• Mamihlapinatapai - What it means

    Mamihlapinatapai - What it means MP3

    Mamihlapinatapai - Is this what hinders somebody from having a friend, enjoying fellowship or experiencing reconciliation? * (From: Life in a Day (2011) *

    Tags: Mamihlapinatapai, friend, fellowship, reconciliation

  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Yaghan Language: Tierra del Fuego:

    Tags: mamihlapinatapai, worlds, most, succinct, word, guinness, book, of, world, records, tierra, del, fuego, yaghan, language, dead, languages, linguistics

  • 08 Mamihlapinatapai

    08 Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    IDA SUSAL se formó en el norte de Tenerife en 2010, con seis componentes iniciales; sonaban saxofón, guitarra, contrabajo y mucha percusión.

    Tags: tenerife, Ida Susal, canarias, Cara A Cara B, Mamihlapinatapai

  • Fabrizio Bosso Javier Girotto Mamihlapinatapai

    Fabrizio Bosso Javier Girotto Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Tags: Fabrizio, Bosso, Javier, Girotto, Mamihlapinatapai

  • Mamihlapinatapai (n.)

    Mamihlapinatapai (n.) MP3

    Wherein Trinity manages to cover both dead languages and the Office.

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  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Mamihlapinatapai es una palabra del idioma de los indígenas yámanas de Tierra del Fuego, listada en el Libro Guinness de los Récords como la "palabra más ...
  • Mamihlapinatapai

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    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Mamihlapinatapai · Chief Scout See ℗ 2015 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment ...

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  • WhiteFingers-Mamihlapinatapai

    WhiteFingers-Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    For this video i used some old footage that my dad recorded with his super8 in the late 60s and early 70s, between Uruguay and NYC.

    Tags: Mamihlapinatapai, Whitefingers, ambiant, music, uruguay, new york, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, Super 8 Film (Film Format), super 8, Post-rock (Musical Genre), Instrumental (Composition Type)

  • mamihlapinatapai meaning and pronunciation

    mamihlapinatapai meaning and pronunciation MP3

    (Noun) Two people looking at each other each hoping the other will do what both desire but neither is willing to do (from Tierra del Fuego). mamihlapinatapai ...

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  • MAMIHLAPINATAPAI* un film di Paolo Calabresi

    MAMIHLAPINATAPAI* un film di Paolo Calabresi MP3

    MAMIHLAPINATAPAI* è il primo film interamente girato con la rear view camera di una ŠKODA Octavia. L'ottica non è stata modificata. Scopri di più su ...

    Tags: The Art of Clever, Paolo Calabresi, Octavia, Mamihlapinatapai, Rear View Camera, Retro Camera, Film, Movie, Populous, Dead Sea, Bad Panda Records, Folk Wisdom, Musica, Coreografia, Livia Gianiorio, Gianni Eligiano, Francesco di Giorgio, Fabrizio Russo, Antonio Fatini, Klein Russo, BEA, Sator



    A look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves. Created by ...

    Tags: mamihlapinatapai, dialog, girl, boy, date, CMF

  • Bosso / Girotto - 03 - Mamihlapinatapai- Sol latin mood (2008)

    Bosso / Girotto - 03 - Mamihlapinatapai- Sol latin mood (2008) MP3


    Tags: Bosso, Girotto, 03, Mamihlapinatapai-, Sol, latin, mood, (2008)

  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Mamihlapinatapai é uma palavra usada pelos povos da Terra do Fogo que significa "olhar um para o outro esperando que o outro se ofereça para fazer o que ...

    Tags: Mamihlapinatapai, pseudo, filme, de, arte, caseiro, pretensioso, chato, artistico, amor, love, morte, death, cemiterio, vida, life, tartaruga, turtle, gato, gata, cat, bird, ceu, sky, full, movie, inteiro

  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    AMTAP I love You !

    Tags: AMTAP, fiction, Short film, minimalism, nica, nimic

  • Giorni di Noia - Mamihlapinatapai

    Giorni di Noia - Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Giorni di Noia - Mamihlapinatapai -diritti musicali di Marco Fastidio e Gionata Rossi- -riprese di Giulia Del Sorbo- -musica e montaggio di Marco Fastidio e ...

    Tags: giorni di noia, rock, psichedelic, alternative, gionny fuzz, marco fastidio, fausto, Indie

  • Mamihlapinatapai- Life in a day

    Mamihlapinatapai- Life in a day MP3

    "You know when mamihlapinatapei has just happened. It is that look across the table when two people are sharing an unspoken but private moment. When each ...

    Tags: Mamihlapinatapai, Life in a day, Yaghan, Kookaburras

  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Tags: umdst12, umdst

  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Two individuals trying to seek meaning in their predisposed hopeless existence. Their journey from discontentment to finally finding themselves, hidden under ...

    Tags: Discontentment, William Fitzsimmons, AJK MCRC, Jamia, JMI, Delhi

  • Elefante y Los Ciegos - Mamihlapinatapai (Found Footage Video)

    Elefante y Los Ciegos - Mamihlapinatapai (Found Footage Video) MP3

    Encontramos un interesante video y nos pareció que, con algunos retoques nos podía servir para acompañar la música de nuestra canción "mamihlapinatapai, ...

    Tags: elefante y los ciegos, mamihlapinatapai, Found Footage (Film Genre)

  • Noviolento - Mamihlapinatapai

    Noviolento - Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    ultimo track del EP que sacamos hace poco... escuchanos en bandcamp... y descarganos en el bandprofile de ...

    Tags: Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Vintage (Publisher)

  • Mamihlapinatapai ...

    Mamihlapinatapai ... MP3

    Tags: rod stewart, passion, eyes, love, hot, darling, beautiful, girl, woman, look, sensation, speak, with, call, slow, heart, spirit, touch, skin, finger, body, hand, shadow, dream, reality, power

  • Mika Denn - Mamihlapinatapai (N4M3 Remix)

    Mika Denn - Mamihlapinatapai (N4M3 Remix) MP3

    For those who remember, I uploaded a clip a long while ago of this little gem and now it's finally out! made my day, still loving this as much as I did back then!

    Tags: Mika, Denn, Mamihlapinatapai, N4M3, Remix, DnB, Deep, Minimal, terradnb, terradeepdnb

  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Mamihlapinatapai (sometimes spelled mamihlapinatapei) is a word from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, listed in The Guinness Book of World ...

    Tags: Mamihlapinatapei, mamahlapinatpai, After Effects, typography

  • Elefante y Los Ciegos - Mamihlapinatapai | Sofar Santiago

    Elefante y Los Ciegos - Mamihlapinatapai | Sofar Santiago MP3

    Elefante y Los Ciegos performing "Mamihlapinatapai" at Sofar Santiago on May 10th, 2014. Click here to come to a show in your city: ...

    Tags: sofarsounds, songs from a room, sofar sounds, living room session, secret show, secret gig, unplugged sessions, pop up gig, live, lyrics, acoustic, cover, session, Elefante y Los Ciegos, Mamihlapinatapai, Sofar Santiago, en vivo, acustica, Pajaritos, flores, weird science, sepiida, elefante y los ciegos mamihlapinatapai live, elefante y los ciegos live, elefante y los ciegos pajaritos live, elefante y los ciegos sepiida live, elefante y los ciegos flores

  • Gấu ở đâu? - Nhung Tít - Mamihlapinatapai

    Gấu ở đâu? - Nhung Tít - Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Thấy bài ni hay với hợp tâm trạng nên mần lun cái video - lời họ hát chỉ có mấy cái hình xấu xí là của mền thôi :3 ... :v :v Ai có hứng thú thì sub...
  • Mamihlapinatapai

    Mamihlapinatapai MP3

    Tags: voo

  • Of Shape & Colour-Mamihlapinatapai (Only Love)

    Of Shape & Colour-Mamihlapinatapai (Only Love) MP3

    The official video for Of Shape & Colour's song Mamihlapinatapai (Only Love). The song is available here:

    Tags: Of shape and Colour, Only love, Fables, Little Nobody Boy, Indie rock, Sean Dahlman, OSAC, Mamihlapinatapai, Operatic Indie, Art Rock band, Indie Music Video, Of Shape and Colour Live, Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Post Rock, Epic Indie, Toast, Zach Herbert, Mia Jefferson, Sam Funk, Andre Keys, Jonsi

  • Daniel Maloso - Mamihlapinatapai

    Daniel Maloso - Mamihlapinatapai 'In And Out' Album MP3

    Daniel Maloso - Mamihlapinatapai 'In And Out' Album Track 07 BUY ALBUM NOW: CD: 2xLP+CD: ...

    Tags: Daniel Maloso, Mamihlapinatapai, In And Out, album, comeme, kompakt, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Deep House, Music, Tech, House, Techno, Tech-House, Dance, Pop, Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, Ibiza, party, music, club, matias aguayo, alejandro paz, ana helder, barnt, philipp gorbachev, DJs pareja, daniel maloso, sano, Barnt, geffen, isaac johan, rebolledo, diegors, one night in comeme