Night Falls (Earthbound Mix)

  • EarthBound Walkthrough - Moonside

    EarthBound Walkthrough - Moonside MP3

    Part 22 - Moo nsi dem oons ide The Night Pendant is an important item you can get only in Moonside for now. The Night Pendant protects from Flash and should ...

    Tags: fourside, cafe, dept, department, store, everdred, evil, mani, statue, robo-pump, enraged, fire, plug

  • Nihils - Help Our Souls (Urban Contact Remix)

    Nihils - Help Our Souls (Urban Contact Remix) MP3

    This helps your soul. Download... Urban Contact Nihils ...

    Tags: MrSuicideSheep, Nihils Help Our Souls Urban Contact Remix, Nihils, Urban Contact, Indie Dance, Tropical House, Indie, Dance, Summer House, Summer, House, Electro, Bass, Electronic

  • Game Music for Studying 11

    Game Music for Studying 11 MP3

    Once again, a playlist filled with you guy's song/game requests so look to see if your requests got in :P This video has a coffee shop vibe to it so grab some of ...

    Tags: Portal (Award-Winning Work), Banjo-Kazooie (Video Game), Ragnarok Online (Video Game), Harvest Moon (Video Game Series), Professor Layton Series (Video Game Series), Dofus (Video Game), Klonoa (Video Game Series), Fantasy Life, Ace Attorney Series (Video Game Series), Tales of Xillia

  • ~"Because I Love You"~ (Vocal Cover) (Earthbound)

    ~"Because I Love You"~ (Vocal Cover) (Earthbound) MP3

    I was going through Earthbound recently, and I had the inspiration to make a fan cover of this song from the end of the game. This song really touches me.

    Tags: earthbound, mother, ness, and, paula, ost, fan, cover, vocal, because, love, you, lyrics

  • Let

    Let's Play: Earthbound (BLIND) Part 1 "To The Name Generator" MP3

    Follow Me on twitter for info on what's going on in my channel! ...

    Tags: Video Games, BassSinger313, Name Generator (Software), Role-playing Video Game (Media Genre), EarthBound (Video Game), Video Game (Industry), EarthBound Series (Video Game Series), Industry (Organization Sector)

  • Mother 3 “Love Theme” Music Video // Epic Game Music

    Mother 3 “Love Theme” Music Video // Epic Game Music MP3

    Today on Epic Game Music I did an original guitar cover from Mother 3. The OST was composed by Koji Shogo Sakai. This is a remix of a song entitled Love ...

    Tags: Mother 3 (Video Game), Role-playing Video Game (Media Genre), Mother 3, Earthbound, Theme of Love, Love Theme, Lucas, guitar cover, Epic Game Music, remix, video game music, OST, soundtrack, Game Boy Advanced, Nintendo, Porky

  • Let

    Let's Play Earthbound [BLIND] pt 49 - Finale MP3

    This ends now! I'm playing through Earthbound for the first time here, so any suggestions help. Also know that going in to this blind means I have NO idea what ...

    Tags: EarthBound (Video Game), Action Role-playing Game (Video Game Genre), Role-playing Game (Game Genre), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Video Game Platform), Role-playing Video Game (Media Genre), Nintendo (Video Game Developer), blind, ness, paula, jeff, poo, eagleland, Giygas (Fictional Character), EarthBound Series (Video Game Series), ending, finale, fin, end, credits

  • R E Q U E S T S  A R E  O P E N!!

    R E Q U E S T S A R E O P E N!! MP3

    Hello Guys! Since I'm kinda close too 100 subs, REQUESTS ARE OPEN! So you can request a video, a MEP, or an icon or banner! Here's an example of the ...
  • Ain

    Ain't got no home(Woody Guthrie) The Earthbound... MP3

    Alex K:vocals, electric guitar Kleon Antoniou:slide guitar S.Pyros D:drums Panos T:acoustic bass Babi B:acoustic guitar Panos M:chains lyrics... I ain't got no ...

    Tags: The, Earthbound, Athens, Greece, Rock, Funk, Americana, got, no, home, woody, guthrie

  • Light Among Shadows - Through the Maze of Thorns

    Light Among Shadows - Through the Maze of Thorns MP3

    THROUGH THE MAZE OF THORNS All the leaves are yellow all the grass is brown all the nights are longer as the sun goes down Crows are in the branches ...

    Tags: maze, thorns, light, among, shadows, 2012, tatjana, klee, ivy, changeling

  • Earthbound Fanart AMV: Rolling Girl

    Earthbound Fanart AMV: Rolling Girl MP3

    I personally think this song is very fitting for the Mother series, in some odd way. It fits Lucas very well, even though he's a boy. Anyway, onto the artist! Featured ...

    Tags: EarthBound (Video Game), Fan Art (Visual Art Genre), Mother, MMV, Silde Show, Mother 3 (Video Game), MOTHER 2, Lucas, Claus, Ness, Rolling Girl, Akiakane, Hatsune Miku (Software), Mother (Video Game)