Namazu Dantai

  • Namazu Dantai - Remembrance 1974

    Namazu Dantai - Remembrance 1974 MP3

    Recorded in May 2010 Namazu Dantai is Sascha Mandler

    Tags: Wall, Noise, HNW, Harsh, Namazu, Dantai

  • Femeheim - Dominium Terrae

    Femeheim - Dominium Terrae MP3

    Tags: Death Industrial Power Electronics Germany

  • Nascitari Static Funeral

    Nascitari Static Funeral MP3

    Harsh Noise Wall Video by Nascitari info:

    Tags: Nascitari, Funeral, Preview

  • Obscure - Keys

    Obscure - Keys MP3

    This is track 7 from my new NOISE/POWER ELECTRONICS/DEATH INDUSTRIAL Album: Siamese Gangbanging & Siamese Headbanging (2010). It's really ...

    Tags: Noise, Horror, Dark, Ambient, Merzbow, Creepy, Scary, Death, Industrial, Power, Electronics, Weird, Disturbing, Obscure, Experimental, Macronympha, Lull, Aphex, Twin, Leeccdoo

  • Salaried Man Club - Gray Cross

    Salaried Man Club - Gray Cross MP3

    Vanity Records, Japan , 1981.
  • Vidinė Ramybė - Meniška Siela

    Vidinė Ramybė - Meniška Siela MP3

    Lithuanian power electronics VIDINĖ RAMYBĖ track MENIŠKA SIELA Taken from AŠ ESU MEILĖ Cdr, released on Klaustr0signal records, 2009.

    Tags: vidine, ramybe, as, esu, meile, siela, meniska, klaustrosignal, lithuanian, power, electronics, harsh, noise, wall, hnw, VR

  • Masonna  _  Sweet Hit Sherbet

    Masonna _ Sweet Hit Sherbet MP3

    from the album : Come Again II.

    Tags: noise, experimental, harsh noise, japanoise, masonna, japanese

  • TILITD - Restlessness

    TILITD - Restlessness MP3

    Tags: TILITD, Restlessness, harsh-noise, tribal noise, sanatorio

  • Sala @ Ritual

    Sala @ Ritual MP3

    Tags: Sala, Experimental, Industrial, Noise, Harsh Noise, Harsh Noise Wall, HNW, 48 cechas, ritual

  • The Rita:(Retrospective DVD Promo) - Living Dead Girl (SIDE A) Excerpt

    The Rita:(Retrospective DVD Promo) - Living Dead Girl (SIDE A) Excerpt MP3

    This is #3 of at least 10 or 12 excerpts out of 19 tracks from THE RITA: RETROSPECTIVE (DVD PROMO) This Special Edition, and Extremely Limited Release ...

    Tags: The, Rita, Retrospective, Harsh, Noise, Music, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Arts, 666, Heaven, Hell, Satan, Swamps, Loch, Ness, Monster, Horror, Creepy, Scary, Cherry, Point, Moth, Drakula, Prurient, Richard, Ramirez, Macronympha, Merzbow, Creature, Drowning, You, Leeccdoo

  • ANNNA (video by no_signal) harsh noise

    ANNNA (video by no_signal) harsh noise MP3

    cut-up / glitch harshnoise from deep, polish countryside "Kwiat Paproci" CDR out now: buy it ...

    Tags: cut-up, harsh, noise, harshnoise

  • Rotkappchen - Le Petit Livre rouge

    Rotkappchen - Le Petit Livre rouge MP3

    Free MP3 from my label Ikebukuro Dada Experimental turntables wizardry Rotkappchen: noise junk, turntables, sampler, harsh noise and cassette tapes ...

    Tags: Rotkappchen, Le, Petit, Livre, rouge, Experimental, turntables, noise, dj, Ikebukuro, Dada, junk, sampler, harsh, cassette, tapes

  • noiserdo - contact made

    noiserdo - contact made MP3

    Tags: digital, noise, electronics, harsh, ruido, psicodelia

  • Owen Davis (Split w/ BAGMAN) - Discarded Fetus

    Owen Davis (Split w/ BAGMAN) - Discarded Fetus MP3

    This is another track I made for the upcoming split album between BAGMAN, and I. But to be honest, I don't give a shit whatever you can classify this as... for in ...

    Tags: Harsh, Noise, Wall, Music, Merzbow, BAGMAN, Owen, Davis, Prurient, Macronympha, Horror, Filth, Violence, Bloodshed, Gore, Split, Album, Necrophilia, Serial, Killers, Anthropophagy, Snuff, Movies, The, Rita, Cherry, Point, Sewer, Election, Bizarre, Uproar, Mania, Power, Elections, Satanism, Leeccdoo

  • I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles - Buret Inde

    I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles - Buret Inde MP3

    Track by the Harsh Noise band IDOHBT.

    Tags: Harsh Noise, Experimental, Wall of Noise, Drone, Feedback, Noise

  • A.V.G: Protojunkie

    A.V.G: Protojunkie MP3

    Tags: harsh, noise, avg, hanatarash, merzbow, masonna, power

  • Anna Gardeck -  Rubber Rituals III

    Anna Gardeck - Rubber Rituals III MP3

    Amazing Stuff I will put more online soon.

    Tags: Noise, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Atrax Morgue, Genocide Organ

  • nxfxtxex - mayhem pig defector (music video)

    nxfxtxex - mayhem pig defector (music video) MP3

    nxfxtxex - mayhem pig defector (music video) harsh noise very repetitive and might give ya a seziure so dont watch this!!! colorscolorscolors.

    Tags: nxfxtxex, mayhem, pig, defector, (music, video), harsh, noise, very, repetitive, and, might, give, ya, seziure, so, dont, watch

  • Divination Of Doom - Jaws Of Hell (live)

    Divination Of Doom - Jaws Of Hell (live) MP3

    Jaws Of Hell, Live 02/13/2009 in Metalkeller, Potsdam, Germany Sorry about the quality, the venue was quite dark and also the drums seem to be suffocated by ...

    Tags: Brutal, Death, Metal, German, Jaws, Of, Hell, Divination, Doom, Grindcore, Deathgrind, Potsdam, Metalkeller

  • Eigenstate - Naked Guts and Gods Semen (video edit) - noise -

    Eigenstate - Naked Guts and Gods Semen (video edit) - noise - MP3

    Video for the Eigenstate song Naked Guts and Gods Semen. Noise, powernoise, harsh noise

    Tags: Eigenstate, noise, noize, powernoise, power noise, harsh noise, experimental, Merzbow, Masonna, Brighter Death Now

  • g0ren|dal - g0n

    g0ren|dal - g0n MP3

    Tags: g0n, Choice, Apparel, harsh, noise, wall, 4bit, osdm, floppy, sinerec, hatebit, fakedemo, demoscene, wild, demo

  • The Bleeding Machines - Poem

    The Bleeding Machines - Poem MP3

    The Bleeding Machines created blissful drones to extremely harsh noise between 2001 and 2005. Visuals by Anji Cheung.

    Tags: Experimental, Electronic, Synths, Noise, Drones, Oscillators, Ring, Modulators, Power, Electronics, Alternative, Avant, Garde, The, Bleeding, Machines, One, Unique, Signal, Bias, Technicians, Rohame, Anji, Cheung

  • Stress - Semi D-Prison

    Stress - Semi D-Prison MP3

  • Avmakt - Svart.wmv

    Avmakt - Svart.wmv MP3

    Tags: harsh, noise, hnw, wall, noisemusic



    Sample clip from DEAD BODY COLLECTION - "I SLICE HER BODY, OVER AND OVER" c70 released by Jersey Flesh (

    Tags: dead, body, collection, hnw, harsh, noise, wall

  • moke grotton

    moke grotton MP3

    US Harsh Noise Act 1 track called "Of A Worst Nurtured Stimulus" from their "Worst Nurtured Stimulus" Mini-CDr release on R.O.N.F. Records May 2009.

    Tags: harshnoise, noise, ronfrecords, mokegrotton

  • Swamps Up Nostrils - Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol

    Swamps Up Nostrils - Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol MP3

    2008 CDr by this Norwegian noise act Swamps Up Nostrils on R.O.N.F. Records.

    Tags: noise, harshnoise, swampsupnostrils, ronfrecords



    Tags: nnn, last of england, harsh noise, noise, hnw, harsh noise wall, wall noise, power electronics, merzbow, wolf eyes, masonna, pittsburgh, rj myato, john-a-dreams, the invisibles, grant morrison, panel den

  • Prozack Maurice - mur((s))..:::02

    Prozack Maurice - mur((s))..:::02 MP3

    Tags: prozack, maurice, prozackmaurice, harsh, noise, wall, HNW, experimental, film, flicker, synaesthetic