Paranoid Demon'S'Trators

  • Suffer the Traitors (poem)

    Suffer the Traitors (poem) MP3

    An excerpt from my poetry book, Paranoid Existence. Suffer the Traitors these poems are so selfish the words, they relish the ability to exterminate my plague ...

    Tags: poetry, dark, emo, poet, poem, art, spoken, word, live, reading, gay, boy, guy, talking, shirtless, topless, hot, sexy, naked, words

  • The Paranoid - Nikdy nezabudnem (Kosice 2015)

    The Paranoid - Nikdy nezabudnem (Kosice 2015) MP3

    7.3.2015 - Kasarne/Kulturpark;

    Tags: The Paranoid, Nikdy nezabudnem, Anjeli spia Tour 2015, live, metal, Kasarne, Kulturpark, Kosice, 2015

  • SasuSaku/Ino...Movie-Paranoid part 2

    SasuSaku/Ino...Movie-Paranoid part 2 MP3

    Purely fan made Slowly ist getting longer...

    Tags: part, 1

  • Young Thug The Demon Child - Rollin Like A Psycho (Featuring Lil Prod) - Horrorcore Rap 2010

    Young Thug The Demon Child - Rollin Like A Psycho (Featuring Lil Prod) - Horrorcore Rap 2010 MP3

    Another piece of my new Ep Album released for Halloween ! This song will be released later in another project. It will probably be one of my most advanced ...

    Tags: Young, Thug, Lil, Prod, Mystic, Terror, RIT, Wadj, Withaker, DJBlakBub, DemonChildProduction, DeadlyRecords, DevilShitRap, HardcoreRap, SatanicRap, FrenchHorrorcore, Insane, In, The, Brain, Cypress, Hill, Temple, Of, Boom, Lord, Infamous, Evil, Pimp, Ganksta, N-I-P, Point, Blank, SouthParkCoalition, Torture, Lucifer, Demons, Halloween

  • Let

    Let's Die in Alpha Complex Mission 1 - First Step into Madness (Part 1) MP3

    As with many things that start out, there are some volume teething issues. I know I'm a bit louder then everyone else. When the next session is recorded, ...

    Tags: die, kikoskia, paranoia, mongoose, publishing, SP1, alpha, complex, friend, computer, troubleshooters, traitors, mutant, klyka, domereaper, infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, ultraviolet, clearance, classic, societies, secret

  • Recon By Fire - Traitors

    Recon By Fire - Traitors MP3

    FACEBOOK RECON BY FIRE is a female metal band formed in 2014 in Warsaw (Poland). First demo "Into the Fire" ...

    Tags: recon by fire, metal, traitors, poland, polish, heavy, rock, girlsband, metal girlsband, polish girlsband, polish metal girlsband, female fronted band, new band, band, warsaw, melodic death metal, female, female metal band, female polish band, Brutal, demo, Slayer, Melodic, Metallica (Musical Group), metal band, sudden death, Testament (Musical Group), Death Metal (Musical Genre), Thrash Metal (Musical Genre), Hard Rock (Musical Genre)

  • Tyler Shelton from Traitors for Incandescent NEW SONG 2014

    Tyler Shelton from Traitors for Incandescent NEW SONG 2014 MP3

    Tags: Deathcore (Musical Genre), Traitors (Musical Album), music, incandescent, Song

  • Haunted Tractor?

    Haunted Tractor? MP3

    Why did my tractor's four-way flashers suddenly turn on in the middle of an April snowstorm? For the whole story, go to ...
  • Farting In The Hood Prank

    Farting In The Hood Prank MP3

    Big Shout out to Jack Vale for making this video with us! Please go Subscribe to his Channel:) Follow Roman Here ...

    Tags: farting, Prank, the, pooter, epic, pranks, Sketch, Empire, Roman, Atwood, Dennis, Roady, Jack, Vale, Jackvalefilms, Serial, pranksters, Columbus, Ohio, Pranking, Pooter, people, stupid, tags, collab, funny, prank

  • Ungrace - Glamour & Pathos

    Ungrace - Glamour & Pathos MP3

    Artist: Ungrace Song: Glamour & Pathos Album: Feed The Demons Year: 2013 Genre: Industrial / Death Metal Country: Ukraine FACEBOOK: ...
  • Let

    Let's Play Trouble In Terrorist Town w/Friends Part 16 MP3

    Did you ever feel like your friends may be conspiring against you? Well if you have you're probably paranoid... and right... unless YOU are the one who stabs ...

    Tags: Movie

  • Retro Vintage 1953 Creepy Mental Hospital Documentary

    Retro Vintage 1953 Creepy Mental Hospital Documentary MP3

    Retro Vintage 1953 Creepy Mental Hospital Documentary produced for the Oklahoma State Department of Health in cooperation with the State of Oklahoma ...

    Tags: rockinramzis, rockin ramzis, ramseys, rocking ramseys, rocking ramzi, Rockin Ramzis, RockinRamzis, creepy, mental hospital, mental institution, vintage hospital, vintage mental, Psychiatric Hospital (Building Function), scizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder (Disease Or Medical Condition), paranoia, paranoid delusional, paranoid schizophrenia, medical abuse, medical mistreatment, Mental Illness (Disease Or Medical Condition), electric shock therapy, insulin shot therapy, hydrotherapy, 1950s

  • Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - Griffith Park, CA

    Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - Griffith Park, CA MP3

    Full Ride on the 2011 Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.The Clifton Twins, daughters of Zoo Keeper Ferdinand Clifton were rumored for years to suffer from violent ...

    Tags: Hunters, Creepy, Halloween, Funny, Terror, Reign, County, Haunted, Ghostbusters, Caught, Spooky, Musical Ensemble, HayRide, Maze (band), Orange, LAHH, California, Beach, Game, Scared, Universal, Demons, Ghosts, Screaming, Dave, Strange, Dark, Los Angeles, Activity, Tape, Horror, Queen, Harbor, Studios, Ship, Maze, Spirit, Fest, Knotts, Between, Six, coastertastic, Prank, Marching Band, Scary Maze, IN, Weird, The Band, Haunt, Nights, Real, Scary, Supernatural, of, Cover, Hayride, Ghost, Fright, LA, Live, Scream, Flags, Spirits, Scaring

  • NAZI SALUTE IS FROM THE NEPHILIM - The Gorilla199 Channel

    NAZI SALUTE IS FROM THE NEPHILIM - The Gorilla199 Channel MP3

    The Gorilla199 Channel - The Nazi Salute is an invention of the Nephilim Giants and their human size offspring the Tares (Jesus Christ Parable of the Wheat ...

    Tags: gorilla199, nibiru, aliens, annunaki, freemasons, illuminati, ufo, nephilim, revelation, jesus, nwo, nazi, salute, new, world, order, 2012

  • Gorilla199 - Aliens Idiot - Original Anti NWO Song By Gorilla199

    Gorilla199 - Aliens Idiot - Original Anti NWO Song By Gorilla199 MP3

    The Gorilla199 Channel Watch out for the coming False Flag Alien Invasion! They are not Aliens! They are The Devil and his Nephilim army liars, Perverts and ...

    Tags: gorilla199, nibiru, nwo, freemasons, illuminati, anunnaki, alians, idiot, babylon, american, anti, new, world, order, ufo, jesus, acoustic, guitar, vocals, song, music, x factor, american idol, Alien, Singer, Songwriter, Original, Original Song, rock music, Artist