Oublie-Le "Forget Him"

  • Dick Rivers - "Oublie-le"

    Dick Rivers - "Oublie-le" MP3

    Dick Rivers - "Oublie-le" (1964). The french version of "Forget him" by Bobby Rydell.

    Tags: Dick-Rivers, Oublie-le, 1964, sixties, oldies, vieux-machins, French-singer, Forget-him, salut-les-copains

  • Normand Fréchette - Oublie-le

    Normand Fréchette - Oublie-le MP3

    Chanson de 1964 Version de "Forget him" de Bobby Rydell.

    Tags: Normand, oublie-le, jeunesse, 45rpm, Apex

  • Coral Segovia - En Una Vida  (VIDEOCLIP)

    Coral Segovia - En Una Vida (VIDEOCLIP) MP3

    Videoclip con la canción que representará a España en Eurovisión 2010 (Oslo, Noruega). LETRA: Me dediqué a esperar Un nuevo sol Me dediqué a curar El ...
  • Deeks & Kensi - Slipped Away

    Deeks & Kensi - Slipped Away MP3

    As says it the song, Deeks died and Kensi does not manage to forget him, neither he nor the day of his death. In fact, Deeks was "kidnapped"; the team receives ...

    Tags: NCIS, Los, Angeles, Deeks, Kensi, Densi, Slipped, Away

  • Heidi Jutras - J

    Heidi Jutras - J'pourrai Pas (original) live MP3

    Get it on iTunes: http://full.sc/18VWZBB Paroles / Musique: Marc-André Sauvageau & Heidi Jutras (***ENGLISH***Down below you'll find a google translation ...

    Tags: Heidi Jutras, Drummondville, Montreal, UQAM, singing, singer, cover, chanteuse, drummond, La Voix, RnB, Best, Great, tva, Original, Composition, iTunes, CD Baby, Thomas Branconier, Eurovision Song Contest (Award Category), Switzerland (Country), Eurovision, M-a Sauvegeau, TVA, piano, The Voice, Isabelle Boulay, Louis-Jean Cormier, Charles Lafortune, Audition, Valerie Daure, Qui A le droit, Patrick Bruel

  • Forget Him - a Bobby Rydell tribute cover

    Forget Him - a Bobby Rydell tribute cover MP3

    Los Angeles voice actor and impressionist Jeff McNeal pays tribute to former "teen idol" Bobby Rydell (most of the idols were named "Bobby" back then, did you ...

    Tags: Forget, Him, Bobby Rydell, pop, music, teen, idol, oldies, cover, tribute, impressionist, Jeff McNeal

  • ( Dick Meurs) Forget Him

    ( Dick Meurs) Forget Him MP3

    Tags: Bobby, Rydell, Dick, Meurs, Wageningen, Holland, Netherlands, Forget, Him, sixties, Gary, Lewis, The, Playboys, Lettermen, Billy, Fury, romantic, love, songs, oldies

  • Celine Dion - Ziggy (Un Garcon Pas Comme Les Autres)

    Celine Dion - Ziggy (Un Garcon Pas Comme Les Autres) MP3

    Download this track from: http://esmusic.name/search/Celine-Dion---Ziggy-_Un-Garcon-Pas-Comme-Les-Autres_/ Ziggy, il s'appelle ziggy Je suis folle de lui ...

    Tags: Celine, Dion, Ziggy, Un, Garcon, Pas, Comme, Les, Autres, lyrics, music, song, clip, video

  • line renaud oublie la

    line renaud oublie la MP3

    Tags: line, renaud, oublie, la

  • Jena Lee - J

    Jena Lee - J'aimerais Tellement lyrics MP3

    Jena Lee - J'aimerais Tellement with lyrics Oh here are the lyrics in english ;p Source: ...

    Tags: Jena, Lee, Tellement, lyrics

  • Forget Him in the style of Bobby Rydell karaoke version

    Forget Him in the style of Bobby Rydell karaoke version MP3

    Download the full karaoke version at: http://sing-magic.com/ Access a library of 150000+ karaoke songs. Plus: get Sing-Magic, a free yet powerful karaoke player ...

    Tags: karaoke

  • Dick Rivers- Ne lui dis rien.

    Dick Rivers- Ne lui dis rien. MP3

    Cap Oldies.

    Tags: Cap Oldies

  • Shaytaan Says hijab looks ugly

    Shaytaan Says hijab looks ugly MP3

    Shaytaan Says hijab looks ugly Follow me on twitter: @UmarBoombastic.

    Tags: shaytaan, hijab, satan, islam, dawah, shaitaan, muslim, moslem, muslims, moslems, devil

  • ELVIS PRESLEY - Fun In Acapulco 1963

    ELVIS PRESLEY - Fun In Acapulco 1963 MP3

    Theme from the movie Fun in Acapulco (1963)

    Tags: Fun, in, Acapulco, Elvis, Presley

  • francois vaillant c est aujourd hui

    francois vaillant c est aujourd hui MP3

  • Line Renaud - Un amour d

    Line Renaud - Un amour d'été - 2e version (1960) MP3

    C'est la version lancée par Line aux Etats-Unis en 1960. L'interprétation est très belle.

    Tags: Line Renaud, Plaisirs

  • François Vaillant - C

    François Vaillant - C'est aujourd'hui - 1973 MP3

    RCA Victor - Paroles et musique: François Vaillant. Direction artistique: Yvan Deschênes. Production: J.C. Drouin. Paru sur 45 tours RCA (75-5152). Extrait du ...
  • Serge Gainsbourg - L

    Serge Gainsbourg - L'anthracite MP3

    4 Tout the musique lovers!!!

    Tags: French, oldies, Popcorn, Oldies, Belgium, Serge, Gainsbourg

  • line renaud - 16 ans

    line renaud - 16 ans MP3

    Created with http://www.mp32tube.com.

    Tags: mp32tube

  • Bobby Rydell Singing Volare

    Bobby Rydell Singing Volare' at UNICO Convention 7-31-10 MP3

    Bobby Rydell was recently honored by UNICO National, the largest Italian-American Service Organization in the U.S. at their 88th National Convention in ...

    Tags: Bobby Rydell, UNICO National, 88th UNICO National Convention, Hershey, PA