Kotomi Mitsui

  • 幕末レター

    幕末レター MP3

    幕末時代と現代を行き来する謎の手紙。 時空を超えたラブストーリーをイメージした曲です。 2015年9月よりiTunes、Amazon、レコチョク等にて配信...
  • Clannad - Dutch Full Fandub Auditions {open}

    Clannad - Dutch Full Fandub Auditions {open} MP3

    LEES DIT A.U.B.: We zouden graag een reserve hebben voor Tomoya, dus je kan nog auditie doen voor zijn stem. Je hebt inmiddels 99% kans om de hele rol te ...

    Tags: clannad, dutch, nederlands, gedubt, dubben, fandubben, anime, fandub, full, helemaal, karakters, audities, auditions, aditie

  • *[MiraCasting]*  Clannad series

    *[MiraCasting]* Clannad series MP3

    Hi everyone 8D I decided to make this Clannad casting 8D Almost everything is in the video but not my skype name :) My skype name is : Mermaidmira Sooo...

    Tags: casting, clannad, series, tomoya, nagisa, after, story

  • Clannad - 05 The Scenery With A Carving

    Clannad - 05 The Scenery With A Carving MP3

    Clannad Episode 5 "The Scenery With A Carving" "Chōkoku no Aru Fūkei" (彫刻のある風景) Tomoya and Nagisa went to meet Kouko. In order to help Fuko out, ...

    Tags: ss, eclipse, Clannad, 05, 1024x576, H264, 7843add9, 5

  • Let

    Let's Play Clannad (Fuko) Final Part 2/3 - Kouko's Wedding MP3

    I have to say this scene is beautiful with the music added in (It just never sounded right to me because it didn't have the soundtrack after the fuko pranks) I ...

    Tags: lets, play, clannad, path, final, part, fuko, kouko, ibuki, mitsui, yuusuke, yoshino, youhei, sunohara, tomoya, okazaki, anime, manga, walkthrough, playthrough, lp, gaming, gameplay, video, game, visual, novel, wedding, beautiful, music, scene, starfish, gift, to, her, sister

  • One Denied

    One Denied MP3

    Come join us at CLANNAD (クラナド/Kuranado) on Facebook, the most active Clannad fan page.

    Tags: Clannad, Kuranado, Facebook, Central, ClannadCentral, Fuko, Ibuki, Mitsui, Tomoya, Okazaki, Nagisa, Furukawa, One, Denied, Episode, 05

  • Tanaka Reina (Chipmunks version.).mp4

    Tanaka Reina (Chipmunks version.).mp4 MP3

    Tags: Reina Tanaka, Alvin And The Chipmunks, Morning Musume, Sexy Boy, Hello Project