    alfa prushu WM9 512 Download PAL MP3

    Бойца спецподразделения «Альфа» Рижской полиции ликвидировали очередную алкоточку. Действовали самыми...

    Tags: TV5

  • ♥what

    ♥what's the NAME? ;Austria;Hungary;Prussia; MP3

    PLEASE WATCH IN HD! ;3 Hella ;3 here's my new video x"3 i made this video because i don't know what i love XD AusHun or PrusHun? oO ahh..never mind ...

    Tags: anime, the, name, hetalia, hungary, austria, prussia

  • APH - Don

    APH - Don't Think of Me - Genderbend Pangle MP3

    Hooray genderbends! It's kind of funny. Although I ship HunAus far more than I do PrusHun, it's the opposite with their genderbends. I see Mangary and ...

    Tags: aph, hetalia, axis powers hetalia, genderbend, hungary, austria, prussia, dido

  • Hetalia mix pl 25

    Hetalia mix pl 25 MP3

    1.PrusHun-Jak ja jej to powiem 2.Francja-power play nie bo nie 3.Litwa-TKM aka piekielny mogłaś tam być 4.Polska-Najlepszy przekaz w mieście Zawsze do ...

    Tags: aph, pl, hetalia

  • DenNor Cantarella-for xXxSerahFarronxXx

    DenNor Cantarella-for xXxSerahFarronxXx MP3

    Here's your Xmas gift!!! You're lucky I remembered a pair we both like cus I was gritting my teeth having to do a PrusHun vid (I'll do one of them one day, just not ...

    Tags: sabrinakimba, xXxSerahFarronxXx, Denmark, Norway, DenNor, Cantarella

  • {APH} Prussia x Hungary - Futuristic Lover

    {APH} Prussia x Hungary - Futuristic Lover MP3

    "We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us." so i havent done any pure prussia/hungary viddies so thats where this came in!and i just ...

    Tags: mmv, amv, hetalia, aph, hungary, prussia, elizaveta, elisabeth, gilbert, eli, gilbo, katy, perry, futuristic, lover

  • [Prussia x Hungary] We could be the same

    [Prussia x Hungary] We could be the same MP3

    Okay, it's full version of my first PrusHun MV. I hope you like it! I found these pictures on photobucket, deviantArt and pixiv.

    Tags: prussia, hungary, prushun, love, axis, powers, hetalia, aph, MV

  • 1000 Ships // Hetalia

    1000 Ships // Hetalia MP3

    Happy Valentine's Day! A bunch of random pairings that I had already saved, and some I had to go and save previous to this AMV (and now create a lot of ...

    Tags: DenNor, PrusHun, Germancest, Gerita, Spamano, LatLich, SeaWy, UkrEst, LithBela, KorNada, Ameripan, USUK, PruCan, ChiUK

  • [APH] Prussia x Hungary - Friend or Foe

    [APH] Prussia x Hungary - Friend or Foe MP3

    Okay, not the best idea ever, but the song reminded me of them so much. Axis Powers Hetalia AMV, so be aware of country personifications. Pairing: PrusHun ...

    Tags: aph, hetalia, prussia, hungary, tatu, prushun, axis, powers, amv

  • Hetalia: Like Romeo and Juliet

    Hetalia: Like Romeo and Juliet MP3

    My entry for the 2012 Valentines day contest by the AMV Alliance. It's in the "Best Couples Slideshow" Category. *Edit; FIRST PLACE BABY!

    Tags: Hetalia, yaoi, BL, boys love, shounen ai, romeo and juliet, APH, spamano, USUK, Poliet, Dennor, sufin, Giripan, Romeo And Juliet, Anime

  • Love Me Dead Part 13 (MEP).wmv

    Love Me Dead Part 13 (MEP).wmv MP3

    OMG PIRATEWRITER HAS UPDATED!!!!!! *le gasp* Anywho, tis a video for sierraphantom and her MEP Song: Love Me Dead Artist: Ludo Anime: Axis Powers ...

    Tags: axis, powers, hetalia, prussia, hungary, prushun, anime, love, me, dead

  • We all fall down;; for Stancy!

    We all fall down;; for Stancy! MP3

    READ!;: I know it's nothing special, some PrusHun & GerIta, but it's for you because it means, I have Sony Vegas. I hope we'll be doing a collab or a video battle ...

    Tags: aph, hetalia, axis, powers, prussia, hungary, gilber, lizaveta, gerita, germmany, italy, doitsu, ludwig, feliciano, toy, soldiers, eminem

  • APH - Alejandro

    APH - Alejandro MP3

    I have been little sick - bored - opened the Vegas first time in a month - this video is the result. It was actually quite nice to edit:) (haha but if there is something ...

    Tags: Alejandro, hetalia, aph, sufin, dennor, prushun