• Make nitroglycerin-high explosive

    Make nitroglycerin-high explosive MP3

    This reaction is super dangerous!!!! TAKE EXTREME CAUTION!!!!!!! Never make more than 10ml! Add the glycerin very slowly. This is the second attempt.

    Tags: Explosive Material (Film Subject), Nitroglycerin (Drug)

  • Making Nitroglycerine

    Making Nitroglycerine MP3

    By popular demand I have put together a video showing how I make Nitroglycerin I don't plan on making much and I don't recommend you do it yourself.
  • Blowing Things Up With Nitroglycerin

    Blowing Things Up With Nitroglycerin MP3

    This guy shows how to extract a compound from Nitroglycerin that will explode when touched lightly with a feather.

    Tags: blow, blast, extract, Fire, Rocket, explode, explosion, Boom, Things, Firework, Powder, usa, canada, United States (Country), United Kingdom (Country)

  • 140ml Nitroglycerin vs. 30mm Steel

    140ml Nitroglycerin vs. 30mm Steel MP3

    Who needs shaped charge when we have Nitroglycerin? :D Main Charge: 140ml Nitroglycerin Booster Charge: 5g Pyroxylin Detonator: 0.20g Lead Azide.

    Tags: Nitroglycerin, EGDN, Booster, ETN, PETN, ANNM, ANNMAL, Ammonal, Detonator, Detonation, Explosion, Blast, Blasting, Picric Acid, Nitro, Nitrocellulose, Pyroxylin, Nitration

  • Free Range Chemistry  37 - Nitroglycerin Bang

    Free Range Chemistry 37 - Nitroglycerin Bang MP3

    Nitroglycerin makes a pretty loud bang when you touch it! From the Peter Wothers lecture series - Free Range Chemistry.
  • MOVITS! - Nitroglycerin (Official)

    MOVITS! - Nitroglycerin (Official) MP3

    Video for the song "Nitroglycerin" from the upcoming album. Spotify: Itunes: ...

    Tags: Movits, Movitz, Nitroglycerin, Single, Official, Academy of Fine Arts, Zacke, Goldenbest, Swedish, hiphop, rap, Sweden, Thailand, Koh Tao, Ut ur min skalle, Svensk hiphop, Timbuktu, Maskinen, Sverige, Looptroop

  • Nitroglycerin Experiments

    Nitroglycerin Experiments MP3

    Oh, Just Give it a Rest:

    Tags: Nitroglycerin, Experiments

  • Making Nitroglycerin

    Making Nitroglycerin MP3

    This is not a instructional video! just a simulation of what it would look like during the manufacturing process of nitroglycerin. No explosives were made in this ...

    Tags: nitroglycerin, how, its, made

  • 40ml Nitroglycerin vs. 7mm Iron plate

    40ml Nitroglycerin vs. 7mm Iron plate MP3

    40ml NITROGLYCERIN Booster 3g. Piroxylin Detonator 1g. TATP.

    Tags: EGDN ETN azide tetryl, ETN erithritol tetra nitrate, cast ETN, maximum denisty ETN, critical diameter test, detonation test, lead azide tetryl, tetryl booster, nitro esters, TNP explosive booster, picric acid, base charge, detonation cord, RDX, Home made, acetone peroxide, PETN, nitric esters, nitroglycerin, EGDN, booster explosive, ETN detonation, lead azide detonation, nitric ester, high brisanse material, shaped charge, NG, ANFO, Ester (Chemical Classification)

  • Angina - Nitroglycerin Products

    Angina - Nitroglycerin Products MP3

    Pharmacist Jeff talks about different types of nitroglycerin products.

    Tags: Angina Pectoris (Disease Or Medical Condition), Nitroglycerin (Drug), Pharmachoice, City Pharmacy, Pharmacist Jeff, Pharmacy, Corner Brook, Sick, drugs, drug store, heart

  • Nitroglycerine Detonation Filmed in Slo-Mo - Explosions: How We Shook the World, Preview - BBC Four

    Nitroglycerine Detonation Filmed in Slo-Mo - Explosions: How We Shook the World, Preview - BBC Four MP3 Follow Bang on Twitter at @bbcbang and #bbcbang This is a preview clip from the documentary 'Explosions: How We Shook The ...

    Tags: Nitro, nitroglycerine, explosion, detonation, shock, shockwave, bang, Jem, Stansfield, slo-mo, slow, motion, high, speed, camera, phantom, light, film, explosions, how, we, shook, the, world, science, Bang, Goes, The, Theory, BBC, Four, bbcfour, documentary

  • Magnus Weideskog - Nitroglycerin

    Magnus Weideskog - Nitroglycerin MP3

    Music video by Magnus Weideskog performing Nitroglycerin. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB.

    Tags: Nitroglycerin, Magnus Weideskog, Epic

  • Iron Ball covered In Nitroglycerin Soaked Paper

    Iron Ball covered In Nitroglycerin Soaked Paper MP3

    I figured that when the ball is dropped onto a hard surface it would be about the same as hitting the paper with a hammer. I wasn't disappointed.

    Tags: Iron, Nitroglycerin (Drug), Ball

  • Sensitivity of nitroglycerin

    Sensitivity of nitroglycerin MP3

    Test Hammer ▫ Sensitivity 0,5N or Joule.
  • Nitroglycerin

    Nitroglycerin MP3

    Nitroglycerin is very explosive chemical be careful when using it. This video show you nitroglycerin and hammer test. I'll show you how to make this in my future ...
  • Home Made Nitroglycerin Firework Canyon (Huge Explosion and shock wave)

    Home Made Nitroglycerin Firework Canyon (Huge Explosion and shock wave) MP3

    Home Made Nitroglycerin Firework Canyon By the dock there is a concrete water wall with steel. Arnesto Decided stick the firework in the pipe, lighting the ...

    Tags: Nitroglycerin Firework Canyon, Home Made, Huge Explotion, Real explotion, No special effects, 4th of July 2015

  • Nitroglycerin-Explosion zerstört Tanne (Destroyed Tree) HQ

    Nitroglycerin-Explosion zerstört Tanne (Destroyed Tree) HQ MP3

    Bitte stellen Sie die Video-Qualität Ihres YouTube-Players auf '1080p HD' ### Nitroglycerin-Explosion zerstört Tanne in Sekunden. Aufnahmen wurden in einem ...

    Tags: Explosion, Nitro, Nitroglycerin, Glycerintrinitrat, Wald, Forrest, Nuclear, Destruction, Weapons, Wood, Power, Blast, Destroy, Throwing, Shockwave, Wave

  • How to make Nitroglycerin Demonstration (with plastic explosive)

    How to make Nitroglycerin Demonstration (with plastic explosive) MP3

    Step by step how to make the stuff. ******NOTE***** im not using the actual materials, im using examples, so dont hate.

    Tags: How, to make, nitroglycerin, plastic, explosives

  • High School Evacuated, Nitroglycerin detonated

    High School Evacuated, Nitroglycerin detonated MP3

    A Livingston High School teacher is facing multiple charges after nitroglycerin is found in her classroom. She also faces endangerment charges from an ...

    Tags: livingston, high, school, bomb, threat, evacuated, nitro, glycerin

  • Nitroglycerin Sprengexperiment

    Nitroglycerin Sprengexperiment MP3

    Schauft mal rein! ein Experiment vom meinem Lehrer, bei dem wir Nitroglycerin Sprengen!

    Tags: nitro, glycerin, spreng, sprengen, hif, ftan, experiment, sprengexperiment, kleine explosion, kleine, explosion, nitroglycerin, jamilia, lustig, hammer




    Tags: Nitroglycerin (Drug), Nitro, coronary arteries, Nurses, Registered Nurses, heart problems, nitro increases blood flow, nursing tips, parenting, heart problems in the elderly, 911, Emergency, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, medical, Therapy, Pain, Health, Your, Holidays, life, valentines day, vlogitines day, Doctor, Cardiovascular Disease (Disease Or Medical Condition), THE HEART, Heart talk, ADA, Disease (Organization Sector), health issues, web MD

  • Nitroglycerin 40mL

    Nitroglycerin 40mL MP3

    40mL of nitroglycerine was strapped to a smal wooden stick. It was detonated with silver acetylide/nitrate double salt.

    Tags: nitroglycerine, nitroglycerin, detonation, demolition, explosive, high explosive, explosion, NG, detonate, blow up, Boom

  • A Patient Guide: Nitroglycerin

    A Patient Guide: Nitroglycerin MP3

    This video gives cardiac patients instructions on how to take Nitroglycerin for an acute attack of chest pain. How much to take, how often to take it, and what to do ...
  • Nitroglycerin (375g) blowing up tree

    Nitroglycerin (375g) blowing up tree MP3

    234ml (375gram) nitroglycerin attached to a tree about 20cm (7.8 inch) in diameter. AP blasting cap is used, detonated via remote control. Unfortunately the ...

    Tags: explosion, bomb, nitroglycerin, nitro

  • Nitroglycerin Magic

    Nitroglycerin Magic MP3

    When I was a kid and saw my first dynamite explosion I thought it was magic, this demonstration shows why. personally I think it is magic and even Merlin the ...

    Tags: nitroglycerin, explosion, magic

  • Cardiac Emergencies - Aspirin and Nitroglycerin Administration

    Cardiac Emergencies - Aspirin and Nitroglycerin Administration MP3

    Tags: Emergency Medical Technician (Profession), Cardiac Emergencies, Nitroglycerin (Drug), Aspirin, EMT Skills, NREMT, Ventura College, Oxygen Administration, Medications, Scope of Practice, Medical Direction, Health (Industry)

  • 60g Nitroglycerin/Ammonium Nitrate

    60g Nitroglycerin/Ammonium Nitrate MP3

    It was 50/50 NG/AN with a smidge of cornstarch to help with acidity, I think. Contained within legos, Acetone Peroxide detonator. Rate my video's unless I suck.

    Tags: nitroglycerin, ammonium, nitrate, nitro, acetone, peroxide, explode, detonate, ng, an, glycerin, homemade, home, made, fuse, ap, apan, annm, anfo, dynamite, ammonia, blow, up, eye, love, cats

  • MOVITS!/Nitroglycerin(モービッツ/ニトログリセリン 日本語字幕)

    MOVITS!/Nitroglycerin(モービッツ/ニトログリセリン 日本語字幕) MP3

    2013年! 9/11 リリース! 3rdアルバム"Head among the clouds"の正式発表もアナウンスされたMovits!(モービッツ) 3rdからのシングル曲"Nitroglycerin"の日本...


  • Nitroglycerin 12mL detonation

    Nitroglycerin 12mL detonation MP3

    12mL ~ 19g of nitroglycerin blowing up a wooden plank.

    Tags: nitroglycerin, nitroglycerine, nitroglicerin, explosion, detonation, high-explosive, bomb, detonate, NG