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    For bass players who think outside the box and live it. Basically if you like grindcore , punk ,thrash , crust ,noise , sludge , experimental , industrial stuff with no ...


  • New Hardtechno mix 2013 (by Kaladj°)

    New Hardtechno mix 2013 (by Kaladj°) MP3

    A kind of new stuff with hardtechno, darkcore, industrial, jungle-dub and some schranz noises... Tracklist: 1- (Insomnia) I can't get no sleep (remix) 2- Crippled ...

    Tags: hardtechno 2013, new hardtechno, new hardtechno 2013 mix, schranz 2013, dub 2013, dubstep 2013, industrial 2013, kaladj, kaladj new mix, hardcore 2013, darkcore 2013, jungle 2013, hardstyle 2013, kaladj 2013, kaladj mix, insomnia, no sleep, crippled, dark times, frags zardonic, mech warriors, speakerdeamon, end humanity, faces illusion, huge face

  • Alarm sound effects - modern alarm 2

    Alarm sound effects - modern alarm 2 MP3

    Another alarm sound effect. This one sounds neutral, could be used for anything, mostly industrial or military kind of stuff. Download link: ...

    Tags: Alarm sound effects, alarm, sound, effect, modern, Electronic, warning, emergency, fire hazard, prison, prison alarm, inmates, fire alarm, catastrophy, contagion, security, protection, home security, facility, police, 911, perimeter breach, breach, role, playing, game, d20, TheMSsoundeffects, military, industrial, bank, robbery, burglar, intruder

  • The Soft Moon - Deeper  [Full Album]

    The Soft Moon - Deeper [Full Album] MP3

    The Soft Moon - Deeper [Full Album] 2015 00:00 Inward 00:41 Black 04:11 Far 08:06 Wasting 13:58 Wrong 17:18 Try 21:14 Desertion 25:10 Without 28:35 Feel ...

    Tags: Deeper, Album, Moon, The Soft Moon (Musical Group), Circles, Breathe the Fire, Dead Love, Captured Tracks, Parallels, Official, captured tracks, far, deeper, luis vasquez, Almost Happy (Musical Recording), hammock, departure songs, full album, ambient, post-rock, shoegaze, electronic, Hammock (Musical Group), Post-rock (Musical Genre), Shoegazing (Musical Genre), Departure Songs (Musical Album), album, ablum

  • Deconbrio - "The Noise" Official Music Video (NSFW)

    Deconbrio - "The Noise" Official Music Video (NSFW) MP3 - Deconbrio - "The Noise" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video ...

    Tags: Deconbrio, The Noise, Industrial, Alternative, Electro Rock, Coldwave, Nine Inch Nails, Gravity Kills, Stabbing Westward, Marilyn Manson, Puscifer, Rammstein, rock, Rock Music (Musical Genre), Hard Rock (Musical Genre), music, Music Video (Ontology Class), music videos, KrankTV, indie, BlankTV, NSFW, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, Danny Rendo, Official, Voyeur, Jacob Boyd

  • As Yet Untitled Space EP - 01 & 02 - Mission Start / Welcome To Space

    As Yet Untitled Space EP - 01 & 02 - Mission Start / Welcome To Space MP3

    These are the first two tracks of an EP I am thinking of doing. It's all about space travel. It's sort of loosely inspired by The KLF album called, guess what, "Space", ...

    Tags: chriddof, music, space, ambient, noise, drone

  • Skelic - Ancient Mind (experimental dark ambient industrial techno)

    Skelic - Ancient Mind (experimental dark ambient industrial techno) MP3

    A self-conscious, dark industrial atmosphered slow techno-kinda track with lots of ambient sounds. This is a re-upload as HD version! This track is downloadable ...

    Tags: Techno, Experimental, Ambient, skelic, chatak, ambient techno, industrial techno, industrial ambient, experimental techno, dark ambient, dark ambient techno, experimental industrial, industrial, dark techno, dark, Electronic, dark ambient industrial

  • X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - Roland TR626 + Sequential circuits pro1

    X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - Roland TR626 + Sequential circuits pro1 MP3

    X1L3 shop: X1L3 facebook page: Commission circuit bent 626 ...

    Tags: Noise, x1l3, m-z3r0, Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, roland tr 626, roland tr 505, circuit bent, circuit bender, synthacon, filter, delay, pt2399, sequential circuits, pro1, Drum Machine (Musical Instrument), death industrial, industrial, skinny puppy, nin, beats, lo fi, Noise Music (Musical Genre), Circuit Bending

  • Thot - "Traces" Black Basset Records

    Thot - "Traces" Black Basset Records MP3 - Thot - "Traces" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video site, ...

    Tags: Music Video (TV Genre), Official, music, BlankTV, Music Video (Product Line), Clip (Website Category), Band, indie, music videos, Music Video (Ontology Class), Thot, Traces, Black Basset Records, White Leaves Music, Rock, Electronic, Industrial, Experimental, Nine Inch Nails, The Young Gods, rock music, Hard Rock (Musical Genre), KrankTV, Brussels, Belgium, Industrial Rock (Musical Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), The City That Disappears, Arielle Moens

  • JULIAN SMITH - Techno Jeep

    JULIAN SMITH - Techno Jeep MP3

    The sounds in this video are ACTUAL sounds from the Jeep. Everyone began rehearsing their parts 2 weeks before we shot the video. It took us 7 hours of ...

    Tags: Julian Smith, juliansmithtv, techno, jeep, stomp, hiphop, live, performance, awesome, incredible, samples, beat, drummer, percussion

  • Deep Water - Simmons E-Drum

    Deep Water - Simmons E-Drum MP3

    Industrial drumsolo inspired by the U-Boat in Pennemünde - a specific kind of noise, aggressiv and loud. It should be a statement against war! No man should ...

    Tags: Drumsolo, U-Boat, Industrial, Noise, Simmons, E-Drum, Drummer, music, drums, Drum (Musical Instrument), Electronic, Drum Kit (Musical Instrument), Drumming

  • How To  Fix A Noisy GE Refrigerator / Freezer Fan (temporarily)

    How To Fix A Noisy GE Refrigerator / Freezer Fan (temporarily) MP3

    When GE says their refrigerators are "frost-free", they mean there's NO EXTRA CHARGE for frost buildup, that can make the fan sound like a buzz-saw! For more ...

    Tags: GE, Profile, refrigerator, fridge, freezer, evaporator, fan, noise, buzzing

  • World

    World's Weirdest - Bird Mimics Chainsaw, Car Alarm and More MP3

    World's Weirdest: Freaks of the Sky : SUN OCT 14 at 4P et/pt : This songbird breaks out the sampler to get a mate. And the ...

    Tags: National, Geographic, superb, lyrebird, weirdest, bird, song, weird, mimic, imitate, artificial, strange, chainsaw, car, alarm, camera

  • Hear Lucifer (feat. Sylvia Plath)

    Hear Lucifer (feat. Sylvia Plath) MP3

    An electronic/ industrial music piece with sampled poetry excerpts read by the poet Sylvia Plath. Download this track for free here: ...

    Tags: Nowisineffect, Sylvia Plath, experimental, heavy metal, laptoptronica, underground, industrial, goth, ambient, poetry reading, prepared guitar, effects pedals, Lucifer, destruction, psychedelic, mind altering, soundscape, drone, Hubble deep field, the bell jar, confessional poet, 20th century, science fiction, soundtrack, 2012

  • Craploads of Schitz (experimental industrial)

    Craploads of Schitz (experimental industrial) MP3

    Here's some really sick distorted experimental electronic industrial beats from my old experimental stuff project Schitz which is pretty dead now since I don't ...

    Tags: schitz, industrial, distortion, skelic, kovaydin, chill, chilly, technical, machine, machines, music, datachi, ninja, tunes, electronic, core, hardcore, chatak, hell, factory, current, value, donny, limewax, spl, spectrum, neurocore, undacova, spor, noisia, pendulum, prodigy, enduser, itch, xpander, medium, throttler, b-soul, squarepusher, broken, note, rick, astley, unknown, error, bluescreen, windows

  • Jurassic Park (5/10) Movie CLIP - Nedry

    Jurassic Park (5/10) Movie CLIP - Nedry's Plan Goes Awry (1993) HD MP3

    Jurassic Park movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP ...

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  • dead gods - Abolish Government

    dead gods - Abolish Government MP3

    Tags: dead gods - Jesus Was A Hippy, ultrafast, abolish, government, garage, nights, dead, gods, world downfal, the strap ons down girl, David Lukei, slayer and metalica, SOD vs Anthrax, carcass, idle, edsel, the, strap-ons, candysnatchers, without, heads, jesus, was, hippie, snatchin, flowers, from, graves, my, life, clarkson, kelly clarkson, punk, thrash, without you, Band in a garage, Garage Band, noise, live, alternative, because, indie, would, because you, loved, rising, space, sun, save, changes

  • "Snatchin flowers from the graves" by idle edsel and the dead gods without heads

    "Snatchin flowers from the graves" by idle edsel and the dead gods without heads MP3

    Tags: Chopping Down Weeds, Demoralization of America, idle, edsel, fun, beer, party, high, weed, pot, jazz, noise, street, gutter, punk, mosh, pit, kids, college, near, far, slam, hippy, cannabis, drag, engine, mustang, racing, graveyard, grave, digger, goth, The Jacked Bennies - Hard Ache, idle - Jack Benny

  • Strauss ex Machina - GENERIC

    Strauss ex Machina - GENERIC MP3

    DOWNLOAD LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF DESCRIPTION! Yes, this is a parody. Once upon a time, the term 'Industrial' referred to brilliant bands and artists, but ...

    Tags: strauss, ex, machina, morlocks, aggrotech, parody

  • MA LUI HAN @ Mudaeruk 20140712

    MA LUI HAN @ Mudaeruk 20140712 MP3

    MUDAERUK 357-7 hapjeong-dong, mapo-gu, seoul ----LINEUP----- AKKS: Does that stuff with the cello and the screaming and stiff BAS VERBEEK: Freestyle ...
  • Skelic - ISKTR (IDM/industrial/darkstep)

    Skelic - ISKTR (IDM/industrial/darkstep) MP3

    A pretty chaotic braindriller. Current Value styled stuff (kinda). PS. On my other channel, OldSkelic, you can listen to my past productions before the Skelic project ...

    Tags: darkstep, dnb, drumnbass, drumbass, drum and bass, skelic, kovaydin, vastarinta

  • dead gods without furniture - between sets

    dead gods without furniture - between sets MP3

    Tags: dead gods - without heads, dead gods - 10 moshes, punk rock Anarcho punk, The Strap-Ons Six Pack To Go

  • Dial-up sound 700% slower (Creepy)

    Dial-up sound 700% slower (Creepy) MP3

    You know how when you slow a Justin Bieber song down by 800%, you get a neat ambient track? Well if you do this kind of thing with the most horrible sound in ...

    Tags: dial-up, internet, 56k, modem, noise, retro, web, slowed, down, ambient, creepy, PaulStretch

  • DreamsOfWires - Korg Volca Keys (Noise Nonsense 2)

    DreamsOfWires - Korg Volca Keys (Noise Nonsense 2) MP3

    Korg Volca Keys - After recording some rather melodic stuff (which will appear in the next video) I was distracted by some unpleasant noises. Upon investigating ...

    Tags: korg, volca, volca keys, analog, analogue, synth, synthesizer, synthesiser, noise, drone, darkwave, music, doctor who, radiophonic workshop, distortion, dreamsofwires, dreams of wires, tomorrowthecure, electronic, electronica, delay, eventide, eventide space, space reverb

  • dead gods - garage days

    dead gods - garage days MP3

    "Ultrafast, thrash, noise with lyrics....(WG)" - MRR MaximumRocknRoll #70 review "really outrageous, even blasphemous lyrics (complete with lyric booklet for ...

    Tags: dead gods - My Life, ultrafast, thrash, noise, idle, dead, gods, fight, kill, Cocain, based, healthcare, plan, would, really, save, Under, my, Medicinal, Crack, proposal, there, be, dispenary, machines, that, required, retina, scan, before, you, could, push, the, buttons, edsel, strap-ons, jesus was a hippie, dead gods without heads, cannabis, jordin, simple plan, software, technology, live music, live concert, dirty, rotten, imbecils, black, flag, circle, jerks, running, on, empty, hardcore, easy, rising

  • Macronympha - Fast Circuit (Part 1!)

    Macronympha - Fast Circuit (Part 1!) MP3

    Tags: Macronympha, Amplified, Humans, Noise, Music, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Horror, Scary, Creepy, Cassettes, Merzbow, The, Cherry, Point, Moth, Drakula, Sewer, Election, Prurient, Leeccdoo

  • Chris Anderson | Talks at Google

    Chris Anderson | Talks at Google MP3

    Chris Anderson (formally of WIRED) speaks about his new book Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.

    Tags: TalksAtGoogle, 12, 11, 10, Chris, Anderson, h264

  • Pink Noise OverDose Punk toad Dweller of Grimed Future ( by TRANSVESTITEstallion )

    Pink Noise OverDose Punk toad Dweller of Grimed Future ( by TRANSVESTITEstallion ) MP3

    Tags: noise, rock, experimental, pink, pain, japanoise, keith, Long, artwork, show, disturbing, heavy, empire, sweden, overdose, toad, ottakringer, fuck, crap, hardcore, noisy, the, most, display, exhibition, room, paintings, sounds, audio, vision, anti, punk, transvestitestallion, muppet, tribute, puppet, drawing, new, electronic, garderning, master, puppets, sock, blink, cover