• Onionbrain Live @ Universo Parallelo 2010

    Onionbrain Live @ Universo Parallelo 2010 MP3

    I do not own this. Update: included tracklist. Onionbrain's soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/onionbrain Onionbrain's label: ...

    Tags: Trance, Deep, Progressive, Universo Parallelo, Uroboros Records, Onionbrain, Trance Music (Musical Genre), Brazil (Country), Psychedelic Trance (Musical Genre)

  • Onionbrain - This Smells Like

    Onionbrain - This Smells Like MP3


    Tags: My, First, Project

  • Slytrance and Onionbrain - Overthought

    Slytrance and Onionbrain - Overthought MP3

  • Onionbrain & Megiddo - Redundance

    Onionbrain & Megiddo - Redundance MP3

    Subscribe! Onionbrain: http://soundcloud.com/onionbrain Megiddo: http://soundcloud.com/megiddomusic.

    Tags: psy, dark, psygressive, prog, progressive, darkness, Psychedelic, trance, Rave, Tribe

  • Onionbrain - The Machines

    Onionbrain - The Machines MP3

    from "10.192 AD"

    Tags: onionbrain, onion, brain, the machines, the machine, machine

  • Onionbrain - Ritual Mask

    Onionbrain - Ritual Mask MP3

    This video is about Onionbrain - ritual mask.

    Tags: iMovie

  • Onionbrain - Kenophobia

    Onionbrain - Kenophobia MP3

    Cosmic Conspiracy Records proudly presents, V.A PHOBOPHOBIA CCR009 Compiled By Dj Alanita ,Brazil Mastering By InYourPhaze Studios, Sweden Cover ...

    Tags: Onionbrain, Kenophobia, dark, progressive, psytrance, Cosmic, Conspiracy, Records

  • Onionbrain - Atomic Clock (RMX)

    Onionbrain - Atomic Clock (RMX) MP3

    Uroboros Records is back with a brand new compilation! DJ Icaruz (Sweden) presents the Psychedelic Key, split in 10 psygressive masterpieces, ready to open ...

    Tags: Onionbrain, Atomic Clock (RMX), Uroboros, Records

  • Meggido vs Onionbrain - Brasiuous

    Meggido vs Onionbrain - Brasiuous MP3

  • Onionbrain & Paracozm-Alien Dataspace

    Onionbrain & Paracozm-Alien Dataspace MP3

    VA Pagan Irruption compiled by GOGO from greece promoter of Uroboros Records(Congrats Dancer Gogo) Artwork by Magnori Mastered by Simon Neumann, ...

    Tags: Alien Dataspace, va pagan irruption, gogo, uroboros records, problemchild

  • Onionbrain - Interface

    Onionbrain - Interface MP3


    Tags: iMovie

  • onionbrain - green worm

    onionbrain - green worm MP3

    Psy Progressiva.

    Tags: psy, psygressive, psyprogressive, goa, dark, psychedelic

  • Onionbrain Vs. Hypogeo - The Summoner

    Onionbrain Vs. Hypogeo - The Summoner MP3

    Onionbrain Vs. Hypogeo - The Summoner.

    Tags: psygressive, progressive, dark, psy, psychedelic, psytrance, trance, uroboros, records, brasil, brazil, electronic, bpm, music

  • Onionbrain - Diesel Flower

    Onionbrain - Diesel Flower MP3

  • Onionbrain Live [2] - Freqs of Nature #2014

    Onionbrain Live [2] - Freqs of Nature #2014 MP3

    Niedergörsdorf - Germany @Forest Floor pictures :facebook.com/vitorwardphoto.

    Tags: Onionbrain, Freqs of nature, freqs, of, nature, psytrance, progressive, prog dark, psychedelic, festival, forest floor, forest

  • Slytrance & Onionbrain - Overthought

    Slytrance & Onionbrain - Overthought MP3

    Tags: My, First, Project

  • Onionbrain - Lunatic (Tijah Rmx)

    Onionbrain - Lunatic (Tijah Rmx) MP3


    Tags: Onionbrain, Lunatic, (Tijah, Rmx)

  • Onionbrain & Zartrox - Black Jurema

    Onionbrain & Zartrox - Black Jurema MP3


    Tags: Onionbrain, Zartrox, Black, Jurema, Cyberpunk, Chronicles, 2010, Progressive

  • Onionbrain - Wormhole

    Onionbrain - Wormhole MP3

  • Onionbrain - Wormhole

    Onionbrain - Wormhole MP3

    Download the full album from Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/onionbrain-10-192-a-d Artist: Onionbrain Track: Wormhole Album: 10.192 A.D. ...

    Tags: ektoplazm, music, Techtrance, Progressive

  • ONIONBRAIN Live @ ECOLOGIC 20ª Edição

    ONIONBRAIN Live @ ECOLOGIC 20ª Edição MP3

    Black Sabbath Intro + This Smells Like 15/09/2013 - 22:00 --- http://soundcloud.com/onionbrain Video by MWillian Fotografia.

    Tags: Ecologic, Black Sabbath, Onionbrain, Psychedelic, Prog Dark

  • Tijah & Onionbrain - Smoke Tower

    Tijah & Onionbrain - Smoke Tower MP3

    http://glitchytonicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/multidimensional-merge-29 Multidimensional fields of existing life cross through the space time continuum ...

    Tags: tijah, tonic, glitchy, oniobrain, records

  • Onionbrain Live - Freqs of Nature #2014

    Onionbrain Live - Freqs of Nature #2014 MP3

    Niedergörsdorf - Germany @Forest Floor pictures :facebook.com/vitorwardphoto.

    Tags: freqs of nature, freqs, of, nature, festival, psytrance, psychedelic



    Onionbrain LIVE 1º apresentação em São João Del Rei-MG http://soundcloud.com/onionbrain.
  • Onionbrain - Black Hole

    Onionbrain - Black Hole MP3

    Dark proguessive Psytrance.

    Tags: Onionbrain, Black, Hole, Dark, proguessive, Psytrance

  • Onionbrain - Desert Song

    Onionbrain - Desert Song MP3

    Onionbrain - Desert Song @ VA - Beyond Time & Space (Selknam Records, 2011) http://selknam.bandcamp.com/track/onionbrain-desert-song Argentinian psy ...

    Tags: onionbrain, selknam records, psyprogressive, psygressive, psytrance, psychedelic trance, badajalash

  • Onionbrain Live - Universo Paralello #12

    Onionbrain Live - Universo Paralello #12 MP3

    Festival de Arte e Cultura Alternativa Universo Paralello. Ed#12 303 Stage 28/12/2013 Bruno Azalim a.k.a Onionbrain (Urobos rec) Praia de Pratigi - BA.

    Tags: bruno azalim onionbrain universo paralello festival ed 12 progressive dark trance

  • Onionbrain vs Zartrox - Read and Loaded

    Onionbrain vs Zartrox - Read and Loaded MP3

  • Onionbrain vs Disfunction - Outlander

    Onionbrain vs Disfunction - Outlander MP3

  • Slytrance Feat Onionbrain-Overthought

    Slytrance Feat Onionbrain-Overthought MP3


    Tags: Slytrance Feat Onionbrain, Overthought, problemchild