• Silicon Based Plasmoid

    Silicon Based Plasmoid MP3

    Silicon based plasmoids. NOT SLAG, NO RESIDUE. Not a "welding" phenomenon.

    Tags: ball, lightning, laboratory, plasmoid, microwave, particle, accelerator, linac, linear, proton, beam, deuterium, plasma, fusion, z-pinch, neutron, quark, boson, tesla, coil, VanDeGraaff, ham, radio, homemade, homebuilt, crt, cathode, ray, tube, physics, nuclear, reactor, atom, atomic, radioactive, energy, hadron, lhc, cyclotron, bevatron, electron, fusor, project, sherwood, hydrogen, dark, matter, quantum, mechanics, los, alamos, cockroft, walton, high, voltage, thermonuclear, edward, teller, einstein

  • Plasmoid in a Microwave

    Plasmoid in a Microwave MP3

    This video shows how to create a stable plasmoid at 1atm in a microwave. It's a lot of fun =) The setup was built as in

    Tags: plasma, ball, stable, plasmoid, microwave, fun

  • Maybe A New Form Of Energy, A Plasmoid

    Maybe A New Form Of Energy, A Plasmoid MP3

    Hessdalen Norway... A mind blowing fact is, there is a plasmoid energy source out there that has been measured in spectral analysis to show it is a real energy ...

    Tags: Hessdalen, Light Phenomena, Plasmoid, Energy source, Energy developement, Electromagnetic, Forms Of Energy

  • Ball lightning-like plasmoid generated in the lab

    Ball lightning-like plasmoid generated in the lab MP3

    US researchers say they have developed a more efficient way to produce a kind of ball lightning in the lab. The Colorado team made brilliant clouds of plasma ...

    Tags: Dragon Ball, Ball lightning, plasmoid, Ball lightning-like plasmoid, generated in the lab, ball lightning in the lab, The Colorado, Air Force Academy, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Mike Lindsay, Nikola Tesla, Colorado Springs, Rhys Phillips, funny, gag, fail, compile, complete, dog, cat, pet, best, ever, big, 2013, 2012, puppy, animal, like a boss, news, latest, daily, today, Norway, crash, motorcycle, highway, police, truck, bus, car, accident, speed, traffic, hit, dashcam

  • Ozric Tentacles - Plasmoid

    Ozric Tentacles - Plasmoid MP3

    Ozric Tentacles - Plasmoid.

    Tags: Ozric Tentacles, Plasmoid, Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock

  • OOOH Those Plasmoids!

    OOOH Those Plasmoids! MP3

    Things to do on a Sunday afternoon when you get bored, My wife will kill me when she sees this! Apologies for not cleaning the microwave first.

    Tags: plasmoid, ball, lightning, weather, thunder, candle, microwave, experiment, plasma, ozone, fire, match, gas, electricity, foo, fighters

  • Cybernetika - Plasmoid

    Cybernetika - Plasmoid MP3

    Download the full album from Ektoplazm: Artist: Cybernetika Track: Plasmoid Album: ...

    Tags: ektoplazm, music, Twilight, Darkpsy, Full-On

  • новокузнецкий морф-энергошар. energy sphere/plasmoid 07.10.2015

    новокузнецкий морф-энергошар. energy sphere/plasmoid 07.10.2015 MP3

    странный морфирующий объект находился в небе около полутора часов. Новокузнецк, Россия. A strange morphing object was...

    Tags: object, phenomena, sky, plasmoid, ufo

  • Cybernetika - Plasmoid ( 2008 )

    Cybernetika - Plasmoid ( 2008 ) MP3

    Darkpsy / Goa / Tech Cybernetika - Plasmoid ( Nanospheric ) ( 2008 ) Free Download at:

    Tags: darkpsy, goa, tech, dark, psy, psytrance, trance, psychedelic, electronic, music, acid, rave, cybernetika, nanospheric, plasmoid, 2008, 08

  • 20140213 - Ed Lewis, The Plasmoid Paradigm and the Current Depression Period

    20140213 - Ed Lewis, The Plasmoid Paradigm and the Current Depression Period MP3

    Ed's slide show used in this presentation -

    Tags: alternative, free, energy, politics, activism, news, amateur

  • Microwave Plasmoid

    Microwave Plasmoid MP3

    This is a video of a plasmoid - a free-floating glob of plasma - that I made in my microwave. I was using aluminum foil to get the initial flame/spark, and it was ...

    Tags: googlevideo



    Drums – Schoo (tracks: 1, 6, 9) Guitar, Keyboards, Performer [Mind Colours], Programmed By – Ed* Mastered By – Jim Brick, Kathy Bryan Photography By ...

    Tags: Ozric Tentacles (Musical Group), Plasmoid, Spirals In Hyperspace

  • Kugelblitz selbstgemacht Plasmoid

    Kugelblitz selbstgemacht Plasmoid MP3

    Aufbau zur Erzeugung von Kugelblitzen. Die Kondensatorbank aus 4 Siemens Impulskondensatoren hat 770µF, wird auf 5kV geladen und dann über eine ...

    Tags: Teslaspule, Teslacoil, Hochspannun, Blitz, Lichtbogen, Kondensator, Nikola, Tesla, X-Ray, Ball, Lightning

  • Plasmoid

    Plasmoid MP3

    This is the video for Plasmoid, by DJ Flannelbush from his debut album, Synthetic Beast. Enjoy yourself! Video By Naphan Fitzpatrick.

    Tags: DJ Flannelbush, Plasmoid, Techno, Trance, Electro, Synth, Synthetic Beast, Music

  • 02 Cylob - Plasmoid [Cylob Industries]

    02 Cylob - Plasmoid [Cylob Industries] MP3

    Download: Subscribe: Official stream from Cylob Industries. Distributed by Kudos Records. On iTunes: ...

    Tags: Plasmoid, Empathy Box, Cylob Industries, Kudos Records, Cylob

  • KDE 4.2 - STasks plasmoid

    KDE 4.2 - STasks plasmoid MP3

    STasks plasmoid 0.1 in KDE 4.2 (Linux)

    Tags: kde, linux, stasks, plasmoid

  • Plasma shares plasmoid with N900

    Plasma shares plasmoid with N900 MP3

    This is a video that shows a desktop running KDE4 and sharing a plasmoid with a completely different device (even different architecture). It's important to say ...

    Tags: kde, plasma, n900, maemo, nokia

  • Beatbastard - Plasmoid

    Beatbastard - Plasmoid MP3

    Tags: beats, music

  • Mutant  - Plasmoid

    Mutant - Plasmoid MP3

    Tags: Plasmoid

  • UFO Plasmoid 2

    UFO Plasmoid 2 MP3

    16.05.2011г Шаровидные и плазмоидные НЛО. Часть-2.

    Tags: UFO, Plasmoid

  • Gmail Plasmoid - Kubuntu 11.04

    Gmail Plasmoid - Kubuntu 11.04 MP3 This widget is designed to be docked in a panel, or added to your desktop, and display the number of ...

    Tags: Gmail, Plasmoid, Kubuntu, widget, plasmoid, addon, kubuntu, kde, kde4, plasma, sc, software, compilation, ubuntu, linux, computer, pc, tech, tips, tricks, tutorial, review, gnu, open, source, operating, system, free, howto, guide, screencast, gotbletu, distribution, distro, desktop, gbu, news, help

  • Facebook Notifier Plasmoid for KDE

    Facebook Notifier Plasmoid for KDE MP3

    This is a simple Desktop Widget (Plasmoid) for KDE that shows the list of all recent facebook notifications of a user. It sits in the panel, and pops up if there is a ...

    Tags: Facebook, kde, KDE Plasma Workspaces

  • KGet Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 75)

    KGet Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 75) MP3

    A demonstration of the Plasmoid for KGet in KDE 4. Recorded by Javier Goday. See

    Tags: kde, commit-digest, kget, plasma, jgoday, uwolfer, dannya

  • Welcome Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 74)

    Welcome Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 74) MP3

    An early implementation of the Welcome Plasmoid for KDE 4. Recorded by Siraj Razick. See

    Tags: kde, commit-digest, plasma, siraj, dannya

  • Plasmoid Ufo

    Plasmoid Ufo MP3

  • Стили Plasmoid Proshow Producer

    Стили Plasmoid Proshow Producer MP3

    Стили Plasmoid Proshow Producer. Автор - Игорь Иванов. Скачать стили: Изготовление видео на заказ....

    Tags: Proshow Producer, Plasmoid

  • Microwave Oven Plasmoid

    Microwave Oven Plasmoid MP3

    Create plasma balls in a hotel microwave oven. Science on the the go for the total nurd.

    Tags: Microwave, plasmoid, plasma, high, voltage

  • новокузнецкий морф-энергошар. energy sphere/plasmoid 04:56 08.10.2015

    новокузнецкий морф-энергошар. energy sphere/plasmoid 04:56 08.10.2015 MP3

    обьект снова на месте в том же месте, в то же время The object is there again. exact same time and place.
  • Beginnings of Weather Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 86)

    Beginnings of Weather Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 86) MP3

    An overview of the progress and beginning implementation of both the Plasma Weather data engine and applet. Recorded by Shawn Starr.

    Tags: kde, commit-digest, plasma, spstarr, dannya

  • kde plasmoid minimal clock

    kde plasmoid minimal clock MP3

    KDE plasmoid minimal clock Chakra Project KDE ...

    Tags: kde, plasmoid, minimal clock

  • psyberdelic-plasmoid-82.mp3 MP3