Nostromo 180286

  • Brainscorcher by Nostromo 180286

    Brainscorcher by Nostromo 180286 MP3

    Video I made for Nostromo 180286 using 10 B&W photos provided by Nostromo and lots of effects.

    Tags: Nostromo 180286, Brainscorcher, Sam Proctor, VJ Lambency

  • milanSKINNER™ - When I

    milanSKINNER™ - When I'm bored (HD) MP3

    Tags: milan, skinner, milanskinner, when, am, bored, electro, techno, house, music, skinnetrics, minimal

  • Vj Harry Klein 26.06.09

    Vj Harry Klein 26.06.09 MP3

    Tags: Pixelwolke, Harryklein, Munich

  • Light Overhead - Germinate

    Light Overhead - Germinate MP3

    Music video for Light Overhead's single "Germinate." NOTE: Contains imagery from BBC's Planet Earth, Mush-e-Mart and Gendered Innovations Project.

    Tags: light overhead, germinate, ambient, drone, music video, terranean recordings, final, justin broadrick, tribes of neurot, robert rich, fear falls burning

  • Hadley´s hope 3D model ver.2

    Hadley´s hope 3D model ver.2 MP3

    3D model of the ALIENS Hadley´s hope colony - another view.