• Michita - Yukar

    Michita - Yukar MP3

    [High Quality] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw9M47V71aU&fmt=18 http://www.myspace.com/michitasatoshi From Japanese instrumentalist Michta.

    Tags: Yukar, Michita, Threee, Nujabes, Nomak, Nitsua

  • Michita - Over The Rainbow (Instrumental)

    Michita - Over The Rainbow (Instrumental) MP3

    Mellowbeat Seeker https://facebook.com/mellowbeatseeker https://instagram.com/mellowbeatseeker □ Michita https://twitter.com/michita_satoshi □ Album ...

    Tags: Michita, Over The Rainbow, Instrumental, nujabes, music, jazz hip hop, jazzy hip hop, hip hop, jazz, jazzy, sound, bgm, lounge, bar, cafe

  • ソラニシラレヌ  Michita Feat. Meiso (歌詞付き)

    ソラニシラレヌ  Michita Feat. Meiso (歌詞付き) MP3

    ソラニシラレヌ Michita Feat. Meiso 歌詞字幕つけました。 歌詞の打ち間違いがありました。すみません。 正「降り注ぐ月夜」 呉「降り注ぐ月よ...

    Tags: Michita, Meiso, hip-hop, two, rap

  • Michita - Calmy

    Michita - Calmy MP3

    Tags: Michita, Calmy

  • Michita - Alleguro

    Michita - Alleguro MP3

    From the album Michita - One. Great stuff from Japan!

    Tags: Michita, one, alleguro, allegro, hiphop, hip, hop, hip-hop, jazz, 2008, japan, japanese, music

  • Michita - Amplitude

    Michita - Amplitude MP3

    From the album Dawning.

    Tags: michita, dawning, nujabes, nomak, hip, hop, jazzy, underground, tokyo, japan, 2009

  • Michita - Mentor / 師匠 / UMV

    Michita - Mentor / 師匠 / UMV MP3

    Just a self-made fan video!! This music is so timeless! Relaxing tunes for your ears again. Be sure to find out some more about Michita! Check the info below.

    Tags: michita, nomak, nujabes, ayur, uyama, hiroto, ed, field, dawning, new, album, mountain, fuji, time, laps, tokyo, japan, sea, of, clouds, video, hd, high, definition, quality, landscape, asian, music, 2010, harp, flute, symphony, drums, classic, traditional, mixed, with, modern, hiphop, beat, lounge, adult, swim, bump, yokohama, nagano, meabashi, chiba, japanese, best, lost

  • Michita - "Birdriva"

    Michita - "Birdriva" MP3

    Album - Ozora iTunes JP http://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/ozora/id448094682?l=en Another New Michita! He just doesn't stop! Enjoy! (: Myspace ...

    Tags: michita, ozora, FRIEND, OF, BLEND, -MICHITA, SIDE-, snow, bland, aurapporo, dawning, one, two, three, full, of, life, woodblue, nujabes, nomak, dj, perro, aka, dogg, kaigen, meiso, ceschi, olive, oil, shing02, goudo, haiiro, de, rossi, joe

  • michita feat. MOUTHPEACE - それでもあなたの道を行け

    michita feat. MOUTHPEACE - それでもあなたの道を行け MP3

    michita feat. MOUTHPEACE それでもあなたの道を行け 言葉の種を蒔いて音の風に乗せて心の土に 届ける汗 涙の雨を降らせて花を咲かせる 言葉の種を蒔...

    Tags: michita, two, MOUTHPEACE

  • Michita-Metronome(ONE)

    Michita-Metronome(ONE) MP3


    Tags: Michita-Metronome(ONE)

  • Michita - Melodic

    Michita - Melodic MP3

    [High Quality] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2cD5cX_8KU&fmt=18 http://www.myspace.com/michitasatoshi.

    Tags: Melodic, Michita, Three, Nujabes, Nomak, Nitsua

  • michita  足跡feat  Project Sage,豊川容子

    michita  足跡feat Project Sage,豊川容子 MP3

    michitaの足跡feat Project Sage,豊川容子.

    Tags: michita, two, Project, Sage

  • Yokubou ni Michita Seinendan Live at Yokohama Stadium 2014 (Vietsub+Kara)

    Yokubou ni Michita Seinendan Live at Yokohama Stadium 2014 (Vietsub+Kara) MP3

    Yokubou ni michita seinendan (Mighty Long Fall live at Yokohama Stadium 2014) Kara+Lyrics: Irene Translator+Timer: Reia Effect: Keh Hikari Logo: Yong ...

    Tags: Yokubou, ni, michita, seinendan, Yokubou ni Michita Seinendan, Mighty Long Fall live, 2014, Vietsub, ONE OK ROCK, Kara, ONE OK ROCK Vietsub

  • Michita - Bird of Paradise

    Michita - Bird of Paradise MP3

    Album: Three Track: 12 This album contains mostly of various japanese hip-hop artists rapping over Michita's beat; don't fear though. These guys seem to have ...

    Tags: Michita, Bird of Paradise, Three

  • Michita - "Urar"

    Michita - "Urar" MP3

    Album - Dawning (Available on iTunes) http://www.jetsetrecords.net/en/product/412003708262 http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/3696470 This is Michita's ...

    Tags: michita, dawning, one, two, three, woodblue, nujabes, nomak

  • MICHITA//CRY FOR ME feat  愛海

    MICHITA//CRY FOR ME feat 愛海 MP3

    Off the Album 「PURENESS」 Please Support the Official Release iTunes Link - https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/pureness/id675919233.
  • Michita - Quietude

    Michita - Quietude MP3

    Michita - Only Faith And Hope http://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/only-faith-and-hope/id559758747 ...

    Tags: Michita, Quietude, Only, Faith, And, Hope

  • Michita – Secret Theory (feat. ELIAS)

    Michita – Secret Theory (feat. ELIAS) MP3

    Sense Of Values (2014) http://www.micjack.com/

    Tags: Michita (Musical Artist), Hip Hop (Musical Genre), jazz hop

  • Michita - クモリナキアメ (featuring Meiso)

    Michita - クモリナキアメ (featuring Meiso) MP3

    translate to "Cloudy Without Rain" didnt see an album/album version up, (previous uploader had their account deleted?) so i decided to upload my copy.

    Tags: Michita, Three, Kumorinakiame, cloudy, without, rain, Meiso, hip, hop, japan, rap, kumori, nakiame

  • Michita - Dandelion feat.Hisomi-TNP,MEISO

    Michita - Dandelion feat.Hisomi-TNP,MEISO MP3

    Michita - Dandelion Album: Three.

    Tags: Michita, Dandelion, Hisomi, Nujabes, Japan, Tokyo

  • Michita - brakship

    Michita - brakship MP3


    Tags: michitia, brakship, one, underground, hip, hop, instrumentals, jazz

  • Michita (ft. Acharu) - Diamond Dust

    Michita (ft. Acharu) - Diamond Dust MP3

    Artist: Michita, feat Acharu. Title: Diamond Dust Album: Snow Bland (2010) Info Michita: http://www.myspace.com/michitasatoshi ...

    Tags: japanese, jazz hop

  • One ok Rock -  欲望に満ちた青年団 [Yokubou ni Michita Seinen-dan]

    One ok Rock - 欲望に満ちた青年団 [Yokubou ni Michita Seinen-dan] MP3

    One ok Rock - 欲望に満ちた青年団 [Yokubou ni Michita Seinen-dan]

    Tags: One ok Rock, Yokubou ni Michita Seinen-dan

  • MICHITA DE PULLO EN VIVO  amor tramposo ,ese muchacho,dos amores

    MICHITA DE PULLO EN VIVO amor tramposo ,ese muchacho,dos amores MP3

    un mix muy jaranero que cantamos con los chullas amor tramposo letra y musica de su servidora.

    Tags: huaynos, michita, de, pullo, los, chullas, ayacucho, peru, folklore, coracora

  • Michita - Windmill

    Michita - Windmill MP3

    Best & Lost 2010 Trip Hop | Hip Hop Channels: http://www.youtube.com/user/DLoaw http://www.youtube.com/user/HHVibe http://www.youtube.com/user/Konectt.

    Tags: Michita, Windmill, jazz, hiphop, instrumental

  • One Ok Rock - Yokubou ni Michita Seinendan.mp3 MP3
  • 10 NAK & Michita - Keep Moving [Nujabes Tribute].mp3 MP3
  • 10 NAK & Michita - Keep Moving [Nujabes Tribute].mp3 MP3