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  • Is It Okay To Have Kinky Fantasies? [Podcast]

    Is It Okay To Have Kinky Fantasies? [Podcast] MP3

    Our University of Love & Sexuality opens August 4th. With the book and forthcoming film 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM and ...

    Tags: relationships, dating, sex, advice, help, assistance, love, amor, bdsm, kink, BDSM (Film Genre), conscious kink, dominance, sumbission, fetish, fetish sexuality, sexuality

  • What Is Kinky To You?

    What Is Kinky To You? MP3

    are certain sexual positions more kinky than others? how do YOU define kink? spanking? bondage? inflicting pain via bites, scratches, or implements? what ...

    Tags: gothatfunk, sextalk, how, to, have, sex, female, orgasms, male, ejactulation

  • New Videos Coming Soon!

    New Videos Coming Soon! MP3

    I'm back! After 5 long years I'm finally back! Rejoice! (Or yell at me in the comments, your choice.) Follow me on Twitter @FallenSegal ...