Lament I

  • Moondog - Lament I, "Bird

    Moondog - Lament I, "Bird's Lament" MP3

    1969 More Info :

    Tags: Moondog

  • Five Nights at Freddy

    Five Nights at Freddy's "Freddy's Lament pt. 3 FULL ANIMATION" (Skylegend Animation) MP3

    Subscribe to Skylegend Animation today! This is the full animation of Freddy's Lament pt. 3!

    Tags: Animation, Cartoon, Scary, Creepy, FNAF, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF 4, Freddy Fazbear, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Foxy the Pirate, Purple man, FNAF theory, FNAF theories, Springtrap, Animated, Skylegend Animation, Shadow Bonnie, Purple Freddy, Bite of 87, Bite of 83, Chilling

  • Connie

    Connie's Lament - I Want To Be There For You (Steven Universe Parody) MP3

    Lyrics Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive ...

    Tags: Steven Universe (TV Program), Steven Universe, Connie, Steven Universe Connie, su connie, stevonnie, steven universe stevonnie, su stevonnie, Parody, Full Disclosure, Steven Universe Full Disclosure

  • Rebecca Sugar - Steven

    Rebecca Sugar - Steven's Lament (I Don't Want That For You) (Lyrics) MP3

    Here is Rebecca Sugar singing the original demo of the song in 'Full Disclosure." Nick DeMayo is playing the guitar on this track. "Steven's Lament (I Don't Want ...

    Tags: Rebecca Sugar (TV Writer), Steven universe, adventure time, Cartoon Network (TV Network), lyrics, crystal gems, Zach Callison, Animated Cartoon (TV Genre)

  • Steven Universe - Steven

    Steven Universe - Steven's Lament (I Don't Want That For You) - Full Disclosure audio MP3

    Steven Universe - Full Disclosure SONG audio Extracted from the episode. Download mp3: ...

    Tags: steven universe, song, download, mp3, ringtone, stronger than you, i dont want that for you, garnet

  • Moondog - Bird

    Moondog - Bird's Lament MP3

    Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin, 1916-1999), il Vichingo della 6ª Avenue!

    Tags: moondog, louis, thomas, hardin, lament

  • Steven Universe - "Steven

    Steven Universe - "Steven's Lament/Full Disclosure (I Don't Want That For You)" Lyrics MP3

    Thanks for watching! *planet* I'm a mess, sorry. Yadda yadda, no copyright, I don't own music cx Follow me on twitter? ...

    Tags: undefined

  • Tori Amos - Trouble

    Tori Amos - Trouble's Lament MP3

    The official music video for Tori Amos' “Trouble's Lament” Download the "Trouble's Lament" Single Now iTunes - Amazon ...

    Tags: Tori, Amos, Lament, Mercury, Classics, Singer, Songwriter


    Trouble's Lament

    Tori Amos

    Trouble needs a home girls Trouble needs a home She fell out with Satan Now she's on the run But I have found her quite straightforward In her contracts and her deals She wa[...]
  • Purcell - Dido & Aeneas - When I am laid in earth (Dido

    Purcell - Dido & Aeneas - When I am laid in earth (Dido's lament) Elin Manahan Thomas MP3

    Tags: dido, lament, manahan

  • Nightmare Before Christmas  -  Jack

    Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack's Lament HQ MP3

    Jack's Lament from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Please watch in HD (720p)

    Tags: Tim, Burton, Danny, Elfman, Jack, Skellington, HD, Nightmare, Before, Christmas, Lament, Halloween, Zero, HQ, Blu, Ray

  • Karliene - Lament for Boromir

    Karliene - Lament for Boromir MP3

    Another highly requested one for you guys today. Taken from "The Lord of the Rings" books by J.R.R.Tolkien, a sad, funeral song sung by Aragorn and Legolas ...

    Tags: Lord of the Rings, Lament for Boromir, The Lord Of The Rings (Book), Sean Bean, Boromir, Aragon, Legolas, Lord Of The Rings (Game), The Hobbit, Ed Sheeran, I See Fire, Song of the Lonely Mountain, Into the West, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Celtic, Game of Thrones, The Rains of Castamere

  • The Lament of the Highborne [WoD Edition]

    The Lament of the Highborne [WoD Edition] MP3

    An updated version of the Lament of the Highborne. I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible (some clips are taken from the original Lament for ...

    Tags: wow, world of warcraft, machinima, blood elves, the lament of the highborne, sylvanas, windrunner, warlords of draenor, heroes of the storm

  • Jessye Norman, Dido

    Jessye Norman, Dido's lament "When I'm laid in earth". DIDO AND AENEAS, H. Purcell. MP3

    Jane Glover conducts the strings of the Orchestra of St. Luke's. Avery Fisher Hall, April 1994.

    Tags: Jessye Norman (Musical Artist), Henry Purcell (Musical Artist), Dido And Aeneas (Composition), Opera, Baroque Music (Broadcast Genre), Aria (Composition Type)

  • JACK

    JACK'S LAMENT (French Cover) The Nightmare Before Christmas MP3

    Now I've sung in Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian and French. What next I wonder. Well anyway, leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE!

    Tags: the nightmare before christmas, french, rock, tim burton, paris, norway, soundtrack, full movie, trailer, the nightmare before xmas, songs, song, jack, best, watch, streaming, nightmare, christmas, best movie

  • Langtree

    Langtree's Lament | Songs of the Series | Over The Garden Wall | Cartoon Network MP3

    Over The Garden Wall is a 5 night mystery adventure starting Monday, November 3, at 7/6c from Cartoon Network! The music is a big part of what makes it ...

    Tags: Cartoon Network (TV Network), Over The Garden Wall, Elijah Wood (Celebrity), Cartoon Network Over The Garden Wall, Elijah Wood Over The Garden Wall, Over The Garden Wall Music, Cartoon Network Music, New Cartoon Network Shows

  • Fluttershy

    Fluttershy's Lament MLH MP3

    We dedicate this video to the memory of our good friend Dondy Bethea. I wish you could see this one finished, Jefe... Here's a clip that we manage to do while in ...

    Tags: Fluttershy, MLP, MLH, My little pony, My little human, FIM, Friendship is magic, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Spike, CMC, Cutie mark crusaders, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Equestria, Girls, Music

  • The Lament of Captain Placeholder

    The Lament of Captain Placeholder MP3

    Update: You can now buy this song on iTunes and ...

    Tags: Cranius, WoW, Machinima, Menethil, Warcraft

  • Steven Universe - Steven

    Steven Universe - Steven's Lament (Remix) MP3

    Sorry it took so long to get this one uploaded! haha Free download at

    Tags: Steven Universe (TV Program), Remix (Industry), Music (TV Genre), Lament, videogameremixes

  • Moondog - Lament 1,

    Moondog - Lament 1, 'Bird's Lament' (mixed by Henrik Schwarz) MP3

    from DJ-Kicks (2006) mixed by Henrik Schwarz.

    Tags: henrik, schwarz, intro, dj, kicks, moondog, lament

  • The Decemberists - The Legionnaire

    The Decemberists - The Legionnaire's Lament (from Castaways & Cutouts) MP3

    "The Legionnaire's Lament" from the Castaways & Cutouts album. Out now on Kill Rock Stars. Check out the full album: ...

    Tags: Kill Rock Stars (Organization), killrockstars, indie rock, krs, decemberists, decemberists album, castaways album, Castaways And Cutouts (Musical Album), The Decemberists (Musical Group)

  • Zelda Twilight Princess: Midna

    Zelda Twilight Princess: Midna's Lament (Taylor Davis) - Violin MP3

    I'M GOING ON TOUR IN EUROPE! Download this song on iTunes here: Download on Loudr: ...

    Tags: Taylor Davis (Musical Artist), The Legend Of Zelda Series (Video Game Series), Violin (Musical Instrument), video game, music, theme, piano, violins, orchestra, live, video, gamer, zelda, midna, koji kondo

  • 【Lizz】Midna

    【Lizz】Midna's Lament【ORIGINAL LYRICS】 MP3

    Support me on Patreon! I'm sorry there aren't as many lyrics as expected, but I had to get this out...

    Tags: The Legend Of Zelda Series (Video Game Series), Midna (Fictional Character), Video Game (Industry), midnas lament, cover, lyrics, vocals, singing, fandub, youtaite, lizz, robinett, nucl3arw3ss3l, piano

  • 96neko - Yoshiwara Lament (English subs)

    96neko - Yoshiwara Lament (English subs) MP3

    I was forced to take down the original Teto version of Yoshiwara Lament a long time ago, so I thought, "F*** the police" and subbed KanzentaiCell's cover.

    Tags: vocaloid, utau, cover, original, pv, download, mp3, mp4, translation, encode, English, sub, eng, hardsub, ericaoh95, ericaohmg95, 96neko, kuroneko, KasaneTeto, Kasane Teto, Yoshiwara Lament, Yoshiwara, Lament, sm18642797, sm18415202, sm18395392, utaite, nico singer, nicosinger, nico, singer

  • Zelda Twilight Princess: Midna

    Zelda Twilight Princess: Midna's Lament - Metal Cover || RichaadEB (ft. insaneintherainmusic) MP3

    I really wanted to do this one justice. Also progressive post-metal fusion is your new favorite genre. 〚MIDNA'S LAMENT || THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT ...

    Tags: The Legend Of Zelda Series (Video Game Series), The Legend of Zelda music, Twilight Princes Music, Twilight Princess Guitar, Twilight Princess Metal, Twilight Princess Remix, Zelda Guitar Cover, Zelda Metal Cover, Richaadeb, LoZ Music, LoZ Metal, LoZ Guitar, PRS, Video Game Music

  • Fluttershy

    Fluttershy's Lament MP3

    No I did not make the song. This is just sort of how I envisioned the clips running together if the original song were made out of actual video clips along with ...

    Tags: my, little, pony, friendship, is, magic, mlp, fim, lament, alllevelsatonce, song, remix, music, video, fluttershy, wants, to, be, tree, brony, fluttertree, flutt3rtree, ibeatree, filly, synchtube, room

  • Starbomb - Inky

    Starbomb - Inky's Lament - Pacman Animated Music Video MP3

    The Four Ghosts Decide they have had enough and are going to stand up to the evil Pacman in this Hilarious Animated StarBomb song You should really check ...

    Tags: pacman, inky, animated starbomb, starbomb animated, starbomb, animated music video, animation, parody, pacman parody, pacman song, starbomb pacman, music video, cartoon, comedy, video game song, video game parody, animated video game parody, animated, song, funny song, ninja sex party, egoraptor, Spoof, New, Funny

  • Steven Universe Steven

    Steven Universe Steven's lament LYRICS MP3

    Steven Universe Steven's lament LYRICS Episode: Full disclosure. I don't want that for you or Full disclosure song. Artist: Rebecca Sugar Vocal: Zach Callison ...

    Tags: Steven Universe (TV Program), Animated Cartoon (TV Genre), Steven Universe extended, Full disclosure, Lament, Want, That, For, You), loop

  • Bear McCreary - Gaetas Lament

    Bear McCreary - Gaetas Lament MP3

    The song where Gatea is singing in the medical ward, with his amputated leg. (lyrics at bottom) Featuring Alessandro Juliani, vocals, Words by Michael Angeli, ...

    Tags: season 4 gaetas song, medical room, final season, gaeta leg shot, amputated leg, felix gaeta, bsg song, bear mccreary, battlestar galactica, hospital song, gaeta sings

  • Fluttershy

    Fluttershy's Lament (1 hour loop) MP3


    Tags: fluttershy

  • pinkies lament lyrics

    pinkies lament lyrics MP3

    I was a bit bussy, so i apologise if i made some mistakes... but enjoy :)

    Tags: Lyrics (Website Category), cheese sanwich, sad pinkie, pinkies song, pinkie pie, pinkamena, Lament

  • 11 - Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626, Act 3_ Thy hand, Belinda... Wh.mp3 MP3
  • Purcell - Dido & Aeneas - When I am laid in earth (Dido's lament) Elin Manahan Thomas.mp3 MP3
  • Healing Leaf Ame ni utau hanashi shikyoku.mp3 MP3