Opposable Cunt

  • Egalitarianism

    Egalitarianism MP3

    Tags: Egalitarianism, G8, G20, Feminism, Global, Vision, Leadership, Ryan, Gay, Newfoundland, Newfie, Vlog, Youth, Parliament, Riham, Europe, London, Paris, Rome, Hebrew, Hammer

  • Pinky - Puppet Showreel for ABC3

    Pinky - Puppet Showreel for ABC3 MP3

    Meet Pinky - a small puppet willing to do anything to get on TV. This 2 minute video was made for the ABC3 MeOn3 Search for a Host. Sure he wasn't chosen, ...

    Tags: puppet, comedy, stunts, showreel, funny, humor



    This video features the first train ride of my cat Music by: www.youtube.com/user/lisalavie1.

    Tags: lisalavie1, alphalavie, british, shorthair, annaconda1984, cats, pet video

  • Porn & No Fap (Masturbation)

    Porn & No Fap (Masturbation) MP3

    Porn & No Fap (Masturbation) --- ▻SUBSCRIBE!: http://www.youtube.com/user/GoldJacketLuke?sub_confirmation=1 ▻My NEWEST vid on porn & masturbation ...

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  • Polydactyl Super Cat DANCE PARTY - LOL Cat Song - Music Video

    Polydactyl Super Cat DANCE PARTY - LOL Cat Song - Music Video MP3

    Music by unreal_dm (featuring Mind Map That)- Used with Permission Video by Mind Map That Background Photo by Katie Miller Check out unreal_dm- ...

    Tags: polydactyl cat, super cat, unreal_dm, unreal dm, cat, mitten cat, music video, cat song, song, Crazy Talk, Hemingway cat, boxing cat, thumb cat, 21 digits, Mind Map That, Kara Sherman, animation, dancing cat, dance, LOL cat

  • Lil Wayne- Dick Pleaser w/lyrics

    Lil Wayne- Dick Pleaser w/lyrics MP3

    (Lil Wayne) I got a bitch named Keisha, She a real dick pleaser, But shawty from cuba, still workin on her visa, Her girlfriend Lisa, met her in puerto rico, How she ...
  • New World Odor - Meet George

    New World Odor - Meet George MP3

    Utopia! Blood everywhere, Dragunovs roaring, helicopters blazing; a peaceful cattle protest gets put down and the voice of the Overseer animates the dry and ...

    Tags: George Bernard Shaw, Fabian Socialism, Annie Besant, Gradualist Socialism, Cultural Marxism, Freudian School, Psychoanalysis, Frankfurt School, Communism, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Bertrand Russell, Nihilism, Atheism, Polygamy, Feminism, Gender Equality, Depopulation, Eugenics, Conspiracy Theory, Economics, World Wars, Family Unit, Gestapo, Cheka, Soviet Union, Satanism, Alistair Crowley, New Age Movement, Christianity, Civil Rights, Labor Unions, The Open Conspiracy

  • How to Pronounce Erotic

    How to Pronounce Erotic MP3

    Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!

    Tags: esl, how learn english, toefl, listen to emma pronounce, pronunciation dictionary, with, pronunciation, to, pronounce, learn, how to say, emmasaying, word pronunciation, learn english speaking, how do you say, english pronunciation, say, pronunciation of english words, quick video pronunciation guide, Erotic, how, english, english speaking, pronunciation guide, learn english, to learn english, how do you pronounce, inglese, Emma, vocabulary, how to pronounce

  • The Midnight Creeps - Memorial Day

    The Midnight Creeps - Memorial Day MP3

    Music Video for the Midnight Creeps Directed and Edited by Benjamin Oliver.

    Tags: Punk, Midnight Creeps, Benhasglasses

  • The Gifted live at West Street Live, Sheffield 10/5/12

    The Gifted live at West Street Live, Sheffield 10/5/12 MP3

    Alongside Eyes/Lips and Jan Doyle Band http://jandoyleband.com http://eyeslips.co.uk http://the-gifted.co.uk.

    Tags: industrial, metal, rock, test dept, power tools, guitars, Rock Music (Musical Genre), live, music



    Tags: Cats 101, The 4 Cats, arm, dog, funny, meow, pain, snap, bone, playing, neck, Felidae, bones, bad, pet, stanky leg, Snap fastener, Kitten, knee, wit, wax, breaks, Pet, hand, feet, team, ankle, ouch, animals, cast, pets, end, shop, beginning, doing, world, inc, legg, Dog (zodiac), dogs, commercial, until, time



    This aired on BBCA so it is credible. A Hoax? Maybe. An animal? Not likely. A Sasquatch? Very plausible.

    Tags: Bigfoot, proof, of, blobsquatch, Sasquatch, squatch, yowie, skunkape, skunk, ape, paranormal, yeti, humanoid, 2014, long, walker, huge

  • Amazing Elephant Penis

    Amazing Elephant Penis MP3

    Namibian elephant with fifth leg.

    Tags: Huge, amazing, elephant penis, incredible animal, scary penis, long penis, elephant, african elephant, insane, weird

  • Supersuckers - Sleepy Vampire - Live

    Supersuckers - Sleepy Vampire - Live MP3

    Supersuckers - Sleepy Vampire - Live At the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto April 26th 2012.

    Tags: Supersuckers (Musical Group), Sleepy Vampire, The Horseshoe Tavern, Concert, Eddie Spaghetti, 2012 Concert Tour, Live Music

  • 2012-09-02 - HEALTH -

    2012-09-02 - HEALTH - 'DEATH' - FYF Fest - LIVE MP3

    2012-09-02 - HEALTH - 'DEATH' - FYF Fest https://www.facebook.com/watchthemwatchyou support independent labels and artists... go see live music.

    Tags: noise, los angeles, Fe, Festival, Health, Live, Concert (TV Genre)

  • Sabertooth Zombies - Part 4 @ Chain Reaction 3/5/10

    Sabertooth Zombies - Part 4 @ Chain Reaction 3/5/10 MP3

    Final Fight last Show.

    Tags: Sabertooth zombies, chain reaction