Mr Oofus

  • M.O.D.  - Mr  Oofus

    M.O.D. - Mr Oofus MP3

    M.O.D. Mr. Oofus.

    Tags: thrash, billy milano

  • M.O.D - Surfin

    M.O.D - Surfin' M.O.D [Full EP] 1988 MP3

    M.O.D "SURFIN' M.O.D" FULL EP Tracks: Surfin' U.S.A. 00:00 Surf's Up 02:33 Mr. Oofus 04:39 Party Animal 08:17 Color My World 11:40 Shout 13:37 New Song ...

    Tags: MOD, Method Of Destruction, Billy Milano, Milano Mosh, Thrash, Crossover, Heavy, Metal, Mosh, Moshing, Brutal, NY, New York, USA, Anthrax, Scott, Not, SOD, Stormtroopers Of Death, Malfarius, MalfariusVEVO

  • MOD - Surfin´ (Full Album)

    MOD - Surfin´ (Full Album) MP3

    Surfin' M.O.D. is an EP from American crossover thrash band, M.O.D.. It was released in 1988 on Megaforce Records Licensed by SME 00:00 Surfin´ USA 02:33 ...