Jesus Trip

  • Timeless Innocence - The Jesus Trip

    Timeless Innocence - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Living From a Center of Rest God's perspective of you has always been grounded in Christ. He was convinced of your innocence even when you were hostile ...

    Tags: identity, true self, Christ, image of God, innocence, purity, holiness

  • The Purpose of Atheism - The Jesus Trip

    The Purpose of Atheism - The Jesus Trip MP3

    The Sovereign Restoration of God While we don't blame God for bad stuff, we must realize that He is in the redemption business. And He is not taken by surprise ...

    Tags: atheism, theism, goodness, grace, God, sovereignty, redemption, restoration, Christianity, open theism

  • Are You a Pervert? - The Jesus Trip

    Are You a Pervert? - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Homosexuality and Identity John Crowder weighs into the hottest topic imaginable as he finally does a full teaching on the issue of homosexuality. Providing ...

    Tags: Homosexuality, Christianity, SCOTUS, Gay Marriage, Sacrament, Romans 1, Gay Christian, LGBT, Transgender, Bible, Gospel, Identity, Sexual Orientation

  • Doctrines of Demons - The Jesus Trip

    Doctrines of Demons - The Jesus Trip MP3

    The Seared Religious Conscience In addressing "doctrines of demons" the Apostle Paul never referred to charismatics who believe in miracles or people who ...

    Tags: Jesus, Money, Sex, Beer, Alcohol, Christianity, Prosperity, Fornication, Adultery, Gnosticism, God

  • Insecurity - The Jesus Trip

    Insecurity - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Identity that Releases Wholeness This week, John Crowder explores how - in the midst of a narcissistic, insecure society - believers can live a life of liberation as ...

    Tags: Fear, Insecurity, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Faith, Identity, Jesus, Love of God, Trust, Gospel, Fear of Death, Purpose, Meaning of Life, immortality, everlasting life, health, wholeness

  • Division & Schisms  - The Jesus Trip

    Division & Schisms - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Prince of Peace/Rock of Offense Christ is the Prince of Peace but He also is a stumbling stone. While the church is full of countless unnecessary schisms and ...

    Tags: Jesus Christ, unity, division, schism, doctrine, savior, new age, spiritualism, syncretism, inclusion, humanity

  • Why Christology? - The Jesus Trip

    Why Christology? - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Off the treadmill of legalism & gnosticism: Recently a large ministry denounced a particular speaker who has been verging into strange doctrine and bizarre ...

    Tags: gnosticism, ian clayton, jason westerfield, justin abraham, reptillians, illuminati, CIA, aliens, dragons, courts of heaven, enoch, melchizedek, DNA, Bethel Church, Christology (Literature Subject), Jesus Christ, Gospel, Incarnation, Dualism

  • Grieving the Spirit - The Jesus Trip

    Grieving the Spirit - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Timid Dove or Disappointed God? This week John Crowder covers the often misunderstood topic of "grieving" the Holy Spirit. Is grieving Him about chasing the ...

    Tags: Holy Spirit, Glory, grace, works, glory, supernatural, Christianity, Jesus Christ, love, Ephesians, gospel

  • Moving in Faith - The Jesus Trip

    Moving in Faith - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Stepping out of the Boat: This week, John Crowder discusses a basic, but often underrated principle of taking a "step of faith." So often when people have a ...

    Tags: faith, step of faith, miracles, signs, wonders, word of faith, supernatural, Jesus Christ

  • Jesus Farted - The Jesus Trip

    Jesus Farted - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Exploring the Humanity of God At the crux of everything is the incarnation. That God would fully step into our complete and total humanity is still the stumbling ...

    Tags: incarnation, gnosticism, Jesus, Christology, humanity, God, messiah, savior, flesh, divine, fasting, asceticism, nazarite

  • Phi-Phi & Greg - Jesus Trip

    Phi-Phi & Greg - Jesus Trip MP3

    Een schitterende retro trance plaats uit 1995.

    Tags: Phi-Phi, Greg, Jesus, Trip, retro, trance, dance, techno, house

  • The Union Underground - Trip With Jesus

    The Union Underground - Trip With Jesus MP3

    The Union Underground - Trip With Jesus.

    Tags: The, Union, Underground, Trip, With, Jesus

  • Genocidal God? - The Jesus Trip

    Genocidal God? - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Did God Say the Hard Stuff? One of the most difficult passages of scripture is God's Old Testament order for Israel to conduct a genocide of the Canaanite ...

    Tags: canaan, genocide, judgment, inspiration, infallibility, Old Testament, New Testament, law, grace, massacre, Israel, holy war, moral monster

  • Atmosphere - The Jesus Trip

    Atmosphere - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Experiencing Corporate Glory Together: So often when folks begin to hear the truth of their union with God and begin to catch the revelation of the finished work ...

    Tags: Glory, atmosphere, supernatural, signs and wonders, healing, Book of Acts, Faith, Unity, Worship, Corporate, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Impartation, Activation, community

  • Hell Revisited - The Jesus Trip

    Hell Revisited - The Jesus Trip MP3

    The universal scope of Christ's work on the cross includes all of humanity in the atonement. But is that the same as Universalism? What about Hell ... what is Hell ...

    Tags: Rob Bell, Francis Chan, Hell, Orthodox, Calvinism, Arminianism, Election, Universalism, Free will, Sovereignty, Westboro Baptist Church, Trinitarian, Torrance, Karl Barth, Atonement, Predestination, Double Predestination, Limited Atonement, Purgatory, Religion, Legalism

  • Deliverance - The Jesus Trip

    Deliverance - The Jesus Trip MP3

    John Crowder Shares From ISIS Country This week's teaching comes from Gadera - where Jesus exorcised the Gadarene demoniac ... John Crowder discusses ...

    Tags: Deliverance, demons, demoniac, darkness, spiritual warfare, new creation, grace, gospel, holiness, Deliverance Ministry, Holy Spirit

  • High Christology - The Jesus Trip

    High Christology - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Maintaining an Elevated View of Christ Digging deeper into the ongoing topic of Christology, this week John Crowder walks us through the importance of ...

    Tags: Christology, Chalcedon, Hypostatic Union, Incarnation, liberal theology, Jesus Christ

  • Hypergrace - The Jesus Trip

    Hypergrace - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Rightly Defining the Grace of God: Following last year's book "Hypergrace" written by Dr. Michael Brown against John Crowder and other proponents of New ...

    Tags: Hypergrace, Hyper-Grace, Charisma Magazine, greasy grace, finished work, law, legalism, arminianism, Pensacola Revival, Brownsville, ministry

  • True Worship - The Jesus Trip

    True Worship - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Stroking God's Ego or Enjoying Fulfillment? Worship is the highest form of prayer because it is the prayer of love. All worship is summed up in the practice of ...

    Tags: Worship, Praise, Practice of the Presence of God, Christian Hedonism, enjoying God, Glorify God

  • Laughter & Foolishness - The Jesus Trip

    Laughter & Foolishness - The Jesus Trip MP3

    The Comedy of the Gospel There is a comic vision to the Gospel that is grossly overlooked by teachers and theologians. But the foolishness of God destroys the ...

    Tags: Humor, Christianity, Joy, Laughter, Gospel, happy, renewal, new wine, drunk in the spirit, foolishness, God, wisdom

  • Sex - The Jesus Trip

    Sex - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Gnosticism vs. Incarnation - Part 3 Religion has long painted the physical act of human sexuality as evil - or at minimum "non-spiritual." Greek gnosticism frowns ...

    Tags: sex, marriage, sacrament, covenant, sexuality, Christianity, Biblical, morality, sexual immorality, purity, holiness

  • Emotions - The Jesus Trip

    Emotions - The Jesus Trip MP3

    The Glory of Feeling in Humanity The feelings are viewed as an intrinsically negative thing in Christian circles, thanks to the influence of pagan Greek ideas such ...

    Tags: emotions, soul, feelings, Christianity, stoicism, gnosticism, heart, ecstasy, God

  • What is the Glory? - The Jesus Trip

    What is the Glory? - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Experiencing God's Tangible Presence The Glory of God is His tangible manifest presence. Historically when humanity has engaged with the presence of God, ...

    Tags: Glory, Supernatural, Holy Spirit, Presence of God, Manifestations, Signs and Wonders, Gospel, Miracles, Glory of God

  • A New World - The Jesus Trip

    A New World - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Wayfarers & The New Creation While we embrace our humanity and life on this earth, we are sojourners from a far country. A divine people of a supernatural ...

    Tags: new creation, sojourner, kainos, gospel, good news, alien, aliens, new heaven, new earth, new world, Halloween, divine nature, sons of God, immortality, sin, spirit of the world

  • Being Human - The Jesus Trip

    Being Human - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Incarnation vs. Gnosticism - Part 1 This week John Crowder introduces the first of a five-part series on Gnosticism. In the coming weeks, he will cover the hot ...

    Tags: gnosticism, gnostic docetism, greek dualism, incarnation, money, sex, beer, music, Jesus, license, sin, John Crowder, natural, spiritual, part 1, incarnation vs gnosticism

  • Being Real - The Jesus Trip

    Being Real - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Facing the Contradiction The Gospel makes some startling claims about our holiness, perfection and unadulterated access to the pure joy of our union with God.

    Tags: identity, Jesus Christ, finished work, grace, joy, depression, glory, supernatural, new wine, Holy Spirit, faith, gospel

  • The Glory Within - The Jesus Trip

    The Glory Within - The Jesus Trip MP3

    Full-length fom Mexico (also in Spanish) This week on the Jesus Trip we are bringing you a full-length session given from John Crowder on our recent mission ...

    Tags: Spanish, open heaven, Mexico, fullness, sanctification, John Crowder, Christian growth, maturity, desert season, breaking, dark night of the soul