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  • 10 indie songs to fall in love with

    10 indie songs to fall in love with MP3

    00:00 Champion - The Chevin 03:49 Midnight City - M83 07:47 Young Folks - The Kooks 11:48 Works for Me - The Twelves 15:24 Answer - Thirteen Senses ...

    Tags: Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Indie Pop (Musical Genre), Indie (Composition Type), Indie Folk (Musical Genre), Songs, Song, Music, Garage Rock (Musical Genre), June, Love, Peace, Love (Composition)

  • Indila - Love Story

    Indila - Love Story MP3

    La réédition de « Mini World » est disponible sur iTunes : Découvrez la playlist Love Story faite spécialement par Indila sur ...

    Tags: Indila, Love, Story, Capitol, French, Pop


    Love Story


    L'âme en peine, il vit mais parle à peine Il l'attend devant cette photo d'antan Il, il n'est pas fou, il y crois, c'est tout Il la voit partout, il l'attend debout Une rose à la main, à part elle, il n'attend [...]
  • Best of Indie Love Songs #2

    Best of Indie Love Songs #2 MP3

    Hello everyone! I apologize for taking so long to upload another video but, alas! I have come bearing gifts of Indie and Indie Folk love songs! I hope you enjoy ...

    Tags: indie, folk, Indie Folk (Musical Genre), Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Best, Songs, love, Love Song (Composition), Love (Composition), hipster, Alternative, playlist, Compilation (Musical Album)

  • Best Indie Love Songs

    Best Indie Love Songs MP3

    Here a few of the best Indie/Indie folk love songs I know of! Had to search long and hard for them, but here you go! Please enjoy and don't forget to leave a ...

    Tags: indie, indie folk, love song, love, alexi murdoch, lucy rose, england, british, folk, best indie, United Kingdom (Country), Alternative, Best, Song, Best indie love song

  • Top 19 Indie Pop - Alternative Rock - Indie Rock Songs (Playlist)

    Top 19 Indie Pop - Alternative Rock - Indie Rock Songs (Playlist) MP3

    Happy new year everyone. Tracklist : 00:00 Brand New - Jesus Christ 04:18 Vampire Weekend - Step 08:22 Ben Gibbard - Bigger Than Love 11:37 Metric - Lost ...

    Tags: Indie Pop (Musical Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Indie (Musical Genre), Indie Rock (Musical Genre), best, compilation

  • 10 indie songs you

    10 indie songs you'll end up loving. MP3

    I'm bringing you this new list. As I said in the previous video, keep on suggesting songs that you think everyone else would like, as I check every song that ...

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  • Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)

    Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover) MP3

    50 Shades Of Grey Trailer Song - Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover) Spotify: iTunes: ...

    Tags: iMovie, Fifty Shades Of Grey (Film), Iphone, Fifty Shades Of Grey (Book), blonde, christina aguilera, zara larsson, black and white, beyonce knowles, queen b, Crazy In Love (Composition), Mr grej, Christian Grey, Fifty shAdes of Grey trailer, Trailer Song, Beyonce soundtrack, Mr grey, Beyonce original, Beyonce 2014, 50 shades of grey, 50 shades, 50 shades of grey trailer, 50 shades of grey trailer song, Crazy In Love (Musical Recording)

  • 10 Amazing Indie Songs

    10 Amazing Indie Songs MP3

    Sorry I could not upload a new video in a long long time. I was very surprised when I saw all the possitive feedback. Also I took some recommendations you guys ...

    Tags: Indie, music, amazing, independent, art, awesome, Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Indie (Musical Genre), Folk, Song (Composition Type), Songs, Cool, Best, great, top, Favorite, Awesome (Musical Album), Hits, Greatest

  • Indie/Indie-Pop Compilation - May 2015 (55-Minute Playlist)

    Indie/Indie-Pop Compilation - May 2015 (55-Minute Playlist) MP3

    Listen to May's playlist featuring fourteen of the best new indie-pop songs. Click show more for info... Subscribe to be the first to hear the best new indie-pop ...

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  • Best indie music of 2014 (full songs playlist)

    Best indie music of 2014 (full songs playlist) MP3

    ArtistsOwnMusic picks what we feel is the most beautiful and best indie music of 2014 ... that's 'indie' as in 'independent'. Featuring an audio playlist of full songs ...

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  • 10 Indie songs you need to hear before you die

    10 Indie songs you need to hear before you die MP3

    This list includes: - Atlas Genius - Trojans 00:00 -Avalanche City - Love Love Love 03:40 -Milo Greene - 1975 06:55 -Niva - Dirty Water 10:22 -Of Monsters And ...

    Tags: Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Songs, 10Songs, Alternative, Garage Rock (Musical Genre), Post-punk (Musical Genre), Indie (Musical Genre)