piphat is a classical music from central indonesia

  • Piphat Ensemble

    Piphat Ensemble MP3

    Piphat is most common and iconic classical ensemble in Thailand, performing sacred compositions handed down by oral tradition from anonymous composers.

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  • The ASEAN-Korea Traditional Music Orchestra

    The ASEAN-Korea Traditional Music Orchestra's Concert of Friendship and Harmony MP3

    http://SupremeMasterTV.com • EE1548; Aired on 10 Dec 2010 Introduce the sound of ASEAN-Korea Traditional Music Orchestra. ASEAN stands for The ...

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  • Miss Riboet - Dji Hong (Lagoe Tionghoa) (Indonesia)

    Miss Riboet - Dji Hong (Lagoe Tionghoa) (Indonesia) MP3

    Longing for the Past: The 78 RPM Era in Southeast Asia Dust-to-Digital, 2013.

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  • Thai Traditional Music

    Thai Traditional Music MP3

    Before and during the ceremony students played traditional Thai music. Most of the instruments used are made of wood and strings. To make music you must ...
  • Gamelan Pandan Arum Excerpts

    Gamelan Pandan Arum Excerpts MP3

    International Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 11/2/13 Pandan Arum, a gamelan based in Los Angeles, is the only group in America performing ...
  • Musical Contexts - Gamelan - Video 9 - "Bendrong" played by the whole group

    Musical Contexts - Gamelan - Video 9 - "Bendrong" played by the whole group MP3

    www.musicalcontexts.co.uk Key Stage 3 Music - Year 7 Unit 8 - "Hammers & Gongs" & OCR GCSE Music - Area of Study 2 - Shared Music - Sub-area 3 ...

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  • Thai Cultural Dance 3  - Asian Cultural Festival 2013

    Thai Cultural Dance 3 - Asian Cultural Festival 2013 MP3

    Thai Cultural Dance by the Wat Florida Dhammaram at the Asian Cultural Festival on May 18, 2013. The Asian American Heritage Council (AAHC) - Asian ...

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  • Old Siam Thailand Travel Bangkok 1955 - 1971 Photos Pic1

    Old Siam Thailand Travel Bangkok 1955 - 1971 Photos Pic1 MP3

    Old Siam Thailand Travel Bangkok 1955 - 1971 Photos Pictures รีวิว แผนที่ เที่ยวไทย - 1 รูปภาพ อดีต ไทย ประเทศไท...

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  • Hore Hore Samba (Angklung Version) @TITF

    Hore Hore Samba (Angklung Version) @TITF MP3

    Persembahan angklung solo telah diadakan di Thailand International Travel Fair 2012 pada 23-26 Februari 2012 di The Queen Sirikit National Convention ...

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  • Of Gamelan.

    Of Gamelan. MP3

    University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign | Gamelan Ensemble.
  • APSARA dance at Koulen Restaurant

    APSARA dance at Koulen Restaurant MP3

    at Koulen Restaurant, Cambodia.

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  • Gamelan Workshop

    Gamelan Workshop MP3

    Pak Boyo's gamelan workshop in a small village near Solo, Java.

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  • Macan Ngerum

    Macan Ngerum MP3

    Macan Ngerem "Growling Tiger" — Traditional work for gender wayang batel arranged by I Made Subandi. Gender Wayang is usually provided by four ...

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