It's A Bluesiful Day

  • Les Humphries Singers - It

    Les Humphries Singers - It's a Bluesiful Day 1971 MP3

    Les Humphries Singers - It's a Bluesiful Day 1971 (Composition by Reiner Schöne) Left a wife with two children. They get by in their way Only two dollars ...

    Tags: Pop, 70s, UK, DE, Les, Humphries, Singers, Bluesiful, Day, 1971, Reiner, Left, wife, with, two, children, Said, to, my, mother, homesick, Hallelujah, Guess, tired, of, But, frightened, die

  • Reiner Schöne - It

    Reiner Schöne - It's a bluesiful Day (Die große Star- & Schlagerrevue) MP3

    Die große Star- und Schlagerrevue, Nr. 5 (1970)

    Tags: 1970, Telefunken, Teldec, Decca, Sexy Cheesecake Cover, Cover Girl, Woman, Frau, Schlager, Hit-Song, Nachgesungen, Cover Song, gecovert, Orchester, Orchestra, LP, Record, Schallplatte, Vinyl, Stereo, Charts, Hitparade, Best of