• nappychan - bahamas

    nappychan - bahamas MP3

    Tags: instrumentals, beat, makers, hip-hop, future, modern, music, beats, underground, experimental, loops, abstract, hip, hop, electronic, glitch, glitch-hop, instrumental, japanese, japan, jazz, mad-hop, nappychan, bahamas

  • nappychan - Bikini

    nappychan - Bikini MP3

    now where was i...

    Tags: bikini, brazilian boss tape, nappychan

  • nappychan - Chapter 02 : Colton ( Brothers )

    nappychan - Chapter 02 : Colton ( Brothers ) MP3

    inland empire coming 2014.

    Tags: inland empire, astral basement, nappychan, new shit, beats, mind, thought, love, life, air, 909, colton, smoke, chill

  • Daisy Cutta x Nappy Chan - The Air Way Up Where

    Daisy Cutta x Nappy Chan - The Air Way Up Where MP3

    Daisy Cutta - Cutta & Friends I do not own the copyright on this beat, props to Daisy Cutta and Nappy ...

    Tags: daisy, cutta, nappy, chan, the, air, way, up, where, instrumental, beat

  • Nappychan - discount knowledge

    Nappychan - discount knowledge MP3

    애리조나 출신 재즈힙합 프로듀서 Nappychan의 출사표 [discount knowledge] 애리조나 출신 신인 프로듀서인 Nappychan이 브라운리퍼블릭을통하여 한국팬들에...

    Tags: instrumental, hiphop, beat, mpc, nujabes, nomak, shin-ski, kero, one, common, korean, japanese, Jazzy, jazz, the, sound, providers, Mpc, asr-x, rhythmer, primary

  • nappychan - Beaches

    nappychan - Beaches MP3

    put a blanket down

    Tags: nappychan, beaches, brazilian boss tape

  • nappychan - station 201

    nappychan - station 201 MP3

    Tags: beats, bumps, headphones, synths, samples, headnod, astral basement, california, 909, inland empire

  • nappychan - gone

    nappychan - gone MP3

    Urban Waves Records Single #02 available here :

    Tags: nappychan, gone, urban waves records, hip hop, electronic, glitch, electro, soul, beats, future

  • nappychan - guillotine vengeance

    nappychan - guillotine vengeance MP3

    Tags: AstralBasement, Astral Basement

  • nappychan - a planet in my mind

    nappychan - a planet in my mind MP3

    Tags: beats, bumps, astral basement, nappychan, california, abstract, swing, chops, synths

  • Hip-Hop Trashcan Troubles (Prod: Nappychan)  Flow Patrol

    Hip-Hop Trashcan Troubles (Prod: Nappychan) Flow Patrol MP3

    Tags: Rap, Underground, Rapping, Hiphop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Music, Rapper, Can, Freestyle, wayne, Lil Wayne, rap music, Battle, Mixtape, Flow, flow, patrol

  • nappychan - inland empire teaser

    nappychan - inland empire teaser MP3

    Tags: nappychan, astral basement, beats, tape, analog, emotion, thought, mind, spirit, tapes, feelings, love, bye

  • nappychan - prologue

    nappychan - prologue MP3

    Tags: nappychan, inland empire, 909, tape, raw, rough, sound, life, love, RIPTimothyJRosales, 1992, to infinity and beyond, abstract, hip hop, trip hop, bump, slap



    ICK Artist ABGOHARD recently dropped a mixtape. The smooth beats and wicked flow of ABGOHARD come together nicely. Dropped on October 23rd, 2013, ...

    Tags: ICK, inner city kids, aaron cohen, potential fans, abgohard, underground rap, hip hop, music, free download, beats, instrumentals, freestyle, new, 2014, raider klan, old school

  • Nappychan - Gone (Shorted mix)

    Nappychan - Gone (Shorted mix) MP3

    Tags: urban waves records, nappychan, gone, shorted mix

  • A BootifulDay

    A BootifulDay MP3

    This here is a mini movie we've had for awhile. Now you all get to enjoy it :D Tracklist in order: Sexy - nappychan miles.[no.where] - bsd.u humid - vik make this ...

    Tags: sexy, nappychan, miles no where, humid, vik, make this, thallus, vanilla, aso, track_04, slpjoe, never, sunshine, cristoph el truento, bandcamp, soundcloud

  • Subliminal Nature

    Subliminal Nature MP3

    Tags: Nature (Literary Genre)

  • Justin Michael- Miss Blissful

    Justin Michael- Miss Blissful MP3

    Tags: justin michael kostoff, justin michael, justin kostoff, justin, michael, kostoff, hip hop, hip-hop, trip hop, trip-hop, trippy, rap, music, glitch, miss blissful, bliss, blissful, miss, prince, symbol, love, heart, new artist, new york, long island, long beach

  • Flashback | ZOY VIDA

    Flashback | ZOY VIDA MP3

    Tags: geminisyerim, youtuber, Korean, vlogger, girl, artsy, video, ZoyRimy, Rimy, ZoyVida, ZOYVIDA, ZOY, VIDA

  • High Flava Content Mix One

    High Flava Content Mix One MP3

    Set list and artist links: 1 Nokz - West Coast Sun.mp3 2 Botany - Quatic.mp3 ...

    Tags: highflavacontent, high flava content, nokz, botany, frenic, hugo kant, louis mackey, quandary, handbook, jakova, boogie belgique, andrii kozyra, giyo, disturbance, somebloke, gordin bones, prozak morris, simp, nappychan, unused word, testa, rrffdd, lost laura, madness key, mononome, kognitif, joshua wrathall, art vandelay, mr troy, nemo achida, upright, petri lahtinen, suhov, byrdversion, mad colour, trip hop, hip hop, chillout, downtempo, mix, rap, underground, indie, vibes