Jacky Giordano

  • Jacky Giordano - Report

    Jacky Giordano - Report MP3

    Rythmes Et Mélodies (1973)

    Tags: Jacky Giordano, Report

  • Jacky Giordano (Francia, 1974)  - Challenger

    Jacky Giordano (Francia, 1974) - Challenger MP3

  • Jacky Giordano, Yan Tregger (‎Francia, 1974) -  Schifters

    Jacky Giordano, Yan Tregger (‎Francia, 1974) - Schifters MP3

  • Jacky Giordano -- Don

    Jacky Giordano -- Don't Be Cool MP3

    From: "Pop In Devil's Train" 1970.

    Tags: Soul, Jazz, Rare, Groove

  • #2: The Jacky Giordano Organ (1977) FULL ALBUM

    #2: The Jacky Giordano Organ (1977) FULL ALBUM MP3

    0:00:00 - Interrogation Point 0:02:24 - Easy Drive 0:04:19 - Project Problematic 0:06:39 - Lonely Walk 0:09:02 - Midnight Feeling 0:11:09 - Cloudy Night 0:13:23 ...

    Tags: jacky giordano, rare vinyl, Funk (Musical Genre), Bossa Nova (Musical Genre), Rare Groove (Musical Genre), record digging, nino nardini, bernard fevre, Roger Roger (Musical Artist), back from obscurity, library music, Organ (Musical Instrument), KPM, BRUTON, jam session

  • jacky giordano / magolia

    jacky giordano / magolia MP3

    freesound library n.6 "PHILOPSIS"

    Tags: library, music

  • Jacky Giordano - Project Problematic

    Jacky Giordano - Project Problematic MP3

    LP: Jacky Giordano Organ (L'Illustration Musicale 24, 1971)

    Tags: Jacky, Giordano, Organ, Musicale, IM24, Library, 1971



    5 Jazz funk numbers lifted from the Jacky Giordano library L.P, Pop in..Devil's Train, released in 1976. Tracks 1 - Blue circuit. 2 - Don't be cool. 3 - Moving ...

    Tags: jacky giordano, funk, jazz funk, Funky, Jazz, Soul, Groove, Soul Music (Musical Genre), Pop Music (Musical Genre), Rare, Blues, pop, beats, samples, drumbreaks, Guitar (Musical Instrument), 1976, library music, zincovix8754, score, Instrumental (Musical Genre), Instrumental Rock (Musical Genre), kpm, bruton, vadim music, Beat, Soundtrack Album (Musical Genre), soundtrack, funky guitar

  • Jacky Giordano - Fawa

    Jacky Giordano - Fawa MP3


    Tags: Jacky Giordano, Fawa

  • Jacky Giordano - Jumbo Flash

    Jacky Giordano - Jumbo Flash MP3

    Wow. What lush arrangements we have right here on this rare masterpiece. This record is a beast from beginning to end. Everyone is crazy about Magolia ...

    Tags: Jacky, Giordano, Philopsis, Jumbo, Flash, Dj, Marsellus, Wallace, Rare, Library, Records

  • (France 1978) Jacky Giordano - Organ Plus

    (France 1978) Jacky Giordano - Organ Plus MP3

    Jacky Giordano - Riffologic - Jacky Giordano Organ Plus - France 1978.

    Tags: Eesywind, Easywind, Rock Music, Funk Music, Jazz Music, Psychedelic Music, Groove, 70s, 1970s, Killer Funk, Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock Music, Freakbeat, European Groove, Dramatic Funk, Funky Freakbeat, Funky Underground, Progressive Funk, Psychobeat, Jacky Giordano, Organ (Musical Instrument), Jacky Giordano - Jacky Giordano Organ Plus, Jacky Giordano Organ Plus 1978, France 1978, Jacky Giordano - Riffologic, 1978

  • Schifters (Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger) - Rieka

    Schifters (Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger) - Rieka MP3

    Taken from the Schifters LP - Ambient Music Library (France) Freesound n°4 (FS 4/74) - 1974 Nice breakbeat, wha-wha guitar and a funny synth ;) Rare as hen's ...

    Tags: Yan Tregger (Musical Artist)

  • Jacky Giordano - Tablasse

    Jacky Giordano - Tablasse MP3

  • Jacky Giordano - Eaglet

    Jacky Giordano - Eaglet MP3

    Tags: Jacky Giordano, Sonimage, 1973, Production Library Music, France (Country)

  • Jacky Giordano - Tablasse

    Jacky Giordano - Tablasse MP3

    Timing   – TIM 1. Jacky Giordano   – Timing N° 1.
  • Jacky Giordano - Latest News - 1971

    Jacky Giordano - Latest News - 1971 MP3

    From The Album "Jacky Giordano Organ" - 1971 - L'Illustration Musicale.

    Tags: Jacky, Giordano, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Psychedelic, Rock, Easy, Listening, French, Library, 1971

  • Jacky Giordano - Clubland

    Jacky Giordano - Clubland MP3

    Tags: kaufmangimenez, chappellrecordmusiclibrar, romanticmusicvol3, libraryrecords, indexseries, vinylrecord, easylistening

  • Jacky Giordano - Screw On

    Jacky Giordano - Screw On MP3

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/vinyldom https://twitter.com/vinyldom Click and join for the definitive pick-and-shovel mecca for crate-diggers. A living aural ...

    Tags: Blog, Vinyle Archeologie, Dilla, Blogspot, Freesound, Jacky Giordano, Vinyldom, Evidence, Beatzone, Vinylfrontier, DJ Premier, vinyldom1, Beat, futureproducers, Swizz, Screw On, Record, Facebook, Lewis Parker, ALchemist, 1975, Dre, Whosampled, Sample, Doom, Beats, Philopsis, RZA, Vinyl, Rare, Kanye, Francis Personne, Twitter, Wutang, J Dilla, Madlib, Breaks, Frontier, Drums, Samples, Library, Library Music

  • Jacky Giordano - Lonely Walk (1976)

    Jacky Giordano - Lonely Walk (1976) MP3

    Erotic Lounge Library Music by Jacky Giordano. From his album "Jacky Giordano Organ" (1976). Label: L'Illustration Musicale.

    Tags: lounge, library, film, jazz, erotic, sensual, camp, Musicale

  • Jacky Giordano : Cloudy Night

    Jacky Giordano : Cloudy Night MP3

    Jacky Giordano Organ. L'Illustration Musicale.

    Tags: Jacky Giordano

  • Jacky Giordano   Yan Tregger   Plank

    Jacky Giordano Yan Tregger Plank MP3

  • Jacky Giordano - Riffologic

    Jacky Giordano - Riffologic MP3

  • Hesitation - Jacky Giordano

    Hesitation - Jacky Giordano MP3

    Taken from the L'Illustration Musicale album Organ Plus. The organ really kicks up a gear at 1:35, typical Jacky Giordano funkiness! No exact date of release but ...

    Tags: Breaks, Funk, IM, Polish, Bossa, Library, Pronil, KPM, French, Electric Piano, Library Music, Hammond Organ, Hesitation, Argentinian, Fender Rhodes, Cut Chemist, Brazilian, Samples, Jazz, Break, Eastern, Organ Plus, De Wolfe, 1972, Party, Jacky Giordano, Fender

  • Jacky Giordano (Francia, 1976) -  Pop in    Devil

    Jacky Giordano (Francia, 1976) - Pop in Devil's Train MP3

  • Jacky Giordano - Cat & Mouse [France, Jazz/Funk Library] (1977)

    Jacky Giordano - Cat & Mouse [France, Jazz/Funk Library] (1977) MP3

    L'Illustration Musicale   – IM 24 - Jacky Giordano Organ @160kb/s.

    Tags: Funk (Musical Genre), Jazz-funk (Musical Genre)

  • Jacky Giordano - Hold It

    Jacky Giordano - Hold It MP3

    Jacky Giordano - Hold It (L'Illustration Musicale) 1978 www.facebook.com/groups/boogieland.

    Tags: Jacky Giordano, Hold It, Easy Listening (Musical Genre), Funk (Musical Genre), Smooth Jazz (Broadcast Genre)

  • Jacky Giordano-Timing N 4-Golden Blend

    Jacky Giordano-Timing N 4-Golden Blend MP3

    MY RIP FROM MY COLLECTION ON MY BLOG http://starvingdaughtersvinylimpressions.blogspot.com/2014/02/jacky-giordano-various-timing-n4-tim-04.html.
  • Infinity Riser Jacky Giordano, Bernard Fevre

    Infinity Riser Jacky Giordano, Bernard Fevre MP3

    Tags: Poetry, Love, Gods word, grace, spiritual, peace, hope, holy, life, gospel, truth, poem, holy spirit, lord, salvation, romantic, rhyme, praise, worship, compassion, minister, pastor, teacher, church, christian poetry, christian videos, preacher, Gods grace, christian media ministries, media ministry, healing, blessing, nature, love poems, evangelical, Christian, love, savior, messiah, preaching, pray, prayer, michael hartl, Ministry, Jesus, faith, words, word, passion, spirit, Christianity (Religion), Ministries

  • Jacky Giordano - See Off

    Jacky Giordano - See Off MP3


    Tags: Challenger, jacky giordano, see off, 1974, france, jazz-funk, electronic, jazz, freesound label