No Untitled Landscape Around, My Voice Within

  • Sune - "Die Grosse Familie"

    Sune - "Die Grosse Familie" MP3

    Not a love song. Rather, a song about love. Or is it infatuation?... Also a song about being free. Took me too long to write. Beat: Slightly sped up "즉흥곡 ...

    Tags: sune, meaning, mc, song, music, hip, hop, writing, luv, sic, nujabes, shing02, rene, magritte, quiett, Hip Hop, Rap, Underground

  • Rebecca Moy: Abstract Painter

    Rebecca Moy: Abstract Painter MP3

    Rebecca Moy is a Painter in Chicago combining design and abstraction to a rich and varied effect. http://RebeccaMoy,com Interview and video by MartinJon ...

    Tags: Abstraction, Paint, Painting, Design (Industry), Artist, interesting, familiar, Cool, Success (Business Operation), Successful (Composition), Career (Broadcast Genre), how to be an artist, successful artist, Fun, Interior Design (Project Role), Fine Art (Literary Genre)

  • Lucid Presents: Ben Hauke Live MPC & 404 Mix

    Lucid Presents: Ben Hauke Live MPC & 404 Mix MP3

    Ben Hauke ( is something of a story teller. His ability to weave sounds into memorable musical landscapes is something we've ...

    Tags: Ben Hauke, Lucid, Live, MPC, 404, Mix, Wari EP, Melodica Recordings

  • 2SER Queer Noise with hetro guest Luke McKee expose corrupt NSW GLLO homo-cops

    2SER Queer Noise with hetro guest Luke McKee expose corrupt NSW GLLO homo-cops MP3

    About the Queer Noise: Formally Friday 7:00pm - 7:30pm The Queernoise is 2ser's contribution to queer media in Sydney. We look at issues of concern to queer ...

    Tags: 2SER, Queer, Noise, NSW Police, Clover Moore, Thought Crime, Police Powers, GLBT, Injustice, Gay Police

  • Andreas Gursky / Kunstmuseum Basel

    Andreas Gursky / Kunstmuseum Basel MP3

    The exhibition Andreas Gursky at the Kunstmuseum Basel presents 25 works by the artist, most of them created in 2007. They include new motifs within the ...

    Tags: art, arte, Kunst, visual arts, contemporary art, Bildende Kunst, bellas artes, vernissagetv, Andreas Gursky (Visual Artist), Kunstmuseum Basel (Museum), Tourist Destination, Photography (Visual Art Form), Art Exhibition (Type Of Exhibition)

  • Red Sparowes - Finally As That Blazing Sun Shone

    Red Sparowes - Finally As That Blazing Sun Shone MP3

    Red Sparowes is a Los Angeles post-rock band comprising current and former members of Isis, Halifax Pier, Angel Hair and Pleasure Forever. Their sound is ...

    Tags: Red, Sparowes, Finally, As, That, Blazing, Sun, Shone, Aphorisms, Every, Heart, Shines, Toward, the

  • Shaa

    Shaa'ir n Func: Showstealer at Ziro Music festival MP3

    Shaa'ir + Func (Monica Dogra and Randolph Correia), with session musicians Aditya Ashok on drums and P-Man on bass, were at The Ziro Music Festival on its ...

    Tags: tourism, Ziro, music, concert, artistes, act, project, arunachal pradesh, tribal, youtube, india, stock, footage, incredible, wilderness, films, wildfilmsindia, hd, rights, imagery, high, definition, Arunachal Pradesh (Indian State), festival, artists, valley, north, east, apatani, fans, eat, drink, merry, ILP, bwrw, biirii, burru, Travel, camp, tents, campziro, Camping, fest, stage, guitar, fusion, ZMF, electro, shaair, funk, dance

  • Pleq & Spheruleus - Dust, Illuminated

    Pleq & Spheruleus - Dust, Illuminated MP3

    SoundFjord, Audio Gourmet's Harry Towell (Spheruleus) and Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) have come together to curate an album created "by the people, for the ...

    Tags: Pleq, Spheruleus, Audio Gourmet, Abstract, Acoustic, Downtempo, Ambient, Acoustic Music, Ambient Music, Acoustics, Guitar, Experimental, Sound, Noise, Electronic, Electronica

  • WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme

    WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme's Background Image MP3 Changing the background image or color of your WordPress theme can be one of the best ways to make your blog unique. In this ...

    Tags: WordPress, Theme customization, change WordPress background, CSS