Lost In The Cosmic Void (The Original Pi Corp Tapes From 1973-1976)

  • Pi Corp.- Together(1973 - 1976)

    Pi Corp.- Together(1973 - 1976) MP3

    1:40 :)) from Lost In The Cosmic Void: The Original Pi Corp. Tapes From 1973 - 1976.

    Tags: blues, proto-metal, hard blues, psych, garage rock, hard prog, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, proto-doom, psychedelic, stoner doom, proto-stoner, heavy psych, early metal, 70s, 60s, progressive, classic rock, psychedelia, hard rock, Together

  • Pi Corp - Lost in the Cosmic Void

    Pi Corp - Lost in the Cosmic Void MP3

    Some tracks from the Pi Corp album "Lost in the Cosmic Void" recorded 1973-76. More info: http://allmusic.com/album/lost-in-the-cosmic-void-r600812.

    Tags: psychedelic rock, dark psych, 70s, hard rock, obscure, underground, krautrock, space rock