In Electro We Trust (A Datapunk Compilation)

  • Electro Techno Music

    Electro Techno Music MP3

    1. 00:00 Anthony Rother   – Redlight District - Dude On The Street 2. 05:18 Gesloten Cirkel   – Submit X - Zombiemaschine 3. 08:08 Max Durante   – Scratch On ...

    Tags: Techno (Musical Genre), Electro, Submit X, In Electro We Trust (A Datapunk Compilation) - Silicon Scally Gigaquad

  • Dr Scissors - Basra [Re-Upload]

    Dr Scissors - Basra [Re-Upload] MP3

    Although now on a different channel, due to suspension, this is still the original upload from '08! Dr. Scissors - Basra Taken from the album, In Electro We Trust ...

    Tags: Scissors, Pino, Grzybowsky, Datapunk, Anthony, Rother, Frankfurt, Berlin, Germany, Electro, Elektro, Techno, Space, Night, Spacenight, experimantal, electronic, electronica, Delirium, Elektrolux, Pod, Communication, Electrocute, Aural, Sat, Silverdale247, SilverdaleDubs, TheSilverDubber

  • Soundfreaks - We Don

    Soundfreaks - We Don't Care MP3 Soundfreaks - We Don't Care.

    Tags: music, house, musik, new, Electro, Soundfreaks, musica, dance, Techno, free

  • The Hacker - La Salle Des Machines

    The Hacker - La Salle Des Machines MP3 The Hacker - La Salle Des Machines.

    Tags: La Salle Des Machines, dance, house, musik, free, The Hacker (Musical Artist), Techno, music, musica, new, Electro, The Hacker - La Salle Des Machines

  • The Advent - Houdinni

    The Advent - Houdinni MP3 The Advent - Houdinni.

    Tags: Techno, The Advent (Record Producer), Electro, musica, dance, Houdinni, free, music, house, new, musik

  • Anthony Rother - Freaks

    Anthony Rother - Freaks MP3 Anthony Rother - Freaks.

    Tags: Techno, Freaks, music, new, musica, free, musik, Anthony Rother (Musical Artist), Electro, dance, house

  • Silicon Scally - Gigaquad

    Silicon Scally - Gigaquad MP3 Silicon Scally - Gigaquad.

    Tags: Techno, new, dance, Gigaquad, musica, Silicon Scally, musik, free, Silicon Scally - Gigaquad, music, house, Electro

  • Billy Nasty - Celebrate The Roots

    Billy Nasty - Celebrate The Roots MP3 Billy Nasty - Celebrate The Roots.

    Tags: Techno, free, Electro, Celebrate The Roots, dance, house, music, Billy Nasty (Musical Artist), musica, Billy Nasty - Celebrate The Roots, musik, new

  • Alexander Kowalski - 1000 Eyes

    Alexander Kowalski - 1000 Eyes MP3 Alexander Kowalski - 1000 Eyes.

    Tags: 1000 Eyes, musica, dance, house, free, Techno, Alexander Kowalski (Composer), music, Electro, Alexander Kowalski - 1000 Eyes, new, musik

  • TecRoc - Radioactive Contamination

    TecRoc - Radioactive Contamination MP3 TecRoc - Radioactive Contamination.

    Tags: house, dance, musik, musica, free, new, Radioactive Contamination, Techno, music, Electro, TecRoc, TecRoc - Radioactive Contamination

  • Larry McCormick - Escape

    Larry McCormick - Escape MP3 Larry McCormick - Escape.

    Tags: new, Escape, dance, house, Larry McCormick - Escape, Techno, Larry McCormick, Electro, musica, musik, free, music

  • Johannes Heil - Brotherhood Of Snakes

    Johannes Heil - Brotherhood Of Snakes MP3 Johannes Heil - Brotherhood Of Snakes.

    Tags: Techno, dance, musica, house, Johannes Heil (Musical Artist), musik, Brotherhood Of Snakes, music, Johannes Heil - Brotherhood Of Snakes, free, Electro, new

  • Rodent - Intergalactic Hunter

    Rodent - Intergalactic Hunter MP3 Rodent - Intergalactic Hunter.

    Tags: house, Rodent - Intergalactic Hunter, Techno, music, Electro, Rodent, musik, Intergalactic Hunter, dance, new, musica, free

  • Frequenzberator - Witness

    Frequenzberator - Witness MP3 Frequenzberator - Witness.

    Tags: Witness, new, musica, music, musik, Frequenzberator - Witness, house, dance, Electro, free, Techno, Frequenzberator

  • Dr. Scissors - Basra

    Dr. Scissors - Basra MP3 Dr. Scissors - Basra.

    Tags: Techno, musica, music, Electro, new, musik, Basra, dance, house, free

  • Soundfreaks - We don´t care

    Soundfreaks - We don´t care MP3

    Artist: Soundfreaks ... Track: We don´t care ... Album: In Electro we trust (VA) / pres. by Anthony Rother ... copyright belongs to the artist / recordlabel.

    Tags: Electro, Anthony Rother, Underground, Data Punk, Techno, mix, remix, drum and bass, jungle, dub, electronic, drum bass, dnb