• How to Make a Rose Origami with Kleenex Scented Tissue for Your Loved Ones

    How to Make a Rose Origami with Kleenex Scented Tissue for Your Loved Ones MP3

    The simplest gifts are often the most thoughtful ones. Make your loved ones smile today with a Rose Origami flower from Kleenex Scented Tissue! Get your free ...
  • KLEENEX - nice

    KLEENEX - nice MP3

    english-language infos plus lyrics see below ======================================= KLEENEX waren, neben den englischen Bands SLITS und ...

    Tags: alternative, indie, kleenex, liliput, band, nice, postpunk, music, video, Punk, Alternative Rock, tv-show, mital-U, 80er, 80s, Punk Rock (Musical Genre), Wave (Musical Group), Rock Music (Film Genre)

  • Tiny Miracles

    Tiny Miracles MP3

    A grateful group of parents and their children show a beloved NICU nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia how much her loving care was ...
  • Kleenex | Uma história sobre mães, filhas e lenços

    Kleenex | Uma história sobre mães, filhas e lenços MP3

    A primeira apresentação de balé e um final inesperadamente emocionante. São histórias incríveis como esta que Kleenex quer conhecer. Assista ao vídeo ...

    Tags: Kleenex Brasil, KleenexBrasil, ballet, supresa, menina, menininha, choro, alegria, conquista, sapatilha, mulher moderna, propaganda

  • Unlikely Best Friends

    Unlikely Best Friends MP3

    A man finds companionship in a dog that faces the same struggles as he does. By giving him a chance, the two overcome life's obstacles together.
  • Cursed Kleenex Commercial Changing At Midnight (WARNING - SCARY!)

    Cursed Kleenex Commercial Changing At Midnight (WARNING - SCARY!) MP3

    This video was sent to us from a viewer that wishes to remain anonymous. It shows the same video before and after the stroke of midnight, and how the two are ...

    Tags: shroudedhand, weird, cursed advert, cursed video, real paranormal activity, paranormal, japanese ghost, easter egg, harlem shake easter egg, Ghost, Paranormal Activity (Film), Ghosts, Scary, New, Haunted, Tape, Jersey, Caught, Easter, Egg, scary, ufo, supernatural, ghost adventures

  • A Shining School

    A Shining School MP3

    The staff and students at a Nashville elementary school take a moment to express their love and gratitude for their beloved school custodian.
  • Time for a Change

    Time for a Change MP3

    The first day back at school can be tough, but sometimes all somebody needs is to know someone else cares. Kleenex® - #ShareKleenexCare Share a ...

    Tags: Bus (Transit Service Type), Kleenex (Brand), Kleenex, Kleenex Brand, Kleenex video, Kleenex commercial, Someone needs one, Messages of Care, Share the Care, Kleenex Care, sharing tissues, sharing Kleenex, commercial, Kleenex tissues, tear jerker, tear jerker commercials, kids on school bus

  • Japanese baby ogre kleenex commercial

    Japanese baby ogre kleenex commercial MP3

    This is the infamous Kleenex commercial from 1986 that viewed in Japan, and is the subject of a popular urban legend where everyone involved in the ...

    Tags: kleenex, commercial, curse, ogre, CM

  • Kleenex - "Hedi

    Kleenex - "Hedi's Head" (1978) MP3

    "Hedi's Head" from the Liliput/Kleenex   "Live Recordings, TV Clips & Road Movie" CD/DVD collection. Out now on Kill Rock Stars. Check out the full album: ...

    Tags: kill rock stars, killrockstars, indie rock, indie pop, krs, punk rock, Kill Rock Stars (Organization), Punk, Liliput (Musical Group), Nice, Indie, 1978

  • KLEENEX Kiss Of Life

    KLEENEX Kiss Of Life MP3

    Tags: Kleenex (Brand), Film (Media Genre), Hanky, Taschentuch, Papiertaschentuch, Nastuch, Tempo, Mutter, Tochter, Abschied, Auszug, Schule, winken, Abschiedsschmerz, emotional, Kleenex Schweiz, Kimberly-Clark, Kleenex Film, Kleenex Spot

  • Cursed Kleenex Commercial Debunked

    Cursed Kleenex Commercial Debunked MP3

    Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ScareTheater My Second Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ECWGaming Previous Video: http://bit.ly/1KR9c21 I'm ...

    Tags: Cursed, Kleenex, Commercial, Debunked, debunk, debunking, explain, explained, explanation, at, midnight, mid, night, tissue, tissues, Japan, Japanese, Urusei, Yatsura, anime, Akaoni, Oni, folk, lore, folkore, myth, urban, legend, Keiko, Matsuzaka, Debunker, Japanese Urban Legend, creepy, scary, pasta, creepypasta, unnerving

  • Oldelaf - Kleenex (Lyric Video)

    Oldelaf - Kleenex (Lyric Video) MP3

    « Kleenex» extrait de l'album « Dimanche » disponible sur itunes : http://smarturl.it/k0c03o En concert au Zénith de Paris le 29 novembre 2014 ...

    Tags: Oldelaf, Kleenex, video, clip, lyric, lyrics, paroles, oldelaf, kleenex, dimanche, roymuisclabel, roy music

  • Kleenex - Ain

    Kleenex - Ain't You MP3

    Swiss female post-punk/new wave band active from 1978 to 1983.

    Tags: kleenex, liliput, punk

  • Cursed Kleenex Commercial

    Cursed Kleenex Commercial MP3

    The crew that made this commercial ether died or had very bad luck... DON'T WATCH AT 12:00 A.M! You have been warned.

    Tags: creepypasta, lost, episode, 34, scary, spooky, halloween, Ghost, Commercial, Spot, Ghosts, Haunted, Tape, Caught, Real, Spirit, Spirits, Hunters, Activity, Gold, Advertisement, Television, Supernatural, Creepy, Demons, Ghostbusters, Evil, Caught Tape, Mansion, Hunting, Strange, Duct, Mystery, Ufo, Footage, Mysteries, Myth, Paranormal Activity, Investigation, Orb, Taps, Ghost Hunters, Camera, Stories, Alien, Medium, Evidence, Monsters, Graveyard, Duct Tape, Psychic

  • Kleenex Power of Scent

    Kleenex Power of Scent MP3

    What if scent had the power to change your mood? Feel the uplifting power of scent with the 1st ever Kleenex® Scented facial tissues. Find out more at ...
  • Kleenex - You / Ü

    Kleenex - You / Ü MP3

    Both sides of the last single the band made under their original name. Afterwards vocalist Regula Sing left the band and they renamed to Liliput.

    Tags: Kleenex, Liliput, friendly, angry, side, 1979, Swiss, punk

  • Oldelaf - Kleenex

    Oldelaf - Kleenex MP3

    Oldelaf, album « Dimanche » disponible sur itunes : http://smarturl.it/k0c03o En concert au Zénith de Paris le 29 novembre 2014 http://bit.ly/oldelaf-zenith ...

    Tags: Oldelaf, Kleenex, oldelaf, kleenex, dimanche, roy music, roymusiclabel

  • Wiz Khalifa Ft Kev Tha Hustla-Kleenex (High Quality)

    Wiz Khalifa Ft Kev Tha Hustla-Kleenex (High Quality) MP3

    Tags: Wiz, Khalifa, Ft, Kev, Tha, Hustla-Kleenex, money, bitch, flight, school, 2009, The, Hustla, Johny, Jualino, (High, Quality)

  • Kleenex / LiLiPUT live footage

    Kleenex / LiLiPUT live footage MP3

    As featuered on the Jenny Woolworth Women in Punk blog: http://www.jennywoolworth.ch/deardiary/2008/12/punk-cocktail/ Live footage of concerts from ...

    Tags: LiLiPUT, Punk Cocktail, Rene Uhlmann

  • Kleenex Kiss – Thank You

    Kleenex Kiss – Thank You MP3

    Giving a Kleenex tissue to someone, friend or stranger can be an act of love. So we wanted to surprise people with special messages from loved ones with a ...

    Tags: Kleenex (Brand), Kleenex Kisses, Kleenex Kiss, Share the care, ad, advert, TV, Commercial, messages, tears, Crying, Tissues, Tissue, Billboard, Poster

  • Kleenex | O Embolsador

    Kleenex | O Embolsador MP3

    Andando pelas ruas da cidade, ele está disposto a testar se as mulheres estão realmente preparadas para qualquer tipo de situação. E o melhor: sem que elas ...

    Tags: Kleenex Brasil, KleenexBrasil, Bolsa, Mulher, Preparada, Flores, Urso, Noiva, Casamento, Gravidez, Rua Oscar Freire, Philipe Blue, Pegadinha, Ilusionista, Surpreender, Surpresa, Presente, Gesto, Carinho

  • Wounded Warrior

    Wounded Warrior MP3

    Sometimes the toughest battle soldiers face is when they've returned home. And sometimes it's the kindness of a total stranger that gets them through it.
  • Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial - December 27th 2013

    Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial - December 27th 2013 MP3

    If you feel like reading more - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_urban_legend Next Video - http://youtu.be/iGwbBHNBdgs Previous Video ...

    Tags: urban legend, japanese, curse, kleenex, commercial, occult, supernatural, paranormal, Parapsychology (Taxonomy Subject), Japan (Country), baby ogre, Ghost, Ghosts, Haunted, Scary

  • El maldito comercial de Kleenex a las 12 de la noche[ADVERTENCIA:DA MIEDO]

    El maldito comercial de Kleenex a las 12 de la noche[ADVERTENCIA:DA MIEDO] MP3

    Video del maldito comercial de Kleenex visto a las 12 de la noche. En la década de 1980, Kleenex lanzó tres comerciales japoneses donde aparece una mujer ...

    Tags: Kleenex, Comercial, Terror, Comerciales Perturbadores, Japon y sus comerciales, Commercial

  • Kleenex Advert 2009 - Tom Hardy

    Kleenex Advert 2009 - Tom Hardy MP3

    The Sexy Fit Advert Staring The Actor Tom Hardy.

    Tags: tom, hardy, emma, bunton, Sven, Eriksson, strictly, come, dancing

  • Kindred Spirits

    Kindred Spirits MP3

    After experts had all but given up, a unique organization helps a boy battling depression find a special connection that changes his life.
  • Oldelaf - Kleenex

    Oldelaf - Kleenex MP3

    Tiré de l'album "Dimanche" - 2014.

    Tags: oldelaf

  • 13. Kleenex (Feat. Chevy Woods).mp3 MP3