Never Mind The Shit Heres Diarrhoea

  • Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project - Verbal diarrhea

    Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project - Verbal diarrhea MP3

    Piste 11 de l'album Scandales et Bonne humeur. Le 3e album du groupe, sorti en décembre 2013. Album version numérique disponible sur le site indépendant ...

    Tags: QRBP, qrbp, mark corry, chu ben plus cool, scandales et bonne humeur, sweet mama yeah, china, canada, folk, bluecrass, dirty folk, folk sale

  • chronical diarrhoea sick of you.wmv

    chronical diarrhoea sick of you.wmv MP3

    Hardcorepunk from deutschland old school.

    Tags: hardcorepunk

  • Who I Am - Slaughterhouse

    Who I Am - Slaughterhouse MP3

    [Intro] House gang, house gang (x2) You know how we ride In that SL playing SLV (On the house, get 'em) Talk that talk to 'em [Verse 1: Crooked I] Guess who ...

    Tags: slaughterhouse, who, am, lyrics, eminem

  • Chumbawamba - Another Year of the Same Old Shit (1984)

    Chumbawamba - Another Year of the Same Old Shit (1984) MP3

    Another old demo from Chumba. Look up "Be A Rebel, Raise Some Heck" and "Be Happy Despite It All" on my account for others from this period. 1. Body - 0:00 ...

    Tags: chumbawamba, another year of the same old shit, punk, peace, body, do not adjust your life, baby killers, marching around in circles, streets, butterflies, emi-hmv, rape, storm, menwith hill, someone else, rock n rules, tubthumping, 1984

  • Vandals - Now We Dance

    Vandals - Now We Dance MP3

    Vandals - Now We Dance Drowning in this toilet of shit they call life Work like hell at Taco Bell for $4.25 an hour No one gives a squirt of piss if you fucking die ...

    Tags: The, Vandals, Now, We, Dance, Punk, Punkrock, Hardcore, Skate, Skatepunk, Orange, County

  • Phil Dunphy Funniest Moments

    Phil Dunphy Funniest Moments MP3

    Modern Family Mashup: The Best Of Phil Dunphy.

    Tags: best of phil modern family, mashup, modern family, modern family mashup, Phil Dunphy, phil dunphy mashup, phil dunphy modern family, tv mashup, claire, sofia vergara, funny, funniest, high school musical

  • what your poop can tell you about losing weight fast

    what your poop can tell you about losing weight fast MP3 What your poop can tell you about losing weight fast... I have an important fecal matter to talk to you about There are a lot of ...

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  • [Vinesauce] Joel - Sick Kermit

    [Vinesauce] Joel - Sick Kermit MP3

    Rule one of humor. Don't drink when you hear something funny. Watch the full Half Life 2: Episode 1 stream here: Support VineSauce and their ...

    Tags: joel, vinesauce, kermit the frog, half life, funny, help me jesus, projectile vomiting, dirrahea, vinesauce joel

  • American Pie - Jim

    American Pie - Jim's Monologue at Prom (HD) MP3

    Click HERE for more requests from this movie: My favorite monologue in the movie, that I've memorized it. Even though I never went to ...

    Tags: american, pie, 1999, american pie, hd, high definition, awesome, sex, comedy, raunchy, nature, jim, levenstein, jason biggs, monologue, classic, movie

  • EKG - You Don

    EKG - You Don't Exist - ALTER EGO CONTEST MP3

    Lyrics: Detz Verse: Go ahead and tell everyone that your dick's bigger than mine Like the United States standing next to Lichtenstein But if you really want to talk ...

    Tags: ekg, hip, hop, dropping, deuces, during, rollercoaster, corkscrews, showering, riders, with, diarrhea

  • Drake - Draft Day Remix (Ficky Fre$h)

    Drake - Draft Day Remix (Ficky Fre$h) MP3

    Ficky Fresh Since we just finished with the amazing 2014 NFL, I decided to drop this awesome hip hop remix to Drake's "Draft Day". Produced by Boi-1da.

    Tags: ficky, fresh, boi-1da, hiphop, Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Rapping (Profession), rap, remix, draft, day, Indiana, University, IU, new, Kendrick Lamar (Musical Artist), Kanye West (Record Producer), Lil Wayne (Musical Artist), Meek Mill (Musical Artist), Drake (Musical Artist), Johnny Manziel (Award Winner), ncaa, sports, justin, fick, funny, amazing, hilarious, black rapper, new rap 2014, summer 2014 rap, new music, fast rap, best new rapper, eminem, hotnewhiphop, hiphopearly

  • Addiction Rap

    Addiction Rap MP3

    Lyrics: this shit is titled one year sober, your run's nearly over once you start walking backwards - son, you're keeling over and you're stuck watching yee who fly ...

    Tags: rap, addiction, sober, sobriety, clean, recovery, drugs, weed, pablo, hiphop, swiss

  • Paranoid Shart - never stop sharting

    Paranoid Shart - never stop sharting MP3

    Here's footage compilation of Paranoid Shart's 2012 Summer Tour. One of the most cutting edge bands in North America. Touring non-stop and playing at big ...
  • People of Walmart - Music Video

    People of Walmart - Music Video MP3

    Want to own the People of Walmart costume? Support my videos on Patreon: Snapchat: jessica.frech Buy it now ...

    Tags: Walmart, people of walmart, Jessica, Frech, Justin, Bieber, Gibson, Epiphone, guitar, parody, comedy, funny, Pop, music, acoustic, rock, singer, songwriter, Tom, Hanks, Spiderman, Jamie, Fox, Santa, Clause, Woodstock, Flava, Flav, Grateful, Dead, original, spoof, original song, folk, artist, unsigned, musician, sketch

  • Fart in my Mouth

    Fart in my Mouth MP3

    Metal Frown is Josh Steffen - Drums, Guitar Want lessons? Message me! Come visit my profile: Go here for free ...

    Tags: Metal, Drums, Guitar, sludge, baritone, djent, josh steffen, thrash metal, drum covers, drum lessons, how to play

  • My dogs: sheltie, boxer mix and spinone Italiano, husky mix. Story below.

    My dogs: sheltie, boxer mix and spinone Italiano, husky mix. Story below. MP3

    Here's our wonderful family, and the story of how our vets (and of course God) saved Zoey's life. Zane is a sheltie (shetland sheepdog), boxer, mega-mutt mix.

    Tags: Siberian Husky (Animal Breed), Shetland Sheepdog (Animal Breed), Boxer (Animal Breed), life saved, pets, cute, inspiring, faith, love, hope, God, Hillsong United, furbabies, puppies, family, mutt dog, video collage, Puppy (Animal), Dog, Animals, funny, sweet, emotional, sheltie, husky, friendship, friends, siblings, life, memories, Fun, Dogs, Happiness, husky talking, dogs playing, puppy eating, puppy playing, dog swimming, puppy swimming, playing fetch, dog tricks, well behaved dog, puppy walking

  • The Best of Hank Hill

    The Best of Hank Hill MP3

    Be sure to check out my new channel:

    Tags: Hank, hill, king, of, the, KOTH, propane, wd, 40, chinese, or, japenese, kick, ass, dale, gribble, bill, peggy, boomhauer, kahn, bobby, damn, it, dang, strickland, narrow, prank, funniest, moments, quotes, alamo, beer, TEXAS, arlen, Dallas, Cowboys, hiliarius, redneck

  • Some guy yells at some cats

    Some guy yells at some cats MP3

    NOT ME! NOT ME! NOT ME! NOT ME! NOT ME! NOT ME! Just so everyone doesn't send me emails or comments about this, I AM NOT THE ONE YELLING AT ...

    Tags: some, guy, yells, at, cats, cat, tourettes, get, the, fuck, down, from, there, anger, issues, problems, retarded, ill, end, you, dont, go, in, my, closet, funny, lol, l0l, kitties, kitty, kittie, kitten, kittens, meow, awesome, rock, rocks, fucking, jump, hilarious, did, not, make, this, video, just, so, yall, know, fuckin, im, going, to, rape, pussy, crazy, insane, peta, angry, scream, screaming

  • Iguana Fart

    Iguana Fart MP3

    Zilla farts in the bathtub.

    Tags: Zilla, Iguana, Lizard, Fart, Gas, Funny, Comedy, Pet, Bath, Bathtub, Tub, Water, Reptile




    Tags: HAVE, FUN

  • Doll scene from episode 313 of LOUIE

    Doll scene from episode 313 of LOUIE MP3

    The doll scene from LOUIE's episode "New Year's Eve".

    Tags: Louie, fx, Louis, CK, comedy, standup, stand, up, comedian, lucky, louie