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  • Usman Riaz: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

    Usman Riaz: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert MP3

    This is simply astonishing. Watch twenty seconds and you'll be sucked into the world of Usman Riaz, an immensely talented 23-year-old Pakistani musician who ...

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  • Taken By Trees: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

    Taken By Trees: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert MP3

    The power of Taken by Trees lies in understatement. Victoria Bergsman sings almost as if she doesn't care — but that contrast to almost every other singer I ...

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  • NPR

    NPR's Inskeep: Many Pakistanis Feel 'Deeply Insecure' Over Future MP3

    Read transcript: After Osama bin Laden's death, NPR's Steve Inskeep returned to Pakistan, a country he's been covering for nearly a ...

    Tags: PBS NewsHour, Margaret Warner, Steve Inskeep, Pakistan, Osama bin Laden, Terrorism, ISI, Intelligence

  • Pakistan: The Next Chapter

    Pakistan: The Next Chapter MP3

    September 12, 2013 AHMED RASHID, Journalist and Author, Pakistan. Presented by CIPS and the Fragile States Research Network (FRSN). In May 2013 ...

    Tags: Ahmed Rashid, democracy, Pakistan, US-Pakistan relations

  • A musical genius | Usman Riaz | TEDxGateway

    A musical genius | Usman Riaz | TEDxGateway MP3

    Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: TED Fellow and OneBeat Fellow, Artist, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist. 21 Year Old ...

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  • Keith Jenkins (NPR), speaking at the 2013 Schuneman Symposium

    Keith Jenkins (NPR), speaking at the 2013 Schuneman Symposium MP3

    Keith W. Jenkins came to NPR in July 2008 as the supervising senior producer for multimedia. He oversees the multimedia unit of and is responsible ...
  • Pakistanis View Obama

    Pakistanis View Obama's India Visit With a Touch Of Irritation MP3

    President Obama's just-completed trip to India has prompted Pakistanis to leaf back through their visitors' book with an aggrieved eye. There's irritation here that ...

    Tags: Barack Obama (US President), Pakistan (Country), India Visit, India (Country), Pakistanis, Pakistanis View, Touch Of Irritation

  • Usman Riaz - FIRE FLY

    Usman Riaz - FIRE FLY MP3

    EMI Pakistan Presents FIRE FLY A FORWARD MEDIA Production Music By Usman Riaz Directed by: Bilal Khan & Shayan Agha Director of Photography: Bilal ...


  • Radio NPR

    Radio NPR's Report on Violence in Balochistan, MP3

    (SALEM) -- One of American's most popular public radio stations NPR (National Public Radio) carried a news story last July about the ongoing independence ...

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  • Obama to NPR: Working-Class White Voters

    Obama to NPR: Working-Class White Voters 'Haven't Seen Enough' Economic Progress MP3

    In a year-end interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep, President Obama addresses why the Democratic Party has struggled to attract more support from white voters.

    Tags: Barack Obama (US President), NPR (Radio Network), SteveInskeep, Democratic Party (Political Party), Republican Party (Political Party), Votes, WhiteVote, USRaceRelations

  • Usman Riaz and Preston Reed: A young guitarist meets his hero

    Usman Riaz and Preston Reed: A young guitarist meets his hero MP3 Usman Riaz is a 21-year-old whiz at the percussive guitar, a style he learned to play by watching his heroes on YouTube. The TED Fellow ...

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  • John and Hank on NPR Today!

    John and Hank on NPR Today! MP3

    In which Hank talks about his recent visit to his NPR affiliate, and recording an interview for All Things Considered.

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  • Usman Riaz- Pakistani Music Genius & TED Fellow

    Usman Riaz- Pakistani Music Genius & TED Fellow MP3

    A multi-talented young Pakistani musician Usman Riaz, who has been selected as a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Fellow among 19 other people ...

    Tags: Voice of America, Usman Riaz, Ishah Khan, US, Pakistan, Urdu VOA

  • The Music Project : Zeb and Haniya

    The Music Project : Zeb and Haniya MP3

    Zeb and Haniya are a singer/songwriter duo based in Lahore, Pakistan. They write their own songs and also rework existing melodies of Afghanistan, Pakistan, ...

    Tags: zeb, haniya, pakistan, lahore, blues, folk, pushto, india, afghanistan, dari, the, music, project

  • The Village Way: Food

    The Village Way: Food MP3

    Wilbur Sargunaraj describes the food in his family's ancestral village in India.

    Tags: village life, Wilbur Sargunaraj, India, Goats and Soda, NPR

  • 150211 NPR Declinists Be Damned

    150211 NPR Declinists Be Damned MP3

    Peter's opening statement from NPR's Intelligence Squared debate. "Declinists Be Damned. Bet on America." February 11, 2015.

    Tags: United States Of America (Country), Demographics (Literature Subject), Baby Boomers (Event), Generation X (Event), Millennials (Event), Trade (Quotation Subject), Free Trade (Literature Subject), Geography (Field Of Study), NPR (Radio Network), intelligence squared, declinists be damned, bet on America

  • Nerdfighting in 2008, Pakistan, and Hillary Clinton

    Nerdfighting in 2008, Pakistan, and Hillary Clinton MP3

    In which John discusses Pakistani and American politics as well as new developments in Nerdfighteria. HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC ...

    Tags: brotherhood, john green, hank green, comedy, humor, funny, nerdfighters, pakistan, bhutto, hillary, clinton, barack, obama, ning, intro, bling, sting, blog, politics, current events, news, musharraf, stalin, hitler, saddam hussein, genghis khan, world, war, leader, dictator, apology, peeps, ballot, election, democracy



    NOTE: The CNN article says this happened in Islamabad while other sources say Lahore. I was going off of what I read on the CNN article so don't hold that ...

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  • ishq ka rutba nusrat fateh ali khan

    ishq ka rutba nusrat fateh ali khan MP3

    Ishq Ka Rutba: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Khan is widely considered to be the most important qawwal in history.[17][18] In 1987, Khan received the President of ...

    Tags: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Musical Artist), Kartoos (Film), most beautiful song, Outstanding (Composition), most romantic place, sunset

  • The Stooges Brass Band jam with some Pakistani musicians

    The Stooges Brass Band jam with some Pakistani musicians MP3

    The Stooges Brass Band let some Pakistani musicians take solos in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Junoon _ Talaash (Search) - Pakistani Band

    Junoon _ Talaash (Search) - Pakistani Band MP3

    Band: Junoon Song: Talaash (Search) Language: Urdu Country: Pakistan Junoon: Junoon (Urdu: جنون) (meaning "obsession/passion" in English) is South ...

    Tags: Junoon, Talaash, Taalaash, Taalash, Talash, Search, Ali, Azmat, Salman, Brian, Brien, Pakistan, Pakistani, sufi, rock, band, politics, plitical, problem

  • Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive

    Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive MP3

    Jose Gonzales | Stay Alive from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack available now Film in Theaters Christmas 2013 ...

    Tags: Jose, Gonzalez, Stay, Alive, Universal, Republic, Records, Soundtrack


    Stay Alive

    José González

    There's a rhythm in rush these days Where the lights don't move and the colors don't fade Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams In a world gone shallow In a world gone lean Sometimes there's thi[...]
  • 3D Fun Lao Khmer American Indian Christian Songs Sermons Music Funny Movies!

    3D Fun Lao Khmer American Indian Christian Songs Sermons Music Funny Movies! MP3

    Heaven bless you and your part of the world. Please Share Rate Comment on our videos. Your View Counts Towards Charity - Free Medical Services .

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    H'mong . 3D HD MTV . the Music . the Mountains . . . . and Lao Hmong Khmer . American Indian Singers MP3

    Please Share Like Subscribe . hiiDoCare Kids Medical Missions . hi . hii . Yes i really do care about you . YES iCare .

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  • I

    I'm Going to Laos By Boat and to Heaven With The Angels, You Should Go Too! Heaven Bless You! MP3

    Hello Kids .. Heaven Bless You and Your Families! Hello to Laos Cambodia Thailand India Pakistan Family! Hello to Princess Sim of Dul Sim Kampuchea.

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  • Desi Henri -

    Desi Henri - 'Zaika' - NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest MP3

    a tumultuous love song.

    Tags: iMovie

  • Stooges Brass Band performing in The Rock musicarium (PAKISTAN)

    Stooges Brass Band performing in The Rock musicarium (PAKISTAN) MP3

    You dont see enough brass bands that are truly killin' it in the music scene. Thats why we were so stoked to bring The Stooges in islamabad The rock ...

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