• low kargyraa notes - E2 to E1 !

    low kargyraa notes - E2 to E1 ! MP3

    Kargyraa is a tuvan technique that involves the use of the false vocal folds, which are located above the vocal folds. We use the vocal folds to speak normally, ...

    Tags: low notes, bass notes, kargyraa, subtones, undertone singing, throat singing, throat bass

  • Kargyraa

    Kargyraa MP3

    Горловое пение.

    Tags: Kargyraa

  • Khargyraa basic technique

    Khargyraa basic technique MP3

    These videos have been completely replaced by my new online course with lots more content https://www.udemy.com/throat-singing-overtone-singing/?

    Tags: Khoomei, overtone singing, tuition, Khargyraa

  • Tuvan Throat Chanting Kargyraa

    Tuvan Throat Chanting Kargyraa MP3

    Tuvan Throat Chanting - http://www.soundcloud.com/rrmusicprojects The Kargira Project - 'Antaean' Demo recorded & produced by Abishop ...

    Tags: Kargyraa, Kargira, Singing, Tuvan, Throat, Overtone, Chant, Huun, Huur, Tu, Paul, Pena, Moan

  • How to throat sing/kargyraa

    How to throat sing/kargyraa MP3

    Jump to 1:30 to skip the intro! This is me explaining how to throat sing. If you have any questions please ask, ill answer them for you and if need be ill make a ...

    Tags: Throat, Kargyraa, Singing, Tutorial, Music, How-to, Sings, Voice, Trying, throat bass, Tuvan Throat Singing

  • Kargyraa

    Kargyraa MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Kargyraa · Huun-Huur-Tu More Live ℗ 2002 JARO Released on: 2010-01-12 Producer: Ulrich Balss Vocals: ...

    Tags: Huun-Huur-Tu, More, Live, Kargyraa

  • how i started kargyraa throatsinging

    how i started kargyraa throatsinging MP3

    a short instructional video of how I started kargyraa throat singing. for those who are about to begin with kargyraa i want to mention that this is just the way it ...

    Tags: kargyraa, throatsinging, throat, singing, sing, lesson, how, to, notes, instruction

  • Tuvan Throat Singing Igil solo, singing in xoomei & kargyraa styles - Alash

    Tuvan Throat Singing Igil solo, singing in xoomei & kargyraa styles - Alash MP3

    http://www.alashensemble.com/ tuvan group alash doing a superb quality performance in the university of texas utopia theater recorded by Matt Ely.

    Tags: alash, tuvan, siberia, throat singing, talent, Sygyt, Kargyraa, Khoomei, Chylandyk, Dumchuktaar, Ezengileer, austin, tx, world

  • Tuvan throat singing - Тувинское горловое пение - Каргыраа (Kargyraa)

    Tuvan throat singing - Тувинское горловое пение - Каргыраа (Kargyraa) MP3

    Стиль горлового пения "Каргыраа" - исполняет Бады-Доржу Ондар Tuvan throat singing: 1. xoomei 2. sygyt 3. kargyraa 4. ezengileer 5. borbannadyr...

    Tags: Tuvan Throat Singing, tuvan national orchestra, tuva, khoomei, xoomei

  • Robert McLaughlin sings Kargyraa

    Robert McLaughlin sings Kargyraa MP3

    Me singing the throatsinging style "Kargyraa." Four notes are sung here at once, and the styles Dag, Steppe, and Chylandyk are sung. Facebook page: ...

    Tags: khoomei, kargyraa, choomej, sygyt, tuva, tuvan, throatsinging

  • huun-huur-tu - "kargyraa"

    huun-huur-tu - "kargyraa" MP3

    this is an example of kargyraa: a style of throat singing from the people of Tuva, an area in north Mongolia this is track 11 from the album "60 horses in my herd" ...

    Tags: Huun-Huur-Tu (Musical Group), Tuvan Throat Singing, kargyraa, throat, singing, drone, world, music, mongolia, tuva, 60, horses, herd

  • Kargyraa - Tuvan throat Singing - Canto Difónico o Armónico

    Kargyraa - Tuvan throat Singing - Canto Difónico o Armónico MP3

    Canto armónico o difónico tuvano, estilo Dag Kargyraa con un poco de reverb.

    Tags: Guillem, Codern, Kargyraa, Dag, Canto, tuvan, throat, singuing, steppe, sygyt, chylandyyk, gutural, cortada, opi, ool, kaigal, ayan, aldyn, sevek, tuva, huun, huur, tu, ezengileer, borbangnadyr, khoomi, khoomei, seven, styles, morin, khuur, igil, mountain, doshpuluur, byzaanchy, chaanzy, rusia, sheldon, cooper, alash, ensemble, altai, hanggai, khairkhan, canto, big, bang, theory, ana, lip, choir, singing, barcelona, vallvidrera, khoomii

  • Kargyraa;Song by Huun Huur Tu HD

    Kargyraa;Song by Huun Huur Tu HD MP3

    Please read description!(all credits/ rights belong to their respective owners;not me.) This video is purely fan-made, if you (owners) want to REMOVED this video, ...

    Tags: Huun-Huur-Tu, Tuvan Throat Singing, Kargyraa

  • kargyraa notes

    kargyraa notes MP3

    i figured this out over the course of a few hours a couple days ago. try it out! it's good for helping you figure out how to change notes in the same breath while ...

    Tags: throat, singing, throatsinging, kargyraa, harhiraa, huumii, hoomii, hoomei, khoomei, tips, tutorial, help, beginner, lesson, isgeeree

  • Kargyraa and Chylandyk

    Kargyraa and Chylandyk MP3

    Chylandyk is a style that combines kargyraa and sygyt, and is supposed to sound like chirping crickets.

    Tags: Chylandyk, Tuvan throat singing, kargyraa, kurkkulaulu, sygyt

  • Huun Huur Tu live in Cortland, NY - Dag Kargyraa

    Huun Huur Tu live in Cortland, NY - Dag Kargyraa MP3

    Kaigal-ool performing some Dag Kargyraa at SUNY Cortland, Cortland NY. October 19, 2011.

    Tags: Huun Huur Tu, Kaigal-ool, tuva, tyva, throat singing, kargyraa, Russia, Russian, Siberia

  • Yang Blues   Kargyraa Moan

    Yang Blues Kargyraa Moan MP3

    Tags: Yang, Blues, Kargyraa, Moan

  • Imre Peemot - Breath of wind

    Imre Peemot - Breath of wind MP3

    1.Intro Windy khöömei. Comp. trad. Tuva. Lyr. Imre Peemot/Victoria Soyan Peemot. Arr. Imre Peemot 2.Uzun hojug- Long and soft Accompanied by igil (tuvan ...

    Tags: khoomei, sygyt, dag, khovu, kargyraa, borbangnadyr, ezenggileer, ezengileer, byrlangnaar, throat singing, overtone, Tuvan folk music, igil, doshpuluur

  • Kargyraa - Huun Huur Tu

    Kargyraa - Huun Huur Tu MP3

    Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuvan: Хүн Хүртү Khün Khürtü, Russian: Хуун-Хуур-Ту) is a music group from Tuva, a Russian Federation republic situated on the Mongolian ...

    Tags: sheldon, folk music, throat singing, native instruments, russian music, throat harp, big, mongolian music, bang, igil, huun huur tu, nnn, Huun-Huur-Tu (Musical Group), mongolia, harp, tuvan, throat, tuva, singing

  • 假聲帶泛音:卡基拉Kargyraa overtone

    假聲帶泛音:卡基拉Kargyraa overtone MP3

    假聲帶泛音:卡基拉Kargyraa overtone.
  • Imre Peemot performs Dag Kargyraa

    Imre Peemot performs Dag Kargyraa MP3

    Imre Peemot performs Dag Kargyraa in Helsinki 2009.

    Tags: imre, peemot, dag, kargyraa, khoomei, tuva, tyva, tuvan, igil, world, music, throat, singing, overtone

  • Kargyraa Rap

    Kargyraa Rap MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Kargyraa Rap · Ondar Back Tuva Future: The Adventure Begins ℗ 1999 Warner Bros. Records Inc. for the U.S. and ...

    Tags: Ondar, Back, Tuva, The, Adventure, Begins, Kargyraa, Rap

  • Chant Diphonique (khoomei, sygyt et kargyraa) Stéphane Lovato

    Chant Diphonique (khoomei, sygyt et kargyraa) Stéphane Lovato MP3

    Plus de renseignements sur le lien ci-dessous : http://www.4vents-asso.fr/4vents-asso.fr/Bienvenue.html Ateliers, stages, cours, concerts.

    Tags: chant diphonique, hoomei, kargyra, sygit, musique tuva, throat singing, cours chant diphonique, atelier chant diphonique, stage chant diphonique, chant de gorge, khoomi ( chant diphonique), khoomi, khoomei, chant khoomei, demonstration chant diphonique, kargyraa, chant kargyra, sing overtones, learn hoomei, learn overtones singing, learn throat singing, lesson overtones singing, demo overtones singing, demon chant de gorge, lesson throat singing

  • Huun-Huur-Tu --- Kargyraa (Jyväskylä

    Huun-Huur-Tu --- Kargyraa (Jyväskylä's summer 2015) MP3

    Kaigal-ool Khovalyg DSCN0026.

    Tags: Huun-Huur-Tu (Musical Group), Throat singing, Mongol, Tuva

  • Sygyt  -  Kargyraa

    Sygyt - Kargyraa MP3

    kurkkulaulu, tuva, Tuvinian Singers & Musicians, tampere, tammerkoski, suomi, finland, guttural sound, red dragon.

    Tags: punainen, world, music, korsum

  • Kargyraa

    Kargyraa MP3

    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Kargyraa · Sevec Aldyn-ool Uzlyau: Guttural Singing Of The Sayan, Altai, and Ural Mts ℗ 1993 PAN Records ...

    Tags: Altai, and Ural Mts Kargyraa

  • Sygyt Khoomei Kargyraa

    Sygyt Khoomei Kargyraa MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Sygyt Khoomei Kargyraa · Shu-de Angel Baby ℗ 1996 Mana Music Productions Released on: 2009-11-10 ...

    Tags: Shu-de, Angel, Baby, Sygyt, Khoomei, Kargyraa

  • Sygyt - Choomej - Kargyraa

    Sygyt - Choomej - Kargyraa MP3

    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America Sygyt - Choomej - Kargyraa · Gennadi Tumat Chöömej - Throat Singing From The Center Of Asia ℗ 2013 Network ...

    Tags: Gennadi, Tumat, Throat, Singing, From, The, Center, Of, Asia, Sygyt, Choomej, Kargyraa

  • Shu-De - Sygyt, Khoomei, Kargyraa

    Shu-De - Sygyt, Khoomei, Kargyraa MP3

    throat singing, tuva.

    Tags: throat singing, tuva

  • 02 Demonstration of Kargyraa.mp3 MP3
  • 07 Demonstration of Sygyt and Kargyraa.mp3 MP3
  • 1-01 Artii-Sayir (_The Far Side of a.mp3 MP3