Kjetil D Brandsdal

  • Horacio Pollard (DMR 7")

    Horacio Pollard (DMR 7") MP3

    Track from HORACIO POLLARD / KJETIL D BRANDSDAL 7" (DMR, 2015) http://dridmachine.com/DRID-MACHINE-RECORDS Video by Horacio Pollard, 2015.

    Tags: drid machine, horacio pollard, Kjetil D Brandsdal, foggy funk

  • Kjertl Del Brondo Group - 7"EP

    Kjertl Del Brondo Group - 7"EP MP3

    Untitled and self-released 7"EP from late 90's in Norway. Members: Jan Christian L. Kyvik, Kjetil D Brandsdal, Paal Fjelde, Sindre Bjerga More info: ...

    Tags: norway, kjetil d brandsdal, sindre bjerga

  • HELLDORADO: Bones in the closet (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

    HELLDORADO: Bones in the closet (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) MP3

    LATEST MUSIC VIDEO HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rx_mYjVWRQ * Brand new MUSIC VIDEO for Helldorado's new single BONES IN THE ...

    Tags: Helldorado, new music video, Bones in the closet, Norway, Norwegian, Indie rock, Bones

  • Ultralyd - Landmark, Bergen (2005)

    Ultralyd - Landmark, Bergen (2005) MP3

    'Landmark, Bergen' is a track from Ultralyd's 'Throb and Precision', a limited-edition CD-R originally released by Utech Records in 2006. Ultralyd is a ...

    Tags: Ultralyd (band), Anders Hana (musical artist), Kjetil Brandsdal (musical artist), Morton Olsen (musical artist), Noise Rock (Musical Genre), Free Improvisation (Musical Genre), Electronic Music (Musical Genre), Avant-garde Music (Musical Genre), Avant-garde Jazz (Musical Genre), Experimental Metal (Musical Genre), Norway (Country)

  • Noxagt,Main Yard London 12/6/2010

    Noxagt,Main Yard London 12/6/2010 MP3

    Tags: Noxagt, London, Main, Yard, Kjetil, Brandsdal, John, Hegre, Jan, Christian, Kyvik

  • Noxagt - The Final Countdown (Europe cover)

    Noxagt - The Final Countdown (Europe cover) MP3

    originally from the first Noxagt 7" EP (Nor Wave #1, 1999), later reissued on their self-titled compilation on Synesthetic Recordings, 2001.

    Tags: Norway, Ultralyd, Load Records, Flying Luttenbachers, Arabrot, Frode Gjerstad, Kjetil D Brandsdal

  • Team Sprint Spirit in Otepaa - Inside the Fence - FIS Cross Country

    Team Sprint Spirit in Otepaa - Inside the Fence - FIS Cross Country MP3

    Cross-country skiing originated in Fennoscandian countries in prehistoric times. It was still widely practiced in the 19th century as a way of moving from place to ...

    Tags: Cross, Country, winter, snow, FIS, International Ski Federation, World Cup, World, Cup, tourdeski, insidethefence, Chris Grover USA, US Ski Team, USSA, Emil Joensson, Norwegian Ski team, FISCrossCountry, FIS Cross-Country, Cross-country Skiing (Sport)