Live At Moma, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, 18. JUN, 1992

  • Aube - Live Performances

    Aube - Live Performances MP3

    Oh! Moro v.5 pt2 Aube - Live At Shuga-Do Gallery, Osaka, 23. SEP, 1992 "LUMINOUS" is the title of the contemporary art exhibition series by ARICHI+SASAOKA ...

    Tags: Aube, Merzbow, japanoise, noise, installation, dissecting, table

  • Oh! Moro Volume 5 (VHS) (Full Documentary)

    Oh! Moro Volume 5 (VHS) (Full Documentary) MP3

    Sorry that the Audio don't fits to the video sometimes. Volume 5 of the Kansai New Art Video Magazine, comes with one-sided folded A4 info-sheet. A collection ...

    Tags: Oh, Moro, Volume, vhs, full, complete, docu, documentary, Incapacitants, Hijokaidan, Live, Japan, China, Japanoise, Noise, Harsh, Experiment, Wall, HNW, Experimental, Aube