Postie's Jig

  • The Postie

    The Postie's Jig - Staring the Broom of Bon Accord MP3

    The Ceilidh item from the candidate class at the RSCDS summer school in St Andrews week 4 2011.

    Tags: RSCDS, St Andrews, SCD, Scottish country dancing

  • Posties Jig - Demo

    Posties Jig - Demo MP3

    Tags: Posties Jig, Legacy Dance Society, English Country Dance, Katy Seymour Birthday

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig MP3

    by Lugnasad. Lviv, 10.13.2007.

    Tags: SCDs

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig (Highland Gathering Peine 2012) MP3

    Scottish Flowers dancing "Postie's Jig" at the 14th Highland Gathering in Peine. Dance: Postie's Jig (J4x32) Short Dance Description: ...

    Tags: dance

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig MP3

    Members of the RSCDS Vancouver Demonstration Team dance Postie's Jig twice through at the Ceilidh February 4, 2011. Music by the house band - Calanais.

    Tags: PostiesJig20110204

  • Posties Jig - Come to the Ball Bozeman

    Posties Jig - Come to the Ball Bozeman MP3

    Instructional for Posties Jig dance

    Tags: Posties Jig, Come To the Ball Bozeman, Dance Instructional

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig -Scottish country Dance MP3

    A 4x32 jig. the postie is the mailman in Scotland.

    Tags: Scottish, Country, Dance, Jig, Seattle, Pacific, Northwest, Highland, Games, Plateau, Dancers, Enumclaw, Washington, State

  • Youth Ball - Postie

    Youth Ball - Postie's Jig MP3

    Toronto RSCDS.

    Tags: Toronto, scottish country dance, scottish country dancing, scottish, country, dance, dancing

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig MP3

    An iconic Scottish country dance as danced by Russian, Belorussian and English dancers at St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Moscow, 14 Feb 2015. Musicians ...

    Tags: Scotland (Country), Scottish dancing, RSCDS, Dance Music (Musical Genre), Dance (Interest)

  • posties jig at the spring dance

    posties jig at the spring dance MP3

    looks like fun! high country (boone north carolina) christian homeschoolers spring dance 2007.

    Tags: homeschool, dance, 2007, posties, jig, spring, fun, high, country, christian, homeshoolers

  • Posties Jig

    Posties Jig MP3

    Tags: Posties Jig, Scottich Country Dance

  • Posties Jig Dance

    Posties Jig Dance MP3

    One of our traditional favorites!!! ;) Dancing this was sooooo much fun! I do not own the copy rights to this music.

    Tags: Dancing, Posties Jig, ECD, English Country Dance, Set to Music

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig MP3


    Tags: DancieMaetion, Scottish Country Dancing

  • (Slow) Postie

    (Slow) Postie's Jig MP3

    Postie's Jig at a slower more normal pace.

    Tags: Staar Theater

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig 保斯泰 MP3

    香港蘇格蘭舞研習社~ 慶祝五周年同樂晚會.

    Tags: P1020081

  • Friday Dance (Posties Jig)

    Friday Dance (Posties Jig) MP3

  • Da fustra Shetland dance club postie

    Da fustra Shetland dance club postie's jig MP3

    An amazing sound from the one and only da fustra band at the Lerwick old time dance club.

    Tags: Da fustra, Shetland, Lerwick old time dance club

  • Double Postie

    Double Postie's Jig MP3

    Scottish dance at the Canberra Centennial 'Kick Up Your Heels' event held at the Albert Hall on 10th August 2013. This dance is normally done with stationary ...

    Tags: australian, dance, old, time, new, vogue, debutant, set, costume, canberra, monaro, folk, society, bush, dancing, colonial, gala, ball, scottish, jig, double, centennial, Australia, kick up your heels, watlzing wandera, copyright

  • POSTIES JIG Video Tutorial by London Reels

    POSTIES JIG Video Tutorial by London Reels MP3

    This is a London Reels video tutorial for Posties Jig.

    Tags: Posties Jig, Scottish Dancing, Scottish Reeling, reeling, London Reels, John Carver, ceilidh dancing, Pont Street reels

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig MP3

    Medley for "Postie's Jig." Tunes include: Calliope House Road to Lisdoonvarna Swallowtail Jig Irish Washerwoman.

    Tags: fiddle jig, Calliope House, Road to Lisdoonvarna, Swallowtail Jig, Irish Washerwoman, john cockman, fiddle lessons

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig MP3

    Scotia Shores con Orobian Pipe Band- Schio 11 ottobre 2015- British Day.

    Tags: Scotia Shores

  • Heritage Winter Ball, 2012, Postie

    Heritage Winter Ball, 2012, Postie's Jig MP3

    dancing Postie's Jig at the Heritage Society Winter Ball, 2012.

    Tags: Heritage Winter Ball 2012, Ball, Heritage, Society

  • Posties Jig

    Posties Jig MP3

    A not so smooth posties jig. ;D Oh, and that's yours truly in the purple shirt.

    Tags: Posties, Jig, Dancing

  • ~Posties Jig~

    ~Posties Jig~ MP3

    Yet another Posties Jig. Of course the night wouldn't be complete without a Posties! ;)

    Tags: Posties Jig, dance, Barn Dance, Irish jig, Fun, Dance, ECD, Mix, Event

  • Posties Jig

    Posties Jig MP3

    Dancing Posties Jig to live music by the Village Folk Orkestra.

    Tags: Posties, Jig, Village, Folk, Orkestra, Garden, valley, folk, dance

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig (Kilmelford & Kilninver) MP3

    "Postie's Jig" (a Scottish Country Dance) ft. Neil Goulding as caller and MC, at the Kilmelford and Kilninver Village Hall Hogmanay Party on Wednesday 31st ...

    Tags: Kilmelford, scottish country dancing, hogmanay

  • Galveston Masked Ball--Postie

    Galveston Masked Ball--Postie's Jig MP3

    Twelfth Night Masked Ball at Ashton Villa on Galveston Island. The Ball was held on Jan. 5, 2013 and hosted by the Houston Branch RSCDS. Music is by Judi ...

    Tags: Jig, Twelfth, Night, Ball

  • Postie

    Postie's Jig MP3

  • Learning Posties Jig Scottish Dancing

    Learning Posties Jig Scottish Dancing MP3

    This is the first time this group tried the entire Posties Jig - It isn't perfect, but it sure is fun.

    Tags: Irish, Contra, Dancing, Scottish

  • Posties Jig 2009

    Posties Jig 2009 MP3

    My Scottish Country Dancing demo on Saturday. I'm in the green vest, and my best friend is in the blue. No mean comments, but tips are more than welcome!

    Tags: Highland

  • SCA Dance Music.mp3 MP3
  • Ceilidh Music - Postie's Jig.mp3 MP3