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  • Jeff Tynan - Better I Was (Official Music Video)

    Jeff Tynan - Better I Was (Official Music Video) MP3

    The official music video for "Better I Was" by Jeff Tynan, from the debut EP "Revolving" out now: Official store: Itunes: ...

    Tags: Better I Was, Jeff Tynan, Australian scenery, Singer songwriter, indie folk rock, Ben Howard, Eddie Vedder, Mallee, cello, ebow, delay pedal, 12 string, stompbox, song for a cause, meaningful lyrics, Jeff Tynan music, independent artist Australia, roots music, John Butler Trio, Angus and Julia Stone, Xavier Rudd, Matt Corby, good cause, heartfelt song, earthy music, emotional performance, regret, loss of innocence, best song, rurual scenery, unique, unsigned artist, Acoustic

  • Rory & the island : Auntie Depressant and Uncle Hope

    Rory & the island : Auntie Depressant and Uncle Hope MP3 "This is a wonderful new 10 track bitter-sweet album which seems to fall ...

    Tags: Shaun, Gallagher, animation, TG4, Music, Auntie, Depressant, Uncle Hope, Rory Gallagher, Rory, Rory and the Island, Kilcar, Donegal, Ireland, Lanzarote, the revs, album, single, music video, animated video, Republic Of Ireland (Country)

  • Being a Dickhead

    Being a Dickhead's Cool MP3

    Written & Created by Reuben Dangoor & Raf Riley Video produced by Reuben Dangoor @Reubendangerman Music produced by Raf Riley @TheRealRafRiley ...

    Tags: hipsters, dickheads, funny, parody, thegrandspectacular, grand, spectacular, sabotage, party, indie, electro, scenesters, cool, shoreditch, twat, hoxton, london, rave, trendy, fashion, music, nathan, barley

  • Juice it or lose it - a talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho

    Juice it or lose it - a talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho MP3

    Try the game here: (ESC for menu) Fork us on github: "A juicy game ...

    Tags: petri, martin, juice, games, prototypes, badass, banana, finland, life-lessons, tutorial, particles, screen-shake, grapefrukt, kloonigames

  • Neil Kramer - Another 42 Minutes [09/18/12]

    Neil Kramer - Another 42 Minutes [09/18/12] MP3

    Neil Kramer talks to Will Morgan and Doug Bolles from 42 Minutes about the digestibility of the unfoldment, sincere dealings with spiritual newcomers, the ...

    Tags: neil, kramer, occult, esoteric, illuminati, self, empowerment, Society, consciousness, metaphysics, wisdom, society, mainstream, paradigm, 2012, shift, awakening, the, unfoldment, red, ice, radio, interview, dark, agenda, ancient, hermetic, egypt, philosophy, philosopher, transcend, enlightenment, Truth, Spirit, Energy, Light, History, Universe, Ufo, metaPhysics, awareness, aliens