Karate Morons

  • Karate Idiots + Biker Fail

    Karate Idiots + Biker Fail MP3

    Edited By Me ***************** Fails.

    Tags: Fun

  • Martial Arts Morons

    Martial Arts Morons MP3

    These guys are morons (especially the nunchuck guy), and its always fun to laugh at morons. More at www.duloh.com.

    Tags: nunchucks, martial, arts, karate, stupid, fall, dumb, morons

  • Zombies Are Pissed ! - "Karate Morons" @ Relais de Belleville

    Zombies Are Pissed ! - "Karate Morons" @ Relais de Belleville MP3

    Tags: Hardcore, Punk, Kid Dynamite, Shook Ones

  • Zombies Are Pissed! - Karate Morons

    Zombies Are Pissed! - Karate Morons MP3

    Tags: modern, punkrock, melodic, hardcore, oldschool

  • IDIOT gets KNOCKED OUT !  Martial Arts are only as good as the person doing them!

    IDIOT gets KNOCKED OUT ! Martial Arts are only as good as the person doing them! MP3

    We just love this video and we really hope you do too! *****SUBSCRIBE****** Enjoy great content wherever you are - join the movement at www.flixal.com ...

    Tags: flixal, netflix, free, sexy, funny, movie, awesome, fail, win, army, Martial Arts (Sport), Knockout (Ontology Instance), Film (Invention), Out, Epic, Only, Lol, Owned, Noob, League Of Legends (Work Of Fiction), Ownage, You, Hope, punch

  • Martial Arts idiots

    Martial Arts idiots MP3

    nice martial arts shit...watch if you wanna cry =))

    Tags: martial, arts, idiots, funny

  • karate with morons

    karate with morons MP3

    Tags: dena, dean, mark

  • Idiots Try Karate! MUST WATCH FUNNY AS HELL!!!!

    Idiots Try Karate! MUST WATCH FUNNY AS HELL!!!! MP3

    Maz and China boi hitting Giant!

    Tags: Fail, Display, Lanky, Idiots, Karate, England, Reading, Jump, Gurka, Funny, Try, Black, Sudanese, Dutch, Pillows, TV, Room, Room 222, fitness, Jump (for My Love), jumping, watch, Nike, iPhone

  • The Next Karate Pimp

    The Next Karate Pimp MP3

    Tags: Karate, Pimp, Bored, Funny, Stupid

  • Martial Arts moron

    Martial Arts moron MP3

    Duumy outside my office practicing Martial Arts (badly).. hilarious.

    Tags: funny, dumb, martial arts, stupid

  • MMA- Moron Martial Arts, Part 1

    MMA- Moron Martial Arts, Part 1 MP3

    One Ring 3 Morons No Mercy.

    Tags: Morons

  • Scorpion (1986) : Secret Agent Karate Mustache : Full Movie EnglishScorpions - W

    Scorpion (1986) : Secret Agent Karate Mustache : Full Movie EnglishScorpions - W MP3

    "When Terror Rules, Only One Man Can Break Through!" Starring International Karate Champion Tonny Tulleners. "I fought him three times and never got even.

    Tags: mosaico, Rock, CBS, gualaceo, Ecuador, los del rio ecuador, Lord, You, False, Look, Still, Scorpions, musica ecuatoriana, MERCURY, los ponys, Pavement, Scorpion, ISLAND, deleg, Season 1, Episode 01, Arwen, nacional, Tonny Tulleners, grupo ecuatoriano, Scorpion 1x01 Trailer, chicha, 1x01, First Look, star band, ecuador 2012, Mesh, Karate (Martial Art), Loving, LIVE, LOTR

  • Shoe Tree Ninja

    Shoe Tree Ninja MP3

  • Martial Arts Idiots

    Martial Arts Idiots MP3

    Tags: Martial, Arts, Idiots

  • Martial Arts Idiots:Progress Continues..

    Martial Arts Idiots:Progress Continues.. MP3

    Jak to vypada kdyz se banda ES nudi .. ;)

    Tags: martial, arts, idiots, progress, continues

  • BRUTAL Broken Bones compilation 2012 #1 (+18) // TTV

    BRUTAL Broken Bones compilation 2012 #1 (+18) // TTV MP3

    BEST Brutal (+18) Breaking Bones compilation 2012 #1 daily new videos (compilations and other funny stuff) at TOOTHPICK TV !! pls SUBSCRIBE for more!!

    Tags: fail, fails, lol, funny, epic, week, month, 2012, fun, owned, noob, fight, nice, cool, compilation, of, best, toothpick, tv, happy, sport, bmx, dance, crash, car, bike, girl, music, berlin, euro, trip, hot, adult, brutal, bones, break, breaking, skater, k1, ufc, justin, bieber

  • Martial Morons

    Martial Morons MP3

    Tags: Martial, Arts

  • Medieval Morons

    Medieval Morons MP3

    If you don't know about that Demo in the end, check this link: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/demopan Music used: *Sam & Max Season Two - ? *Sam & Max ...

    Tags: tf2, demopan, pyro, dragon, demoman, engineer, soldier, spy, heavy, buffallo, steak, sandvich

  • Grave Robbing for Morons

    Grave Robbing for Morons MP3

    Une effrayante découverte que ce vidéo maison d'ados qui nous montre comment piller des tombes! Creeeeepy!

    Tags: creep, creepy, grave, robbing, piller, pillage, tombe, tombeau, cimetierre, voler, ados, adolescent, squelette, scary, grave robbery, vhs

  • Spying For Idiots

    Spying For Idiots MP3

    This is a training video for those of you who wants to be a spy... just follow 5 simple steps and you could be the greatest spy... EVER... I'd like to give it up for ...

    Tags: simple, steps, to, become, the, greatest, spy, ever, some, funny, hilarious, amazing, shit, video, inspired, by, nigahiga, kevjumba

  • Moron Kombat

    Moron Kombat MP3

    A claymation martial arts movie that I did at animation class at MECA.

    Tags: samuel, moron, kombat, meca, animation, clay

  • Bad Karate Master

    Bad Karate Master MP3

    a guy goes in for a flip but doesn't get all the way round. Enjoy!!!! leave a comment.

    Tags: Bad, Karate, Master, BackFlip, Funny, Noob, lol, afro, ninja, classic, fail, back, flip, watch, funny, video



    READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING! If you are going to be nasty, just move along. WE cannot stand Youtube toughguys or trolls. I have been injured badly, and ...

    Tags: boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, sparring, bagwork, focus mitts, speedbag, shadowboxing

  • Stupid Karate Expert

    Stupid Karate Expert MP3

    Stupid Karate Expert - This so called master gets owned by a piece of wood.

    Tags: karate, funny, stupid, loser, idiot, comedy

  • Ultimate Karate Fight

    Ultimate Karate Fight MP3

    no comments ...

    Tags: karate, stupid, guys



    (Greatest fight scene ever! ) SOMETHING PERSONAL by Viktor Colling This video was made by ViktorColling. http://youtube.com/viktorcolling and ...

    Tags: real, ninja, level, art, violence, martial, arts, karate, judo, kung, fu, cinema, action, choreography, students, kick, punch, flying, knife, stab, fight, artistic, viktorcolling, viktor, colling, gimmeabreakman, gimmeaflakeman, japanese, teacher, kicks, ass, moron, True, Ninjas, Bujinkan, MMA, fighters, tricking