Miss McNamara The Musical Priest

  • The greatest Irish wedding dance we

    The greatest Irish wedding dance we've ever seen MP3

    Video: Groom and guests team up to perform the greatest Irish wedding dance we've ever seen Forget Flatley, there's a new Lord Of The Dance in town... Sure ...

    Tags: Wedding, Best, Worlds, Ever, Ireland (Island), wedding dance, greatest, greatest Irish

  • Shamrog, Roddy Monks with O Neil

    Shamrog, Roddy Monks with O Neil's March. 2nd June1990 MP3

    Although Roddy had left the band he still joined us every Sunday night to play in the Barge. Roddy was a great musician as well as great fun to be around.

    Tags: Shamrog, Austin Mc Partlin, Irish Music, ireland

  • Scotch Mary (Reel)

    Scotch Mary (Reel) MP3

    Great reel, notated in O'Neills 1001 among other books. Enjoy! Thank you for listening to my music. If you like what you hear, please support liking, sharing, and ...

    Tags: Celtic Music (Musical Genre), Folk Music (Musical Genre), thewhistler726, tunes, the, whistle, tin whistle, thewhistler, whistler, tin, whistles, wistler, traditional, reels, jigs, polkas, irish, music, ireland, hornpipes, slow, air, session, learn, new, tune, recorder, fipple, flute, scotch, mary, scotch mary, scoch, scoth, scot, knocknagow, reel, scotch mary reel

  • The Donnybrooks - Sally Gardens / Joe Cooley

    The Donnybrooks - Sally Gardens / Joe Cooley's Reel MP3

    The Donnybrooks at Rare Olde Times in Richmond, VA. St. Patrick's Day, 2013.
  • Halestorm - Here

    Halestorm - Here's To Us - piano & vocal cover MP3

    There are tons of really bad covers of this song around YouTube, mostly people singing way out of tune... It's a demanding song, so I figured I'll do a cover myself ...

    Tags: Cover, Vocal, Halestorm (Musical Group), Piano, Singing

  • (Reels) P. Joe

    (Reels) P. Joe's, The Mountain Lark - Flute Solo MP3

    I learned this set from "A Celebration of 50 Years" by The Tulla Ceili Band. I guess these reels are fiddle tunes. I recorded this set while my wife was preparing ...

    Tags: Irish, traditional, music, reel, flute, Grinter, Ireland

  • Trebles on button box

    Trebles on button box MP3

    Two ways of doing "trebles" - 321 and 212.

    Tags: button, box