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    Disney's Hercules - Personal Ranking of Megara's Voices (33 Versions) MP3

    Hi, guys! So, two days ago I watched Hercules and I got an idea to make ranking of Megara's voices, 'cause I love her and I love this song and I love that movie.
  • Personal Ranking - Megara

    Personal Ranking - Megara's Voices (Disney's Hercules, 1997) MP3

    Thumbnail inspired my Miley Andrews* Heyy! It's me again! So yeah, this time we have meg voices, it took me so long! BUT I only have two weeks of school so I ...
  • Megara meeting at Epcot!

    Megara meeting at Epcot! MP3

    Megara from Hercules did a surprise meet and greet at Epcot today! We decided to have a little chat with her about Hades and got a tip on how to get him mad!

    Tags: Meg, Megara, Hercules, Disney, World, Character, from

  • I Can

    I Can't Believe My Heart (Megara's deleted song) MP3

    This is the song Megara was supposed to sing in Disney animated movie "Hercules"! But it was replaced by "I won't say (I'm in love)"! The reason is "I can't ...

    Tags: disney, hercules, hercule, megara, susan, egan, believe, my, heart, say, in, love, jamais, je

  • My Personal Ranking of Megara

    My Personal Ranking of Megara's Voices MP3

    Finally a new ranking! I've been like SUPER busy 'cause I just moved to a new apartment and there's been a lot of stuff to do and that's why I have been lazier ...

    Tags: disney, megara, ranking, Favorite, Top, me personal ranking, disney ranking, megara ranking, Hercules (Film), hercules, herkules, hercules ranking, herkules ranking, multilanguage, personal

  • Megara Wig tutorial - Jedimanda -

    Megara Wig tutorial - Jedimanda - MP3

    I finally posted my tutorial on my Megara wig! I'm using the Jeannie Arda wig, link below. Ask me any questions if you have any! Double Thanks to KoriStarfire for ...

    Tags: Megara, Hercules, The Walt Disney Company (Production Company), Disney Cosplay, Cosplay (Hobby), Disney Princess, Meg, Wig, Beauty, Hair, Tutorial, Style, Arda Wigs, Jeannie

  • Deleted Disney: "I Can

    Deleted Disney: "I Can't Believe My Heart" Cover (Megara, Hercules) MP3

    Buy the single: "I Can't Believe My Heart" was originally Meg's song in Hercules, but the writers deemed her "not a ballad girl" and replaced it ...

    Tags: meg, megara, hercules, disney, susan egan, deleted, deleted song, deleted scene, deleted disney, geekiarchy, music, cover, ginny diguiseppi, ginny not literally

  • Hercules Featurette - Hercules & Megara (2014) - Dwayne Johnson, Irina Shayk Mythology Movie HD

    Hercules Featurette - Hercules & Megara (2014) - Dwayne Johnson, Irina Shayk Mythology Movie HD MP3

    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on ...

    Tags: movieclips, movie clips, movieclipstrailers, new trailers, trailers HD, hd, trailers, trailer, 2014, official, HD, hercules, hercules movie, hercules featurette, dwayne johnson hercules, dwayne johnson, ian mcshane, brett ratner, john hurt, joseph fiennes, rufus sewell, irina shayk, war, comic, god, greek god, son of zeus, sword and sandal, comic book, battle, thrace, mercenaries, king, the rock, the rock hercules, hercules and megara, abarker

  • Experiences with SPE: Andrew Rundle, Megara

    Experiences with SPE: Andrew Rundle, Megara MP3

    Tags: Sales, Process, Engineering, Marketing, SPE, TOC, Theory, of, Constraints

  • *NEW* My Personal Ranking of Megara

    *NEW* My Personal Ranking of Megara's voices ♥ MP3

    Here. Finally my ranking on my favorite heroine and has a lot of acceptable voices but I did everything to find his perfect voice. I could get true pitch but I was too ...
  • Hercules - I Won

    Hercules - I Won't Say I'm In Love (English) MP3

    Disney Hercules I Won't Say I'm In Love sung by Meg.

    Tags: hercules, wont, say, im, in, love, disney, meg

  • Dear Megara, my name is Jasmine and I need your help (Part 2)

    Dear Megara, my name is Jasmine and I need your help (Part 2) MP3

    My name is Jasmine; and everyday I have to watch while people like me suffer. The only reason I am safe is because I am the crown princess. But that is a curse ...

    Tags: harrypotterfangurl07

  • megara & shang ♦ kiss me

    megara & shang ♦ kiss me MP3

    {HD} Mep part for afragilestar!! These two are so cute. I have the feeling I edit a lot with Shang, but not enough with Megara. Oh well. I love how Shang is so ...

    Tags: megara, shang, crossover, disney, mulan, hercules

  • Hercules The Animated Series: The Aetolian Amphora part 1

    Hercules The Animated Series: The Aetolian Amphora part 1 MP3

    Sorry for the bad quality!! Hercules substitutes as narrator, telling of how someone has been stealing from the River Lethe in the Underworld, and Hades wants ...

    Tags: Hercules The Aetolian Amphora, hercules, megara, disney, Walt Disney (Film Producer)

  • Megara

    Megara's Made of Stone DMV MP3

    This video may have content owned or licensed by Wind Up and EMI STORY: Hercules meets Megara and they instantly hit it off. As Meg starts to leave Hercules ...

    Tags: Meg, is, made, of, stone



    TWEET IT: Meg herself walks Brizzy through the steps of how to she fixes her hair and make-up! Sorry in advance that my hair is ...

    Tags: brizzy, voices, impressions, pokemon, brizzyvoices, impersonations, cartoons, voice acting, voice over, voice actors, megara, hercules, meg, disney princess, hair, makeup, tutorial, disney, beauty, guru, Beauty Tips, Voice, Cosmetics (Quotation Subject)

  • [S&F] audition ► Megara and Eris

    [S&F] audition ► Megara and Eris MP3

    1080p is better for your eyes c: THIS IS ONLY A PREVIEW. YOU CAN READ THE FULL STORY IN THE DESCRIPTION DOWN BELOW. I won't have enough ...

    Tags: disney, crossover, Megara, Eris, Hera, roleplay, audition, Shadow and Flame, non disney, love

  • megara & tulio [merry christmas Cyndyph25x!]

    megara & tulio [merry christmas Cyndyph25x!] MP3

    {HD!} Merry Christmas sweetie!!! You are so unbelievably sweet and talented I can't even!! I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the most epic New ...

    Tags: megara, tulio, non, disney, hercules, the road to el dorado, crossover

  • Let

    Let's Play: God of War Ascension - Part 2: Megara's Playthings MP3

    I can't stand this broad and her trickery. Apologies for the game volume/subtitles. Will have it fixed in part 4. Full Playlist: ...

    Tags: lets play, lets play god of war, god of war ascension, god of war, lets play god of war ascension, GOW, GOW Ascension, god of war walkthrough, GOW gameplay, gameplay, walkthrough, lets play GOW, sony, playstation, ps3, santa monica studios, kratos, zeus, God Of War (video Game), Kratos (God Of War), GOWA, HD, High Definition

  • *Personal Ranking* Megara voices

    *Personal Ranking* Megara voices MP3

    Finally I have returned from my exams to make more rankings. Hooray! May 29 was the birthday of my first ranking on this channel, and I wanted to have a ...

    Tags: megara ranking

  • Hercules - Megara saves Hercules - fandub with thrillakilla07

    Hercules - Megara saves Hercules - fandub with thrillakilla07 MP3

    I've wanted to dub this for so long, and now I found thrillakilla07's simply amazing Hercules fandub (Megara open) of this scene and decided to collab! :D I hope ...

    Tags: People, always, do, crazy, things, fandub, with, thrillakilla07

  • Megara

    Megara's Got Woods MP3

    Tags: disney, megara, hercules, family guy, james woods, funny, costume, silly

  • Megara

    Megara's Story (Tulio/Meg/Frollo) MP3

    Well the first thing i did such a crossover story :D Sorry for the gramatical faults -.-'' Ugh xD Well this is the story Megara is going to tell a story about her (recent) ...

    Tags: Megara, Frollo, Tulio, Phoebus, story, lullaby, scary, nightmare, taboo, dark, disney, crossover, the, hunchback, of, notre, dame, hercules, road, to, el, dorado, esmerelda, sad, lovestory

  • When will Megara

    When will Megara's reflection show her who she is inside? MP3

    Hi everybody !! OK, this was made somewhat quickly, a couple of hours or so (didn't exactly count xD), but it was something I had to make now and it could only ...

    Tags: Hercules, Megara, Disney, Reflection, Mulan, Christina, Aguilera

  • Megara Character insights

    Megara Character insights MP3

    These are some insights on the Character of Megar from her animator, and the woman who provided her voice.

    Tags: Disney, Hercules, Production, Susan, Egan

  • [Megara/Moses/Tzipporah] I Will Always Love You

    [Megara/Moses/Tzipporah] I Will Always Love You MP3

    I'm pretty damn excited that it finally uploaded. Youtube is being a total bitch from hell. But I do love this couple. They give me warm and fuzzies. Description (in ...

    Tags: Megara, Moses, Megara and Moses

  • Hercules VS. Hades

    Hercules VS. Hades MP3

    Hercules storms into the Underworld, subdues Cerberus and confronts Hades, demanding him to return Meg. Hades smugly explains to Hercules that Meg is ...

    Tags: Disney, Walt Disney, Disney Villains, Hercules, Hades, Movie, Battle

  • TWISTED ~ Megara

    TWISTED ~ Megara MP3

    "It was all supposed to be so beautiful wasn't it? saved from the clutches of death itself by the man you loved.... but I had forgotten the one thing I should have ...

    Tags: Megara, Hades, TWISTED, roleplay, role, play, erinyes, fates, furies, fury, rage, vengeance

  • Megara

    Megara's BAD Reputation MP3

    A Meg vendeu sua alma para salvar a vida do seu ex-namorado, teve coragem o suficiente para se opor contra os horríveis planos de Hades, o senhor dos ...

    Tags: disney, meg, hercules, video, bad, reputation, xbproducoes

  • Megara

    Megara's revenge ♦ MP3

    READ DESCRIPTION :D You maybe don't see the part 1, cause it's in French: It's a very old (and ugly) video.

    Tags: revenge, hercules, doctor, facilier, clopin, trouillefou, the, hunback, of, Notre, Dame, princess, and, frog, coraline, song, disney, crossover, happy, ending, ghost