Hot new video directed by Eddie Whelan. Shot in London, paid for with dirty money. Buy the new album here:

    Tags: warm brains, languid tarmac, rory attwell, brattwell recordings, eddie whelan

  • Little Tybee

    Little Tybee's Josh Martin "Languid Beaks" MP3

    In this piece I tried to explore some of the liberties that can come with specific types of limitation. This is somewhat peculiar considering I play an extended range ...

    Tags: josh Martin, little tybee, 8-string, extended range, 7-string, animals as leaders, Tosin abasi, Evan brewer, koalanights, estrela, INDMUSIC

  • Languid - Chill It Out

    Languid - Chill It Out MP3

    A relaxation bump I made yesterday, drink green tea and chill errbody.

    Tags: languid, chill, it, out, rnb, hip, hop, sample, beat, relaxation, Bollywood, visuals, green, tea, vibes, 1970s, film, underground, reason, beats, edirol, pcr, 30

  • Languid - SumWun

    Languid - SumWun MP3

    Tags: instrumentals, beat, makers, hip-hop, future, modern, music, beats, underground, experimental, loops, abstract, hip, hop, electronic, glitch, glitch-hop, instrumental, japanese, japan, jazz, mad-hop, Anime, Languid, SumWun, Pheels, Languid - SumWun

  • Languid Pennsylvania / Forever Lesbians Documentary

    Languid Pennsylvania / Forever Lesbians Documentary MP3

    Doc about us recording our new album at our friend Matt's house and with Caleb at Red Bull studios in NYC.

    Tags: holymoly

  • Dessa - Into The Spin

    Dessa - Into The Spin MP3

    "Into The Spin" off of A Badly Broken Code Directed by Isaac Gale The album "A Badly Broken Code" is available now ...

    Tags: dessa, badly, broken, code, into, the, spin, doomtree

  • Languid Libretto/Carl Hancock Rux/Sony 550

    Languid Libretto/Carl Hancock Rux/Sony 550 MP3

    Single from Carl Hancock Rux's "Rux Revue"cd/Sony 550. Lead Vocals: Carl Hancock Rux, Featured Vocals: Helga Davis Background Vocals: C. Rux Produced ...

    Tags: carl, hancock, rux, alternative, pop, soul, neoblues, winans, calarts, experimental, video, electronic

  • Languid - Somewhere In Amsterdam

    Languid - Somewhere In Amsterdam MP3

    A dilla kinda beat I made for my trip to Amsterdam, featured on the 'Pragmatic Theory -- New Classic' Compilation Album ...

    Tags: languid, somewhere, in, amsterdam, beat, hip, hop, college, trip, dilla, pharcyde, fall, love, sample, Instrumental, Beats, vinyl, weird, manequins, water, canals, night, scenery, all, the, nice, stuff, coach, ferry, market, chinese, suit, digging the crates, jazz, underground, abstract, ninja, drunk, talking, stoops, reason 5, edirol, pcr, 30, Producer, music, J Dilla (Record Producer), ipswich, producer, beats

  • Languid Pennsylvania - Gilgamesh (Official F

    Languid Pennsylvania - Gilgamesh (Official F'n ROck Video) MP3

    Official vid featuring Nick PEdro and his elegantly placed movements ----- you're gonna LOVE this one. (STEFAN SAYS -- Morality is Arbitrary***) check it out on ...

    Tags: languid pennsylvania, pa, morality, is, arbitrary, stefan, milojevic, rock, music, Rock Music (Film Genre), Official, Fantasy, World, Alternative, Lyrics, Punk, Band, Square, Punk Rock (Musical Genre), Live, Indie, Garage, Garage (album), Post, Bands, Metal, Local

  • The Languid Current - Through The Air

    The Languid Current - Through The Air MP3

    The Languid Current performing Through The Air Live From The Roof, October 12, 2015 Director of Photography - Joshua Provost Copyright Viscus Productions ...

    Tags: The Languid Current, Through The Air, Viscus Productions

  • Languid - Farewell

    Languid - Farewell MP3

    Languid's "Farewell" ...from the Rootnote Collective "Six Deep" compilation, released June 16, 2014. Stream/download in full at ...

    Tags: Rootnote, Collective, Six, Deep, Compilation, Languid

  • Memorize SAT Vocab | Magnanimous & Languid | Student Memory Training

    Memorize SAT Vocab | Magnanimous & Languid | Student Memory Training MP3

    Memorize SAT Vocab | Magnanimous & Languid | Students Memory Training. Free Memorize Names: Contact/Bring Luis ...

    Tags: aemind, ae mind, luis angel, luis echeverria, nelson dellis, memory training, ron white, memory champion, Simon Reinhard, improve memory, memory, improve your memory, memory coach, improve your focus, brain, ae mind memory, memory championship, memory games, brain games, science channel, memorize sat words, sat vocab, sat vocabulary, sat words, sat vocab words, sat vocabulary words, vocab words, vocabulary words, learn sat vocab, visualize, languid, magnanimous

  • The Languid Current - II/XXIV\XIV - Music Video

    The Languid Current - II/XXIV\XIV - Music Video MP3

    The Languid Current II/XXIV\XIV D R E A M G I R L  E P Copyright Viscus Productions 2015 D R E A M G I R L  E P available 08/18/15 Credits: Director - The ...

    Tags: The Languid Current, Dreamgirl EP, Viscus Productions

  • Languid - Yaki Soba

    Languid - Yaki Soba MP3

    I loooooove yaki soba dude DL Link -

    Tags: languid, yaki, soba, noodles, japanese, laguid, love, japan, hip, hop, album, zimbabwean, producer, asian, sample, beats, Tokyo, Hip Hop, reason, jazz, abstract, choppy

  • Languid - No Greater Love

    Languid - No Greater Love MP3

    Track from the new' Pheels' LP -

    Tags: languid, no, greater, love, japanese, vids, adverts, flowers, pretty, women, hip, hop, beats, reason 5, edirol, pcr, 50, ipswich, uk, britain, pheels, LP, United Kingdom (Country), Hip Hop, Instrumental, Beat, Producer

  • Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid (Stephanos)

    Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid (Stephanos) MP3

    Text by: John Mason Neale 1862 Tune: Stephanos by Henry W Baker 1868 1 Art thou weary, art thou languid, Art thou sore distressed? Come to Me, saith One, ...

    Tags: piano, piano music, Andrew Remillard, Bach, hymn

  • KOME - Languid

    KOME - Languid MP3

    Soulness Side 2

    Tags: Kome, come, languid, soulness, side, hip, hop, beats, chops, only, edirol, pcr, 30, reason

  • M A T H B O N U S // Orchid ( From "Languid" EP )

    M A T H B O N U S // Orchid ( From "Languid" EP ) MP3

    W Λ V Ξ V I S I Θ N Λ Я ¥ ~ L Θ V Ξ S ~ M Λ T Ħ B Θ N U S ! ~ Deep Experimental melody ! ~ From MATHBONUS' EP : "LANGUID" Released and available here ...

    Tags: mathbonus, languid, orchid, fog, haunt me, the world is full of subtext, threads, steam engine, passage, hello flying, deliberation, absence, inkling, snowball, sunset, nightfall, cozy air, gloaming, chillwave, chill, out, lo-fi, glo-fi, hypnagogic, dreamwave, dream, wavevision, pop, beach, records, music, sand, hot, sunrise, indie, ocean, surfing, Palm, Florida, Alternative, Surf, Cool, touch, electro, house, frenchtouch, ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Waves, future, garage, french, nu, disco, shoegaze, groovy, jazzy, wavevision1

  • Languid - 4 Track Demo

    Languid - 4 Track Demo MP3

    Languid - 4 Track Demo 2015 01.Parasites 00:00 02.Useless Life 01:26 03.Shelled Insanity 03:44 04.Silence 05:37 Canadian dbeat raw hardcore punk from ...

    Tags: Languid, Punk, Band

  • The Estranged-Languid Sky

    The Estranged-Languid Sky MP3

    The Estranged-st LP
  • Firefrost - Languid day (2015)

    Firefrost - Languid day (2015) MP3

    Black Metal from France From the "Inner Paradox" album released in 2015 Site: BandCamp: ...

    Tags: Lightfox177, Black Metal, atmospheric black metal, lustre, nachtzeit, summoning, mirkwood, burzum, elderwind, midnight odyssey, petrychor, spectral lore, trist, gris, nychts, Wolves in the Throne Room, elffor, windir, bathory, austere, woods of desolation, coldworld, taake, satanic warmaster, immortal, emperor, alcest, ulver, land of the dead, xasthur, wedard, agalloch, skogen, fen, nokturnal mortum, caladan brood, emyn muil

  • Languid - Her (Feat. Broke/) (Free DL)

    Languid - Her (Feat. Broke/) (Free DL) MP3

    Languid (L△nguⓘd) has just released a free album titled 'Love Japan' and this is just one of many great tracks, so whats not to like.. go get it, sit back and relax ...

    Tags: languid, her, broke, free, download, electronic, electronica, instrumental, beatstrumental, ambient, ambience, rap, rapper, hiphop, hip, hop, Hip Hop, rain, chill, chillwave

  • Languid - Faceless Terror

    Languid - Faceless Terror MP3

    Live @ the Wunderbar, Edmonton AB, November 30th 2014 PUNK.

    Tags: punk, discharge, dischange, edmonton punk, dbeat, Ra pUnk, to the max, to the dome, no blast beats, hm-2, peavey worship, languid, live

  • Languid - Summer

    Languid - Summer's Here MP3

    Tags: Languid, Here, music, experimental, fusion, hip, hop, futuristic, underground, beats, glitch, electronica, here, instrumental

  • Languid - Unreleased EP

    Languid - Unreleased EP MP3

    Languid - Unreleased EP 2015 01.Tragic Culmination 00:00 02.Faceless Terror 01:58 03.Bullet 04:22 Canadian raw hardcore punk from Edmonton Alberta ...

    Tags: Languid, Punk, Band

  • Languid - Sayonara

    Languid - Sayonara MP3

    From Languid Love Japan II which will be out real soon. More videos to come!

    Tags: languid, love, japan, ii, 2sayonara, goodbye, beats, hip hop, experimental, japanese, old school, vintage, vhs, sample, Hip, Hop, Tokyo

  • Lowering a Languid - Laliberté-Payment Organ Builders

    Lowering a Languid - Laliberté-Payment Organ Builders MP3

    Lowering a languid with a languid depresser. More details about voicing at Ajuster le biseau à l'aide de ...

    Tags: Pipe, Organ, Languid, Orgue, Tuyaux, Voicing, Harmonisation, Biseau

  • Lucidity by Languid Chromism

    Lucidity by Languid Chromism MP3

    Languid Chromism is a duo project involving Tyler Gnagie. Here is "Lucidity" by Languid Chromism. Enjoy! PLEASE SHOW YOUR FRIENDS!

    Tags: Music

  • 07 - Cooler -- Languid Radar End Of Side One.mp3 MP3
  • Seanmeezus - Languid.mp3 MP3