Kemp's Jig

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig (Anonymous) - Lute MP3

    From as MS in Cambrige, a famous (again) tune on the shakespearian actor.

    Tags: lute, luth, laute, liuto, Shakespeare, renaissance, baroque, medieval, Sauvage

  • Kemp

    Kemp's jig by Anonymous MP3

    Kemp's jig by Anonymous.

    Tags: jig

  • Gryphon:Kemp

    Gryphon:Kemp's Jig MP3


    Tags: Gryphon, Jig, progressive, rock, chember, music

  • Yoo Sik Ro (노유식) plays "Kemp

    Yoo Sik Ro (노유식) plays "Kemp's Jig" by an anonymous composer MP3

    "Kemp's Jig" by an anonymous composer Performed by Yoo Sik Ro from Korea. Guitar used: Manuel Velasquez, 1981 You may visit

    Tags: Jig, anonymous, Live, Yoo, Sik, Ro, Classical, Guitar, guitarist, guitarra, gitarre, concert, Manuel, Velasquez

  • Celtic Renaissance - Kemp

    Celtic Renaissance - Kemp's Jig MP3

    Nature Quest, Celtic Renaissance. Song: Kemp's Jig.

    Tags: celtic, renaissance, medieval, music

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig - Paul and Marcie Forrest MP3

    Paul and Marcie Forrest perform this famous 17th century jig at the Renaissance Festival in the Yechiam Fortress (Israel) on 18 October 2011. Footage was ...

    Tags: Paul and Marcie Forrest, Paul Forrest, Marcie Forrest, Marcie Schreier, Kemp, Renaissance Festival, Yechiam

  • Kemps Jig

    Kemps Jig MP3

    This tune celebrates an Elizabethan Actor, Will Kemp, who for a bet, danced from London to Norwich (80 Miles) in 1580- he did it in 9 days and won! During his ...

    Tags: Kemps, Jig, Will, kemp, Shakespeare, guitar, phil, lute, Elizabeth, first, Sor, Panormo, Tarrega, Segovia, albeniz, barrios, coste


    JAN AKKERMAN - Kemp's Jig MP3

    "Kemp's jig" (Traditional); do álbum "Profile (1973), sêlo BGO Records.

    Tags: Kemps Dig, Jan Akkerman, Profile, Classical Music (Musical Genre), alfeuRIO

  • GRYPHON Gryphon 01   Kemp

    GRYPHON Gryphon 01 Kemp's Jig MP3

    GRYPHON - Gryphon - 1973.

    Tags: GRYPHON, Gryphon, 01, Jig

  • Eulenspiels Historische Tanztaverne mit den Spielleuten von Musici Hilari 2012: Kemp

    Eulenspiels Historische Tanztaverne mit den Spielleuten von Musici Hilari 2012: Kemp's Jig MP3

    Historische Tänze zum Mitmachen zur Spielleutemusik, veranstaltet von der Kultur- & Veranstaltungsgemeinschaft Eulenspiel aus Wien gab es am 10.

    Tags: Eulenspiel, Musici Hilari, Historischer Tanz, Tanztaverne

  • Cantiga ny ren faire Kemp

    Cantiga ny ren faire Kemp's Jig MP3

    Martha Gay, Mark Caudill & Charry Garcia. Cantiga is part of the New World Renaissance Band performing Kemp's Gig.

    Tags: nyrf, ren, faire, folk, Cantiga, Jig

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig - English Dancing Master 1651 - Playford MP3 ernst stolz treble viol etc.

    Tags: playford, viola, da, gamba, viol, treble, organ, orgel, early, english, dancing, master, music, classical, baroque, renaissance, folk, violin, ukelele, ukulele

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig (Anonymous 16th Century English) MP3

    Friedman-Wysong Duo (Noreen Friedman, flute and Bob Wysong, guitar) performing John Dowland's "Kemp's Jig". Concert at the Friends House in Sandy ...

    Tags: Friedman-Wysong, Duo, Guitar, Flute, Flute-Guitar, Dowland, Lute, Renaissance, classical, world, music, Freidman

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig for seven string Banjar, Michael Nix MP3

    Michael Nix plays Kemp's Jig on his seven string Banjar at GCTV.

    Tags: Banjar, Banjo, Sevenstring Banjo, Music, NixWorks, Michael Nix, Classical Banjo

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig MP3

    Kemp's Jig played on a Paul Shippey Cherry Mandolin.

    Tags: Kemps Jig

  • Kemps Jig (16th Century) Guitar

    Kemps Jig (16th Century) Guitar MP3

    Kemps Jig (16th Century) guitar arrangement performed by Nathan Cragg.

    Tags: Kemps Jig, Guitar trio, Nathan Cragg, chillout, slow music, piano music, soothing music, new age music, peaceful music, beautiful music, anti-stress music, Pipixcan69, relaxation music, music for stuying, music for learning, background music, music for meditation, music to relax, instrumental music, minecraft music, study music, music for homework

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig MP3

    Morceau anonyme du XVI ème siècle. Kemps était un clown à la court du roi de cette époque.
  • Symphonie in Oak. Playing Kemp

    Symphonie in Oak. Playing Kemp's Jig MP3

    The nature of the hurdy-gurdy and Symphonie is such that the wood used for body construction is not important . This one is built from Oak with a Spruce ...
  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig MP3

    Tags: YouTube Capture

  • Jan Akkerman - Kemp

    Jan Akkerman - Kemp's Jig - Maybe Just A Dream - Minstrel - Farmer's Dance MP3

    O grande guitarrista Holandês demonstra sua técnica exímia no violão acústico, como uma das peças se chama "Maybe Just a Dream" acrescentei ao fundo ...

    Tags: Jan Akkerman (Record Producer), Maybe Just A Dream, Minstrel, Classical Music (Musical Genre), Acoustic Guitar (Musical Instrument), Progressive Rock (Musical Genre)

  • Cathedral Guitar Model 125, Kemp

    Cathedral Guitar Model 125, Kemp's Jig, By Stephen Bright MP3

    Video Demo of Cathedral Guitars Model 125 by Stephen Bright of Fort Davis, Texas, USA, playing the piece, Kemp's Jig. Mics used: AKG D222, AKG D224; ...

    Tags: 10-String Guitar, Classical Harp Guitar, Cathedral Guitar, Guitar (Musical Instrument), Bartolex Guitars, Renaissance Music (Musical Genre), Decacorde, Milagro Guitars, Lute Music on Guitar, Ten String Guitar, Multi-string guitar, Harp Guitar, Classical Guitar, AKG D222, AKG D224, Undertone Audio, UTA MPEQ-1, Stephen Bright, Fort Davis Texas

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Kemp's Jig · Santec Music Orchestra Irish-Celtic Moods (Irish Celtic Relaxation Music. Stimulating and Relaxing.) ℗ Santec ...

    Tags: Santec, Music, Orchestra, Irish-Celtic, Moods, (Irish, Celtic, Relaxation, Stimulating, and, Jig

  • Anonymous - Kemp

    Anonymous - Kemp's Jig, Packington's Pound, Watkin's Ale [Göran Söllscher] MP3

    02 Anonymous - Kemp's Jig 03 Anonymous - Packington's Pound 04 Anonymous - Watkin's Ale Guitar: Göran Söllscher.

    Tags: Guitar, anonymous

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig MP3

    itunes: sheet music, tabs, and mp3s: ...

    Tags: kemps, jig, classical, guitar, robert, lunn, nylon, fingerstyle, arrangement

  • Anonymous: Kemp

    Anonymous: Kemp's Jig MP3

    Yet another piece I picked up from jnclassical guitarist... :)

    Tags: guitar, classical guitar, spanish guitar, classical, beethoven, mozart, bach, fingerpicking, finger picking, segovia, kemp

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig by Anon MP3

    William Kempe (died 1603), also spelled Kemp, was an English actor and dancer specializing in comic roles and best known for having been one of the original ...

    Tags: classical guitar, lute, dance, Classical, will kemp, William Shakespeare (Author)

  • ABRSM Grade 2 Violin A2: Kemp

    ABRSM Grade 2 Violin A2: Kemp's Jig MP3

    This lovely piece has recorded at a slightly higher speed and played twice in this recording. Download the accompaniment from ...

    Tags: ABRSM, Grade, Violin, A2, Jig

  • Come Again, by John Dowland; Kemp

    Come Again, by John Dowland; Kemp's Jig, anonymous MP3

    Come Again, by John Dowland (from The First Book of Ayres, 1597) and Kemp's Jig (anonymous). Played by Michel Sherman on Renaissance lute at Calvary ...

    Tags: John Dowland (Composer), Come Again (Composition), Music (TV Genre)

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig by Ryan MP3

    Violin Performance.

    Tags: personals

  • Kemp

    Kemp's Jig (Traditional, English) MP3

    Kemp's Jig, arranged for 2 mandolins, (Mark Linkins, Bernice Goll).

    Tags: Traditional, English, Celtic, Music, Mandolin, duet

  • Gryphon - Kemps Jig.mp3 MP3