• This Film Sucks! The Science of Leeches for Geek Week

    This Film Sucks! The Science of Leeches for Geek Week MP3

    As part of YouTube Geek Week, the Ri and Dr Tim Cockerill explore the science of Leeches. As an entomologist, Tim is used to getting up close and personal ...

    Tags: Science, Ri, Royal Institution, Biology, Science Communication, YouTube Geek Week, Geek, Geek Week, Leeches, Worms, Blood, Vampires, Blood suckers, Hirudinea, Annelida, Suckers, Leech (Organism Classification)

  • Fear Factor Moments | Sucking Leeches

    Fear Factor Moments | Sucking Leeches MP3

    Would you rather lie in a tub covered in leeches... or suck 30 of them off your partner's body? Here at Fear Factor those are questions you actually have to ...

    Tags: Fear Factor (TV Program), Joe Rogan (Comedian), Fear Factor Stunt, Fear Factor Moments, Best of Fear Factor, FearFactor, Stunts

  • Shape of Life: Annelids - Leeches

    Shape of Life: Annelids - Leeches MP3



    Introducing The new season of Dirty Little Beauty Secrets! This season, there will be two hosts, one from each coast! In the New York corner, Beth Hoyt of Beth In ...

    Tags: Fashion, HowTo, ProjectRunway, MakeUp, Beauty, Girls, Beth Hoyt, Beth in Show, My Damn Channel, Dirty Little Beauty Secrets, Leech Therapy, Comedy, The Stylish, Funny, Therapy, harlemshake



    Leeches attached to the face! A leech will attack by getting on skin and feeding! You always have to be careful when leeches are around! :P Please subscribe ...

    Tags: leeches on face, Leech (Organism Classification), leech, leeches, leech therapy, leeches on skin, leeches attack, attack, leeches on people, leeches therapy, leech eating worm, monster leech, japan mountain leech, japan leech, leeches cure, therapy with leeches, therapy, eating blood filled leeches, blood filled leeches, leeches feeding, feeding

  • Leeches Cure

    Leeches Cure MP3

    Yes, leeches suck your bloodbut some believe that could be healthy for you. See All National Geographic Videos ...

    Tags: leech, blood, suck, cure, health, India, national geographic

  • Leech attack!! - Real Japan Monsters

    Leech attack!! - Real Japan Monsters MP3

    I made this video last summer after I had stopped to rest and discovered I was being fast consumed by a pair of leeches which were quite engorged on my blood.

    Tags: Japan, Nippon, Nihon, animal, creature, monster, beast, amazing animal, interesting animal, Japan animal, Real Japan Monsters, RealJapanMonsters, Kurt Bell, leech, mountain leech, Japanese Mountain Leech, Haemadipsa, zeylanica, hiru, yamabiru, softypapa, adventure, countryside, hike, hiking, walking, walking in Japan, hiking in Japan, Japan hiking, exploring, exploring Japan, Japan adventure

  • Monster leech swallows giant worm - Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4 - BBC Two

    Monster leech swallows giant worm - Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4 - BBC Two MP3

    Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p026glz8 A giant red leech hunts down a 70cm long blue worm and sucks it down like spaghetti.

    Tags: Colin Salmon, BBC, BBC2, BBC Two, Nature, Worm, Leech, Tropics, Tropical Islands, Monster, Wonders, Monsoon

  • How to stop Leeches

    How to stop Leeches MP3

    Backpackers and hikers all over the world know the horror of having leeches attack. There have even been stories of leeches living inside a BACKPACKERS ...

    Tags: blood, hiking, leeches, Leech, Bushchannel, suckers, Bush Channel, Health (Industry), Stop, backpacker, Backpacking (Sport), backpackers, vietnam leeches, vietnam leech, bush channel

  • Leeches - Stand by Me (5/8) Movie CLIP (1986) HD

    Leeches - Stand by Me (5/8) Movie CLIP (1986) HD MP3

    Stand by Me movie clips: http://j.mp/1CNqJRU BUY THE MOVIE: http://amzn.to/uAsLGj Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP ...

    Tags: stand by me, stand by me clip, stand by me ben e king, stand by me prince royce, corey feldman, river phoenix, jerry oconnell, wil wheaton, rob reiner, 20th century period pieces, drama, dramas based on the book, period pieces, andrew scheinman, raynold gideon, bruce a evans, fear videos, river videos, woods videos, chris chambers, gordie lachance, teddy duchamp, vern tessio, movie clips, movieclipsdotcom

  • Blutegel füttern / Feed the leeches

    Blutegel füttern / Feed the leeches MP3

    Meine vier Haustier-Blutegel (aus Sacki-Survival Teil 12) waren mal wieder hungrig und verlangten nach einer Blutmahlzeit :) My four pet leeches were hungry ...

    Tags: Survival, Outdoor, Wald, Wilderness, Sacki, Kai, Sackmann, Bushcraft, Naturnahrung, Essbare, Wildpflanzen, Abenteuer, Adventure, Wildnis, Wanderer, Wandern, training, forest, wood, woodland, nature, wilderness, ranger, trapper, adventure, Survival Skills, Gamsbokk, MusicInYaFace, Blutegel, Egel, feed, feeding, Leeches, Saliva, Blut, blood, saugen, suck, Hirudo, medicinalis, verbana

  • Tiger Leech vs. Freshwater Crab

    Tiger Leech vs. Freshwater Crab MP3

    A flesh-sucking Tiger Leech crosses paths with a tough Freshwater Crab!

    Tags: bugs, insects, spiders, battle, kill, prey

  • Leeches (2003) Full 01:21:45

    Leeches (2003) Full 01:21:45 MP3

    Common-type aquatic leeches grow to large size after feeding on steroid-laced blood of a number of college endurance swimmers, and then the nasty creatures ...

    Tags: Hot Mens, Hot Boys, Speedo, Swimming (Sport), Horror (Film Genre), swimmers, college, Hunk, muscle

  • Leech drinking my blood

    Leech drinking my blood MP3

    Irma got her lunch today :3 After this it bled for about 14 hours. Irma is one of my Hirudo Verbana. They are very sweet and interesting pets. Soft and squishy and ...

    Tags: bloodsucking, leech, hirudo, medicinalis, verbana

  • YUCK! Avoiding Ticks and Leeches

    YUCK! Avoiding Ticks and Leeches MP3

    Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! http://bit.ly/BWchannel Watch More - http://bit.ly/BTsnappingturtle On this Behind the Adventure episode Coyote answers a question ...

    Tags: adventure, adventurous, animals, breaking, breaking trail, coyote, coyote peterson, peterson, snapping turtle, swamp, trail, turtle, wild, animal bite, bite, bitten, kid friendly, family friendly, behind the scenes, ticks leeches, ticks, leeches, blood suckers, bugspray, bugs, parasites, deer ticks, lyme, lyme disease, spotted fever, tick diseases, tick, leech bite, tick bite, removing ticks, removing leeches, swamp leech, dog tick, wood tick, blood

  • "Leech-nado"

    "Leech-nado" MP3

    Mysterious aggregation of aquatic leeches at an agricultural ditch-wetland junction near the Bay of Green Bay. I've seen many fishes at this site over past years, ...

    Tags: Leech, Aquatic, Invertebrates, Parasite, Freshwater, Wetland, Stream

  • Hospital Uses Leeches to Heal Patients

    Hospital Uses Leeches to Heal Patients MP3

    Using leeches for medical purposes dates back to medieval times, when they were used to treat obesity and gout. But today, St. Alexius Hospital is using the ...

    Tags: Leech Therapy, Bismarck Hospital

  • NOVA scienceNOW : 44 - Leeches, The Search for ET, Stem Cells Breakthrough, Profile: Edith Widder

    NOVA scienceNOW : 44 - Leeches, The Search for ET, Stem Cells Breakthrough, Profile: Edith Widder MP3

    Leeches - 02:00 Leeches can consume seven or eight times their body weight in blood, says leech expert Mark Siddall. As doctors are now discovering, this ...

    Tags: leeches, blood, medicine, medical, anti-coagulant, et, radio, dish, telescope, star, space, seti, extraterrestial, solar system, civilization, antenna, are we alone, stem, cells, microbiology, researcg, skin, genetic, gene, embryo, embronic, biomedical, ips, induced pluripotent stem, treat, diseases, edith widder, marine, biologist, ocean, floor, bioluminescence, biochemical, emission, light, bioluminescent, animal, murky, depth, wavelength of light, pbs, nova, sciencenow, Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Red Belly Piranha eating leeches.

    Red Belly Piranha eating leeches. MP3

    Here is a short video of my piranhas eating leeches for the first time.

    Tags: 6, 26, 12, 010

  • Roose Bolton & his Leeches: Why does Roose leech? (PART 1)

    Roose Bolton & his Leeches: Why does Roose leech? (PART 1) MP3

    Let's talk about why Roose uses leeches (PART 1)! ○SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1yRf3uR○ Support the Channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rawrist ...

    Tags: rawrist, myrawrist, game of thrones epic history, game of thrones theory, game of thrones theories, roose bolton theory, bolton theory, bolton theories, roose bolton, game of thrones spoilers, epic history, epic house history, ramsay bolton, ramsay bolton theory, game of thrones crazy theories, asoiaf theories, asoiaf theory, roose bolton end game, roose bolton vampire, roose bolton leeches

  • Michael Mosley is bitten by a leech - Infested! Living with Parasites - BBC Four

    Michael Mosley is bitten by a leech - Infested! Living with Parasites - BBC Four MP3

    Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03vrwj8 Michael Mosley is bitten by a medical leech, under the supervision of Prof Iain Whitaker who ...

    Tags: Dr Michael Mosley, Section Tag Sn13, medical leeches, medical leech, BBC science, science, Health, Leech (Organism Classification), tapeworm video, Michael Mosley, leeches, medical

  • MST3K - 406 - Attack of the Giant Leeches

    MST3K - 406 - Attack of the Giant Leeches MP3

    Visit http://www.club-mst3k.com for more episodes.

    Tags: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (TV Program), MST3K

  • Tool-Ticks & Leeches-Johnkew Drum Cover

    Tool-Ticks & Leeches-Johnkew Drum Cover MP3

    A pattern I've noticed with Danny Carey is his subtlety, which is definitely NOT the first thing you notice about this song. Gonzo is a more appropriate term.

    Tags: Tool (Musical Group), tool drum cover, johnkew drum cover, drum cover, ticks and leeches, tool ticks and leeches, ticks and leeches drums, danny carey, danny carey ticks and leeches, danny carey drum cam, ticks and leeches drum cam, Progressive Metal (Musical Genre), Drums, Circle, Lateralus (Musical Album), sonor drums, drum workshop, sabian

  • Leeches Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

    Leeches Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful MP3

    Is there anything beautiful about leeches? Well, they have 32 brains and suck your blood, but that is more weird and gross. Um, they've been used to help ...

    Tags: catie wayne, weird, gross, beautiful, animals, crazy animals, ugly animals, weird animals, beautiful animals, boxxybabee, leeches, leeches are gross, how many species of leech are there, land leeches, water leeches, medical leeches, asexual

  • Sunset Overdrive: Leeches On Her Boobs!

    Sunset Overdrive: Leeches On Her Boobs! MP3

    Purposely getting bitten by a lot of leeches for a mission in Sunset Overdrive. One of the games funniest missions. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subcot Like my ...

    Tags: sunset overdrive, funny cutscene, leech, bitten by leeches, leech pond mission, girl bitten by leeches, covered entirely in leeches, jackass, sunset overdrive stunts, getting high on leeches, on a trip, bitten by leeches in underwear, xbox one title, exclusive, death scenes, fizzco, larpers, wendy, lava, leech on boobs, calloftreyarch, RICHARDx617

  • Tool - Ticks & Leeches (Live DVD 2012)

    Tool - Ticks & Leeches (Live DVD 2012) MP3

    Tool. Ticks & Leeches. Live DVD 2012. Tool Live 2012. More here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL95tYdtk_k.

    Tags: Tool, Tool (Musical Group), Tool Live, Tool Live DVD, Tool Live DVD 2012, Tool Live 2012, ToolArchive

  • medical leeches

    medical leeches MP3

    medical leeches used on my foot.

    Tags: leeches, medical

  • True BloodSuckers - Leeches

    True BloodSuckers - Leeches MP3

    http://www.sciencefriday.com For many of us, there are few creatures more nefarious and loathsome as leeches. But do these parasites deserve their bad ...

    Tags: science, friday, leeches, leech, bloodsucker, blood, anti-coagulant, hirudin, thrombin, worms, mark siddall, amnh, American Museum Of Natural History (Museum)

  • Lemony Snicket - The leeches scene

    Lemony Snicket - The leeches scene MP3

    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

    Tags: lemony snicket, movie, 2004

  • Tool - Ticks & Leeches [HD]

    Tool - Ticks & Leeches [HD] MP3

    No rights claimed or implied...

    Tags: Tool (band), Lateralus, Ticks And Leeches, Alex Grey (artist)

  • Verbal Abuse - Leeches.mp3 MP3
  • 02. Leeches.mp3 MP3
  • 10 Leeches.mp3 MP3