McDonald's Kiwi Burger Ad

  • McDonalds Kiwiburger Advert - Original

    McDonalds Kiwiburger Advert - Original MP3

    1999 kiwiburger advert, shows the real New Zealand. The ad mentions 46 different well known kiwiana items. Also, it is quite an catchy song. lol.

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  • McDonald

    McDonald's Kiwiburger® (feat. Auckland City Brass) MP3

    McDonald's Kiwiburger Commercial filmed and recorded December 2013 (featuring members of Auckland City Brass on screen and audio)

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  • McDonald

    McDonald's 2009 Kiwiburger advert New Zealand MP3

    The Kiwiburger is back. And you could win your own Big OE! For entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intendedor implied.

    Tags: advert, Kiwiburger, New, Zealand, NZ, big, OE

  • Kiwi Burger

    Kiwi Burger MP3

    1999 McDonalds Kiwiburger advert from New Zealand. 46 different items of Kiwiana are mentioned during the advert. Unfortunately we don't do burgers but ...

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  • Mcdonalds   Kiwiburger 1990s, New Zealand

    Mcdonalds Kiwiburger 1990s, New Zealand MP3

    Free $100 Mcdonalds Gift Card -

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    Tags: Hamburger (Food), Kiwiburger (Food)

  • New Zealand Ad mix (part 1)

    New Zealand Ad mix (part 1) MP3

    A range of popular Kiwi/New Zealand Ads. Some of which are apart of kiwiana. Check out PART 2 : 1st ad - Air ...

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  • McDonald

    McDonald's 'Just Because (Kiwi Burger)' by DDB NZ via StopPress MP3

    Kiwiburger To announce the return of a New Zealand favourite, the McDonald's Kiwiburger, and the launch of a soon to be Kiwi favourite we created a couple of ...

    Tags: MCUK, 30, 1560, Kiwi, Burger

  • McDonald

    McDonald's 'Just Because - Kiwi Angus' by DDB NZ and Film Construction MP3

    To announce the launch of a soon-to-be Kiwi favourite, the Kiwi Angus burger, DDB NZ has created an ad that celebrates our innate love of tinkering with things ...

    Tags: MCIK, 30, 1561, Kiwi, Angus

  • 25 Deliciously Unique McDonald

    25 Deliciously Unique McDonald's Foods From Around The World MP3

    Big macs, Quaterpounders, Chicken Nuggets, these are all familiar McDonald's menu items to most people. In fact, you could argue that McDonald's would not ...

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  • Top 10 Foreign McDonalds Menu Items — TopTenzNet

    Top 10 Foreign McDonalds Menu Items — TopTenzNet MP3

    Top 10 Foreign McDonalds Menu Items →Subscribe for new videos every day! →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: ...

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  • Ronald McDonald Tastes Burger King

    Ronald McDonald Tastes Burger King MP3

    Ronald McDonald gives Hungry Jacks (Burger King) the old taste test! Facebook: Car Song: Vinnie Paz - Shadow of ...

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  • Mcdonalds Kiwi Burger Run In!

    Mcdonalds Kiwi Burger Run In! MP3

    Randonmly walk in to a mc donalds store and sing and march out!

    Tags: mc, donalds, kiwi, burger

  • Scary BANNED McDonalds Ad!

    Scary BANNED McDonalds Ad! MP3

    Never seen on TV! Ronald McDonald's latest advert ends tragically..

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  • The J (j) Walker

    The J (j) Walker MP3

  • 10 Strangest McDonald

    10 Strangest McDonald's Products MP3

    Here are 10 of McDonalds stranger products. McDonalds may be best known for their classic burger, fries, and milkshake offerings, but that doesn't mean they ...

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