• Litany - Woman feat. Appleby

    Litany - Woman feat. Appleby MP3

    Majestic Casual - Experience music in a new way. » Facebook: » Soundcloud: ...

    Tags: Majestic Casual, Indie Electronic, Litany woman, litany appleby, litany majestic, litany majesticcasual, majesticcasual, majestic

  • Litany - Woman (Feat. Appleby) (Official)

    Litany - Woman (Feat. Appleby) (Official) MP3

    Lyrics: Never met a woman with eyes so soft I bet she's above getting jealous of another girl Is she only 21? I feel so small stood next to her When she comes in ...

    Tags: Litany, Appleby, Woman, Music, Eletronic, Soul, Alternative

  • The Litany of the Saints

    The Litany of the Saints MP3

    The Litany of the Saints (Litaniae Sanctorum) A traditional chant in the Catholic Church that praises God and his saints. Disclaimer : I do not own the music of this ...

    Tags: Litaniae, Sanctorum, Litaniae Sanctorum, prayer, catholic, latin, church, Christianity (Religion), Kyrie, Christe, Praise, Litany, Saints, Music, Gregorian, chants, Singing, Religion, Choir, Chorus

  • Litany - Slopes (Official)

    Litany - Slopes (Official) MP3

    Stay Connected: LYRICS: Caught in the dark, ...

    Tags: litany, slopes, soundcloud, new music, diy, 405, dazed, lyrics, ambient, 2014

  • Litany of the Saints  John Becker

    Litany of the Saints John Becker MP3

    A beautiful rendition of the Catholic Litany of the Saints. This arrangement is perfect for the Rite of Baptism within the Easter Vigil. May all holy men and women ...

    Tags: John Becker, Catholic, Catholic Art, Minor Brothers of Charity

  • 3-year-old recites poem, "Litany" by Billy Collins

    3-year-old recites poem, "Litany" by Billy Collins MP3

    This is my 3-year-old son. He loves poetry and he loves to memorize. Here he is reciting a poem called "Litany" by Billy Collins. Here is the text: "You are the ...

    Tags: Litany, Billy, Collins, 3-year-old, recite, child, poetry, talent, toddler, School, prodigy, Cute, NPR, Poem, kids, memory, memorization, Samuel, Chelpka



    In praise of the Creator's masterpiece, the perfection of His grace, "our tainted nature's solitary boast" (William Wordsworth).

    Tags: francisxcc, catholic, litany, virgin mary, christian, religious, religion, spiritual, spirituality, church, god, jesus, christ

  • Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus - EWTN

    Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus - EWTN MP3

    The litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus from EWTN. The litanies air everyday at 7:50 AM and repeat at 3:50 PM.

    Tags: litany, prayer, prayers, st, saint, precious, blood, jesus, christ, christian, catholic, ewtn, chant, priest, brothers, communion, eucharist, blessed, sacrament

  • Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus

    Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus MP3

    A prayer honoring Jesus' name in which one recalls God's majesty displayed by His only begotten Son. Jesus' name is most powerful, most adored, and most ...

    Tags: litany, jesus, name, Jezu, jesu, yeshua, jehovah, messiah, christ, holy, catholic, christian, prayer, meditation, Jesus Christ (Deity), Litany Of The Holy Name, Feast Of The Holy Name Of Jesus, Religion (TV Genre), Messiah (Handel), Spirit, Gospel, Truth, Lord, Salvation, Word, Yahweh (Deity)

  • Billy Collins - Litany

    Billy Collins - Litany MP3

    Complete video at: Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins discusses stealing material from ...

    Tags: poems, poetry, reading, reads, author, poets, stealing, steals, funny, comedy, comic, on, writing, writers, creative, foratv, fora, tv

  • Electric Litany - Νυχτωσε χωρις φεγγαρι. Για τον Τασο Θεοφιλου

    Electric Litany - Νυχτωσε χωρις φεγγαρι. Για τον Τασο Θεοφιλου MP3

    Σε αυτούς που βάζουν τα στήθη τους μπροστά για όλους μας. Σε αυτούς θα είμαστε πάντα αλληλέγγυοι. Διασκευή...

    Tags: 2015-06-06



    Created by: Michelle Sherliza, OP Music by: Veronica Morrissey.

    Tags: Slideshow

  • Vader - Litany Full Album

    Vader - Litany Full Album MP3

    0:00 - Wings 3:12 - The One Made of Dreams 5:02 - Xeper 9:03 - Litany 12:05 - Cold Demons 15:17 - The Calling 18:28 - North 20:06 - Forwards to Die!!! 21:44 ...
  • Litany of the Saints From John Paul II

    Litany of the Saints From John Paul II's Funeral MP3

    Litany of the Saints From John Paul II's Funeral.

    Tags: Litany, of, the, Saints

  • Litany 坂本龍一(Ryuichi Sakamoto) ピアノ演奏

    Litany 坂本龍一(Ryuichi Sakamoto) ピアノ演奏 MP3


    Tags: Ryuichi Sakamoto (Musical Artist), Piano (Musical Instrument)

  • Ordination Mass - Litany of the Saints

    Ordination Mass - Litany of the Saints MP3

    From the Odination Mass of Fr. Gerard Olinger, C.S.C. and Fr. Kevin Grove, C.S.C.. The Litany of the Saints is the portion of the mass when those to be ordained ...

    Tags: Ordination Mass, Olinger, Grove, Litany, Saints, Holy Cross

  • Litaniae Sanctorum (Litany of the Saints / Litanie dei Santi)

    Litaniae Sanctorum (Litany of the Saints / Litanie dei Santi) MP3

    The Litany of the Saints (Latin: Litaniæ Sanctorum) is a formal prayer of the Catholic Church (especially of the Roman Catholic Church). It is a prayer to the ...

    Tags: Litany of the Saints, Litanije svetih, Litanije svih svetih, Allerheiligenlitanei, Litaniae Sanctorum, The Litany of the Saints

  • Arvo Pärt   Litany

    Arvo Pärt Litany MP3

    Tags: Arvo, Litany




    Tags: electric, litany, tear, video

  • Phedora - The Litany (Demo 2013)

    Phedora - The Litany (Demo 2013) MP3

    Kolejny utwór lubelskiej formacji Phedora! Pomóżcie nam zostać najsłynniejszym zespołem metalowym z Lublina od czasu Ani Mru-Mru. Polecamy słuchać w ...

    Tags: phedora, phedoraband, the, litany, dragonfly, vanity, fair, helvellyn, here, with, me, dido, cover, niekryty, krytyk, lublin, kuba, wojewodzki, dorian, zacharski, mateusz, pawel, rywacki, lukasz, kazmierczak, kondziks, nie, igor, bazelan, balcerzan, prog, progressive, alternative, alternatywa, rock, metal, karnivool, pain, of, salvation, to, midland, katatonia, red, violin, strings, drums, piano, fortepian, fajne, chlopaki, no, kurwa, sam, sex, hd, blu, ray, geforce, radeon, minecraft, psy, gangnam style

  • Litaniae Sanctorum + Litany of the Saints / Litanie dei Santi

    Litaniae Sanctorum + Litany of the Saints / Litanie dei Santi MP3


    Tags: Litaniae, Sanctorum, Litany, Saints, Litanie, Santi, prayer, preghiera, Deus, God, Dio, Iesus, Jesus, Maria, Mary, gregorianus, gregorian, gregoriano, latinus, latin, latino

  • Corsican Litany By Vaclav Nelhybel

    Corsican Litany By Vaclav Nelhybel MP3

    Corsican Litany by Vaclav Nelhybel.

    Tags: concertbandland, corsican litany, vaclav nelhybel

  • "Litany" by Matt Maher

    "Litany" by Matt Maher MP3

    Music Video of Matt Maher's Litany song from his album entitled The End and the Beginning. Lyrics to "Litany" song: Saint Michael (Pray for us) Saint Timothy ...

    Tags: Saints, Litany, Matt Maher, Catholic, Roman Catholic, Rosary, Canada, Praise, Praise (song), Youth, Gospel (album), Pastor, Saint Francis, Litany of the saints, The end and the beginning, Ministry, Christianity (Religion), Matt Maher (Composer), Adoration, Mercy, Prayer (Quotation Subject), Holy Mary, saint michael, Music

  • John Cage - Litany for the Whale (1980)

    John Cage - Litany for the Whale (1980) MP3

    From the cd: Litany for the Whale - Theatre of Voices. Harmonia Mundi (HM 57) Voices: Alan Bennett and Paul Elliott Recitation and 32 responses for 2 equal ...

    Tags: John Cage, Litany for the Whale, Paul Hillier, Alan Bennett, Paul Elliott

  • Litany of the Saints

    Litany of the Saints MP3

    Icons are reminders of the spiritual world. They are windows into eternity; a holy space depicting sacred reality in the course of humanity. Iconography is the ...

    Tags: Litany, of, Saints, the

  • Powerful Novena Prayer to God the Father, Litany of Love to the Lord

    Powerful Novena Prayer to God the Father, Litany of Love to the Lord MP3

    My Father in heaven, how sweet it is to know that You are my Father and I am Your child! Especially when the skies of my soul are cloudy and my cross weighs ...

    Tags: Abba Father, Almighty God, Love of God, Love to God, Elshaddai, Almighty, Novena, Father in Heaven, Our Father, Loving God, Divine Mercy, Jesus, Trinity, Blessed, Miracle prayer, healing prayer, Mother Mary, God the Father, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Trinity, Father God, Jehovah, Abba, God, Powerful prayer, Prayer of Blessing, Blessing, protection, love, joy, peace, faith, happiness, hindu, yoga, meditation, islam, islamic, budhist, veda, vedic, allah, muslim, goddess, music, movies, sikh, religious

  • Saturnus - Litany of Rain

    Saturnus - Litany of Rain MP3

    Band - Saturnus Song - Litany of Rain Album - Saturn in Ascension Year - 2012 Country - Denmark Genre - Melodic Death/Doom Metal Lyrics: Like a faithless I ...

    Tags: Saturnus, Litany of rain, litany, ascension

  • Litany of Saints Becker

    Litany of Saints Becker MP3

    Journeysongs Third Edition Album. Litany of Saints by Becker.
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  • Hail Mary Litany MX7 INST 24-88.wav MP3
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